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  • Avatar & Signature Guidelines

    Due to the recent problems we are having due to questionable content, quotes, pictures, avatars, etc. in member signature/avatar areas, we have come up with the following new rules regarding member signatures.

    The new rules are EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

    If your signature is in violation of these rules we ask that you please change your signature immediately to comply with the new rules listed below.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    [32] Avatar & Signature Rule - Signatures are limited to no more than 6 lines, no font sizes larger than 3, no more than 3 small images or just 1 with dimension of 350w x 150h. No displays of images, drawings, statements, quotes, or blog links that represent:
    -Promoting or opposing the candidacy of any person currently seeking political office (regardless of party affiliation) or persons that currently hold political office at the federal, state or local level.
    -Promoting or urging others to visit websites which are commercial, anti-Christian, political in nature, or promote teachings in opposition to our board rules.
    -In any manner denigrating to Christianity or the Bible.
    -Banned members are not to be referenced in signatures.
    Any signature violations will be edited without notification.
    If you are missing something in your signature, do not add it back.
    We reserve the right to change or remove any inappropriate signature at any time when deemed detrimental to our board rules.
    Members warned to either delete or modify any avatar or signature line that is in violation of our rules must
    comply or receive the assessment of Infraction points.
    Repeat offenses will lead to the loss of all posting privileges.
    If you do not want to see signatures while browsing, utilize the option in the User Control Panel to turn signatures off.
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