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California Evacuation: Dam ready to expode on towns/people

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    is a prayer chain for southern cali

    a huge storm and floods is said to be coming this weekend
    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)


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      Praying for the safety of these ppl.
      1 Thessalonians 5:4 (New International Version)

      4But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.


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        Orville Dam Update

        Experts predict that the power of the incoming storms will be much worse. Link below will crunch the numbers...
        Isaiah 41:10

        Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.


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          The youtube article is pretty interesting, but it has several errors in it
          Not enough errors to qualify for Main Stream Media, though

          The video seems to be assembled from multiple "news casts" he made over the past week or so.

          I will discuss a couple of errors, here:
          At 0:45 to 1:00 minutes his calculations give him 13 feet of overtop, but the calculations are based on flow through the main spillway, not over the emergency spillway. I don't think his numbers are quite right for the effect of a spillway breach. That said, I don't have enough data or the right math to give a better picture, so for now, his estimate of 5 million CFS is the best estimate we have. (If someone knows the algorithms, I can tell them what numbers to "punch in")

          At 2:15 to 2:22 minutes he says something about the emergency spillway being only 6 feet deep, not the "30 feet that we were told" but the 30 feet was the main spillway, and it referred to the depth of water behind the spillway gates. They were worried the gates would be undermined and would get pushed out of the dam structure. (And that is still a threat)

          After that a lot of what he says gets repeated, but he does include new info in each segment.

          After 7:50 he goes on to discuss his main interest, which seems to be mass earthquakes related to solar cycles. (I never connected the two before, but can't say he is wrong). I find the rest of the video interesting, but off topic for this discussion.


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            Some updates and maybe corrections.

            There is a graphic on this page that shows the amount of water in the lake.

            As of this morning, they have drained off all of the excess water that recent storms brought them.
            They have long way to go. The weather patterns indicate that they will be fighting this for several months.
            Maybe they will win, and maybe they will lose.

            Possible correction to what I wrote earlier.
            The CBS local station in that area said it was the emergency spillway they thought might collapse, rather than the main spillway.
            In all of the confusion, I have heard "reliable sources" name both of the spillways, at one time or another, as the threat, and it is impossible to determine which one was linked to the "30 foot wall of water" they thought would be the result.

            I can say this. If erosion undercuts and causes failure of either spillway, the result would be bad for the people living downstream.

            There were some articles about this being a warning. The discussion in and following those articles made for an "interesting" read. The articles were supposed to be about the fact that when the evacuation order was given Sunday Evening, the response was chaotic. First hand accounts said that while some people reacted in sheer panic, others didn't respond at all for a while. Traffic slowed to less than one mile per hour and cars and gas stations ran out of gas.

            But in the articles, they drifted off into history of the problem, and in the discussions and comments they focused on the blame. Little was said about solutions. Very little. One person remarked something to the effect: "this isn't a warning, a warning imply's someone may heed the warning, and in this case, no one will."

            As a reminder, here is a timeline.


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              While local news was reporting the likely collapse of the emregency spillway, they were careful to point that the dam itself was not in danger lIke iit would have some calming effect. I thought that was hollow since the dam and primary spillway are all part other same system with the emergency spillway. If the emergency spillway fails, the result is the same. The massive lake of water would drain uncontrolled with catestrophic damage to everything dowstream. That is why they were evacating everyone in the first place.