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Can Christians do Reiki?

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  • Can Christians do Reiki?

    I watch Ruby on tv...she claims to be a Christian, but while in L.A. she went to someone that does Reiki (Japanese healing). When I looked online, I was amazed to see so many Christians that practice this. It looks like witchcraft to me, but I am not sure. Anyone know anything about this and should Christians stay away?

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    It's a good question, and I would answer with a resounding "no".

    My sister is a Reiki practitioner (and not a Christian) but I am shocked at the number of so called "Christians" who believe it's ok to practise Reiki as a form of spiritual healing.

    Well, it is a spiritual form of healing, but it's definitely not Christian.

    Did you know that Reiki is not "learned" so much as "passed on to you" by a Reiki Master who lays hands on you in a special ceremony and endows you with "the gift".

    Somewhere here there's a thread with a video I think, and it's informative. I'll try to find it and link it here for you.



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      I have had reiki a few times and I wish I would have researched it a bit before I tried it. When we moved to our current state my migraines got really bad and this lady was giving neck massages so I got one done and she said she could come to the house too, so I had her come out and she did pressure spots ( accupressure?) with her fingers on my body, I had no idea what it was, but the scary thing is it worked , really well. And when you have really bad migraines, you just want the pain to stop! Then when she was done she moved her hands over my body, said she was moving energy.
      I had no clue, but was wondering...I thought oh great, this moving energy is probably bad!
      at that point I really wasn't researching anything for myself, just checked to see what other christians were doing.

      I have prayed about any doors I may have opened to satan. I did do some research and it is rooted in hinduism or buddism. I do wonder about the pressure points, if that is wrong. It was the "moving energy" that seemed wierd to me.

      Some people say going to the chiropractor is wrong.


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        Well I also *unwittingly* allowed my sister to lay her hands on my back (this was about 8 years ago) so I could feel what happens when she performs reiki on someone. It was unreal... her hands got gradually hotter and hotter, it was like having one of those microwave bean bags on my back. She removed her hands, and they were red-hot - and all she had done was lay them on my back. This is **not normal**. There is definitely something spiritual going on with this, as I said in my previous post you don't *learn* reiki, you have the ability passed on to you by a reiki Master who lays hands on you in a ceremony and "aligns" you to it.

        Your chiropracter learns his profession in medical school, and as far as I know there's not spiritual connection to it. Whether it works or not, well it's still up for debate, but unless it has a spiritual connection, I see nothing wrong with going to the Chiropractor.

        ps... I've also prayed for forgiveness and cleansing for allowing my sister to lay hands on me


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          People at work have talked about this stuff and they love it. I am sure glad I now know what it is


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            Don't walk but RUN as fleet and fast as the Spirit will take you from this occult practice!

            I say this, because I didn't and I wasn't a Christian at the time. I belived heavily in reincarnation at the time and atended a Luthern church regularly (remember that saying, "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car", well I was the definition of that.)

            I had a lot of severe neck and shoulder pain that I couldn't get rid of and was going to massage therapy for relief. It would take the edge off, but it still wasn't enough. Then I got the thought in my head (gee, I wonder where that came from) that this pain was coming from my "past life". So I began to look to other alternatives to massage. My friend, used to take her daughter to a reiki person, so I started asking her all about it. She went on and on about how it was SOooo helpful, etc. (by the way, the daughter ended up getting into MORE trouble at school, etc. to the point that they started homeschooling and then the daughter was taken away from them and living clear across the state).

            So, next thing you know I found a gal that did massage and some reiki and went to her. She did her "thing" on me and it was exactly as you described. It seemed harmless enough. (but I have to admit it did feel wierd, like I'd see colors when my eyes were closed, etc. I asked her about that, and she said that it's normal) I told her how I thought that the pain was "past life" related and asked her if reiki could help that. She said "yes", and told me of someone who could better help me in that area. The thing with reiki that I always did think was wierd, was that they "work" on you, but don't hardly touch you (that should have been a BIG clue).

            I ended up going to another gal, who was a "Rev." of a universal life church. She asked me all kinds of questions about the problems I was having. She said that she could help me by doing this thing that she "invented" that was a combo of reiki, and some other things. I went in and laid on a table there was no music, incense, or anything. I just laid there while she did this "stuff" on me, then she held my feet and started saying wierd things, like that she could see old mud brick buildings..blah, blah. Then, that I she could "see" that "in the spirit" I had this thing on my ankle like a shakle and it was engraved in strange writing (which she said had to be my "name" from the "time" that this was put on there) She said that it was so old that she couldn't recognize it as a language..blah, blah. And that I was someone's slave and that they had this spell cast to "shakle" me to them for eternity. She made me believe that my boyfriend was this "person". (i.e. evil).

