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Please help me regarding Jehovah Witnesses

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  • Please help me regarding Jehovah Witnesses

    I had pesky JWs come to my door over a period of a few years. Even had the nerve to ring the doorbell on Thanksgiving Day at noon & laughed at me when I called them on their rudeness.

    But they went away for several months.

    Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness & the remainder of my life is very short.

    God has shown His grace & mercy too me, in spited of what lies ahead for me.

    I shared my amazing story with my new neighbor, & she told me she is JW.

    She truly is a nice neighbor, but a few days later....some people from her kingdom hall showed up on my doorstep. I nicely shooed them away, by they came back. I didn't answer the door.

    My problem is: I am too weak physically for their visits.

    In addition to prayer, what can I do? I know they want to convert me. But that will never happen, because I am truly Christ's own.

    Suggestions, please?

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    I had JW friends when I was young plus doorknockers over the years, and my experience with them is that it's absolutely impossible to dissuade them from their beliefs with discussion or argument. You are not even well enough to enter into a debate with them. There's nothing more that you need to do for them but pray and remember, "the prayers of a righteous man (or woman) are powerful and effective."

    I'm also praying for you, that God will strengthen and comfort you and your loved ones at this difficult time.
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      My step-mom is a JW and I can tell you that any long-time JW is going to be almost impossible to win to the Lord. My step-mom is fully indoctrinated into the JW cult and has been involved with them for 30+ years now. She has repeatedly tried to get me into arguments over doctrine, but I refuse to do it. I flat out told her that I'm never going to believe in what the JWs believe because it's unbiblical. After I told her this, she stopped trying to argue with me. My only advice is like Sydney Spider suggested and simply don't answer your door, but continue to pray for them. I'm having the same problem with two Mormon women who keep coming to my neighborhood - like JWs it's nearly impossible to win them to Christ, especially the ones who are born into the cult and they can't seem to understand when you tell them you're not interested in their religion or their tracts.