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  • Welcome to Rapture Ready Discussion Forums!

    If you are reading this, you are now viewing our updated, upgraded forum.
    We are still working on everything, but we invite you to dive back into the discussions.

    Here are a few things you may notice:
    • The red notice from Google is still targeting our domain. Now that we have completely updated/upgraded this forum and moved it to a new more secure server, we are requesting Google remove the notice. I wish it was as easy as calling Mr Google to do it immediately.
      YOU CAN HELP! If you see the red page come up, there is an option to VIEW DETAILS and then REPORT AN ERROR. The more of you that report this error, the quicker we can get rid of the warning page.
    • We are also installing SSL on this website to keep you and your info safe, as well as help our ranking on Google.
    • The posts that you may have read or even written since @Nov 13th or so, are no longer with us. We did try to import them, but the new programming did not use the same database structure for post and user names. So, please repost them or post something even better.
    • A facelift to match our main site is underway, so you may notice some painting, hear some pounding, and even some rumbling as we move forward.
    Remember, change is good!