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    Ditto about J.D. Farag! When I watched his latest update video this week, I felt like my bottom jaw was permanently dropped onto the computer desk as he listed headline after headline. I felt the same way when I watched the video of Bibi's address about the extent of Iran's lies, not that it was really a surprise to me but seeing the details of the extent of it was.

    I keep asking myself over and over, "Why are we still here??" So much is going on that I didn't think we would be here to witness. It's a very surreal feeling....almost like I already have one foot in Heaven because we are so close to being taken there now!
    sigpic Hey, Dad......ARE WE THERE YET?


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      Originally posted by Sunshine View Post
      Not surprised at all by what the Israelis uncovered. Obama and his group were either in cahoots with the Iranians or dangerously naive. What is disgusting is all the millions of dollars of our money that Obama gave to Iran as a part of this agreement.
      Considering the sheer # of radicals that Obama had/has in his posse, especially the mother of Muslim radicals Valerie Jarrett, "naive" should be taken off the table. I think he hates Israel and anything Christian so much, that he did and DOES salivate at the idea of Israel being destroyed, and the US right along with her. This is one evil man under complete control of Satan. What a bummer - to be born with THAT as a future, but it was his choice.
      There's a lot of that going around in these last days --------------


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        I agree, I view Ezekiel 38/39 as present events as well, but not yet, there are other wars or do we call them battles? That must be fought first. Psalms 83, the war in Isaiah where Israel takes out Damascus, the war in Jeremiah that talks about Elam (or Edam?), and then there's the one no one ever mentions, Ezekiel 35, that whole chapter is the rise and fall of Islam in a nutshell imho that is.


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          The good news is that we don't have to be here to see all of these wars/battles. Jesus could come for us before those. We DO know that we are in the time window of His coming..........even if He comes today. Madcat, I had to laugh at your line about not worrying about losing those ten pounds!! I wonder how many of us are in that same boat?? Haha. Nope, not going to worry about that so much now, as I watch all that is happening in our world today. Keep looking up, my dear brothers and sisters! It's really getting exciting, isn't it???? (Can't wait to meet you all).

          ETA: Hey, Mods, could you please change my avatar back into a girl????
          Pretty please???


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            Originally posted by Accepted View Post

            Sorry for being cryptic, dear Cricket! JD is J.D. Farag, pastor of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe (Hawaii). He gives "prophecy updates" every Sunday night that are posted on YouTube, and they're often very informative.
            No problem.

            Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Psalm 84:10


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              Very exciting times!


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                It may just be me, but I'm feeling that something ominous is going to happen on May 14th. Iran is saying their leader has selected a date for an attack on Israel. Wouldn't it seem obvious it would be on the day Israel is celebrating the 70th anniversary of their independence and statehood? God has used dates and numbers so many times throughout history. I DO know that we should all be looking UP at this point. Our redemption is at hand............. Not saying the rapture is on May 14th. Maybe - maybe not........ But, something is going to happen, I believe. What an awesome time to be alive.


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                  My thoughts today have been a question: how much time do we have left?Ē Everything has been happening so fast I canít help but to feel anxious and have been praying even more for the lost ones.
                  Thank you, God, for my salvation!