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North Korea threatens to cancel Trump meeting over military drills

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  • North Korea threatens to cancel Trump meeting over military drills

    North Korea announced it has canceled a high-level summit with South Korea and has threatened to cancel its meeting with the United States over American military drills with South Korea, Yonhap News said, citing KCNA.

    KCNA, North Korea's state media outlet, claimed that the military drills were a rehearsal for a potential invasion of the country.

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    North Korea Walks Out of Talks with South over Joint Drills with U.S.

    North Korean state media reported on Wednesday local time that the nationís senior diplomats would cancel scheduled high-level talks with South Korean counterparts, reportedly over military drills Seoul had planned to execute with the United States.


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      Evidently Little Rocket Man has his pants in a bunch about something. My gut keeps telling me this narcissistic psychopath should not be trusted. I hope POTUS isn't really as trusting of NOKO as he's coming across as in his speeches.


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        You know......... Kim's "about face" all of a sudden has been puzzling to me. He did it very shortly after meeting with China's bigwig. I'm kind of wondering if China and North Korea aren't in cahoots somehow. To maybe keep everyone guessing about NK while China is doing something in the background....... ????


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          I wondered what would come about with this and the talks, he is just a little weasel like Putin and would not trust either of them.
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