            She was constantly mentioning the archangel michael. When she did her work on me I kept my eyes closed, and I kept seeing this beautiful thing hovering over me, like it was shadowing me lying there. This thing's beauty was really indescribable. It was made of deep purple light that was transluscent, was amoeba-like in shape with blobs that I thought could be wings, and it ungulated like a butterfly. I told her what I saw with my eyes closed, and she said that's michael. When she did her "thing" to "rid" me of my "bondage" on my leg, all of a sudden this dragon-head looking thing with all sorts of long spikes coming out of its head appeared hovering over me in the same way, snarling with huge teeth and then swirled away up into an unseen vortex. I asked her what that was, and she said, "Oh that's what the "bad guys" look like, and it's gone now".

            My pain was totally gone, and (of course) I now totally believed everything this woman told me. I went home and told my boyfriend everything, and he was not happy! He said she was a quack and that he did NOT like the sounds of this one bit (he was always the more spiritually discerning of the two of us!) I began to get wierder and wierder toward him. Finally this junk caused us to get into a huge argument and I decided "right then and there" that I HAD to leave him, plus my father just "happened" to be getting ready to had cancer surgery. So after being together with him for over 15 years, I left and went to stay with my parents. My parents then started to turn on me over my belongings that I had shipped out. Saying that I guess we'd ought to just get rid of it! I was about ready to loose my mind. Satan really had me in a horrible mess!

            my sister invited me to their church viewing of "The Passion of the Christ". She and I cried through the whole thing and after that, I couldn't get the fact of Jesus dieing for my sins like he did, out of my head. I finally broke down, realizing everything else I'd done was fake, a mockery of HIM! I cried out to Christ to save me from my wretchedness and remove my sin. I couldn't go on like this anymore. Almost instantly, through pouring tears, I felt all of my wierd thoughts, my beliefs and perversions erased from my soul. I can't describe it any other way. One minute they were there, the next it was like I had amnesia to it all! Old desires, GONE!

            I was laying in bed one night at my parent's and was talking to God, asking what was the deal with reincarnation, that I didn't get it. All of a sudden, there was this thunderous, deep voice in me and around me shaking everything (no other way to explain--it wasn't in my head) and it said, "Reincarnation is not of Me! You shall beleive in it no longer!" I had such total peace and joy indescribable that I cried myself to sleep with "happy" tears.

            From that point on I was driven to get back to my boyfriend, so that I could share the Good News with him and we could get married. Needless to say, thank's to God's workings that we can't begin to understand, my HUSBAND(!) is now saved (immediately after I came back) and we have know been married for over 4 years!



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              Reiki / its like bait on a hook to a fish

              The unseen power surge or heat source behind this practice is demonic entities . They roam about the earth to influence mankind , they are the fallen ones , Satan's crowd.... some Christians do it ignorantly that's why its important to bring this knowledge of the source within Reiki to everyone.
              All over in area hospitals they are now using this occult practice. . as a Beleiver with a background in parapsychology and the paranormal I have a hard time with discussions about these topics, but I have to post , I have to speak up .. The Holy Spirit nudges me to speak out.. I don't by nature want to even speak about these things but its all I hear about today with the emergent Church, meditation , yoga and Reiki , and it all comes from the same source..


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                Thank you all for your wonderful replies. I can see not that it is an occult practice and I want none of it!

                I work for a wonderful chiropractor - have been here 26 years - no spooky stuff going on here. He helps so many people with adjustments - he is Catholic but listens to me talk about the Lord. I have prayed for some our our patients who are in severe pain and he has even come in the room and put is hand on my shoulder in agreement! We have 3 massage therapists who are Christians and stay away from the New Age stuff, although they say it is so prevelant in the massage industry! I guess it is how you get involved in any activity...either to glorify the Lord or seek out the Darkness.

                This Reiki really did shake up Ruby (don't know if any of you watch her or not...I love to watch her weight loss story). She was crying and sweating and gagging...something was going on for sure! I now know it was not the Lord that was touching her!


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                  well God must have protected me because the reiki I had , had none of that heat or seeing things. I am so grateful!!


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                    More info....

                    Great video found at Lighthouse trails
                    Let's see if I can embed it........, mods you may have to help me out here on this one, noobie for posting youtube video.

                    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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                      What a wonderful website...answered alot of my questions...thank you!


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                        I copied this websight

                        Very informative for those who are playing with it. I like the end what Jesus says .


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                          This should clear up any question about Reikki practice.


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                            Yes saw this! What was really spooky was the fact that there are MANY hands emitting "energy" over your body- not just the two hands of the Reiki master.

                            I will not go near anyone who implements these practices.


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                              No, Christians cannot do Reiki. It's totally occult in it's manipulation of the body's 'energies'. Reiki is a Japanese practice, and it's practitioners believe in chi. Totally occult!

                              I had this done once in 1988 when I was a New Ager. Bad news, that.
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