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Beware "Yahweh's Restoration Ministry"

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  • Beware "Yahweh's Restoration Ministry"

    Today on the AngelOne network {channel 262 for those of you who have DISH} I checked out a program called "Discover the Truth" which is put on by something called Yahweh's Restoration Ministry.

    The well-dressed speaker very articulately teaches that a Christian must give extra weight to observing Old Testament laws and feasts if they want to see Heaven. Sabbath worship is a requirement for salvation. He also went into great detail about the evils of celebrating Christmas and Easter because they are "traditions of men".

    I noticed he only mentioned the name of Christ sporadically, regarding Him to be a supporting player in scripture. Big red flag.

    New believers, please be aware that this "ministry" is an outgrowth of the Hebrew Roots/Sacred Name Movement and it is poison. If you happen to come across this program on TV or one like it you'd be wise to kick the dust from your shoes and keep on going.