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    Originally posted by grace-saved View Post
    It seems that this debate over legalism has been an issue since Paul first confronted Cephas (Peter) about adding works to the gospel back in the very early church. Galatians should (in my humble opinion) be required reading for all SDA.... Even Barnabus was drawn into it if I remember correctly..
    They aren't legalistic. They believe in salvation by grace through faith. They just believe the rest is part of trying to live Biblical morality. To me, it's not different than the Messianic Jews who choose to abstain from pork or other non-kosher foods.


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      Originally posted by respicefinem View Post

      They don't add anything to the message of salvation by grace through faith so I disagree. To me it's no different than the KJV only crowd. Wrong yes, but not unsaved.
      What about the "Investigative Judgment" then?


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        Originally posted by Shonsu View Post

        What about the "Investigative Judgment" then?
        I think you are right. I stand corrected. I need to get a book on this group to learn more. Suggestions?


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          I have an SDA niece which motivated me to do some research. A book I found helpful is " the Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists" by Dale Ratzlaff a former SDA pastor. He writes with care and compassion for his former colleagues but very clearly exposes the errors.
          Library of Congress number 96-94063. ISBN 0-9627546-9-2.


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            As a Former Adventist PK I would like to share with you a few links that will help you understand more about the SDA Church and the differences between Adventism and Christianity.
            I will try and share 3 links for you to check out:


            The above website shares the many testimonies of people who have come out of the SDA Church and also houses a Messageboard (Forum which I post on) that allows visitors to read tons and tons of archives, threads about Adventism and what Adventism teaches and the you could say Spiritual Awakening of its members. Incredibly helpful for Christians who want to understand what Adventism teaches up against Christianity.


            Is the new Online outreach of the people that brought Proclamation Magazine and above. New Articles posted often by Former Adventists addressing Christian Truth and revealing the dangers of Seventh-Day Adventism.


            My archival website comparing and contrasting Seventh-Day Adventist and Christian Beliefs. I have opened UndercoverAdventist2...but Been so busy that I haven't made many posts at all.

            I hope you find these links to be a help in understanding the dangers of Seventh-Day Adventism.
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