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Facebook Has Eliminated 93% of Traffic to Top Coservative Websites Since 2016

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  • Facebook Has Eliminated 93% of Traffic to Top Coservative Websites Since 2016

    This is taking place in many forms all over the web....algorithm, banning, blocking, name it!
    There have already been many with far less infamy than Alex Jones..that are now GONE from all platforms
    other than their own sites or private pay services...this is where it's'll have to pay subscription services
    and I would question how long that will be allowed........

    Trump: Social Media Discriminates Against Republicans/Conservatives...."We Won't Let That Happen"!

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    FaceBook has deleted my posts several times when I post a conservative view.


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      There are enough Christian, Conservative, Old-fashioned, etc., people for some entrepreneur to start up a facebook-like site that will protect the rights of those members while perhaps limiting a lot of the trashy stuff out there. It would take a while but could possibly rival facebook in size someday, at least in the USA and other countries where it might be allowed.
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        Agreed.. There are existing alternatives, Patreon, VineTube? the problem is Google & FB have a stranglehold on
        advertising... But the tech market is littered with the remains of 'the last great idea'...I'm sure it's out here now
        with no venture that change!


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          I kept getting messages on my FB page that things I posted were no longer able to be seen by any of my friends because the content might be "offensive" to some of them. When I got this same message about a YouTube video I posted of a pastor preaching at a pulpit, there's a loud noise, and many of the church goers are no longer there, including the pastor, because the Rapture happened, and it simply asks, "Are you Rapture ready?", I decided to delete my account. Just about everything I posted was kept from my friends being able to see because all I posted was about God, Jesus, how to be saved, and the Rapture.


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            Google was caught red handed in the leaked video today, they have been censoring and changing to influence the election.