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    Originally posted by narnia View Post
    They believe that instrumental music, solo singing or choirs (apart from entire congregational singing) is not scriptural and therefore not allowed.

    They also believe that Baptism is essential for the forgiveness of sins and therefore salvation, which is problematic for some.
    My best friend in the world goes to a church of Christ, and the above statement is true. This may not be the case for all, though, so I am not saying I know all churches of Christ are this way.


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      Originally posted by MsSophie View Post
      As mentioned earlier Toadster, there are different splits in the Church of Christ. I think the OP was not speaking of the Church of Christ non-instrumental. There are three branches, Church of Christ non-instrumental, Church of Christ Disciples of Christ and the Independent Christian Church. They are all somewhat different and since they are autonomous except I believe the Disciples of Christ are ecumenical they all vary somewhat. For instance I went to an Independent Christian Church for twenty years and they do believe in the pre-trib and they have musical instruments.

      Same here. This is the kind of church I go to and have been a member for 19 years.


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        I guess there are some divisions in the Church of Christ, and even some churchs that simply name themselves "a" Church of Christ. However, much is known and clear about the denomination called the Church of Christ. One must remember though that there is the Boston Church of Christ and the International Church of Christ who have been classified as bonafide cults by mainstream Christianity.

        Nutshelling it, they believe that one must be baptized in order to be saved. When backed into a corner, they will affirm that if you were not baptized in the name of Jesus (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit phrase is heresy and thus void), and in their church and the same time you confessed your sin then you are not truly saved. Many would tell you that if someone comes to the church and says, "I believe in Jesus and I repent of my sins...let me go run to the car and get my shorts to be baptized..." but if they got hit by a car running across the street, they would thus be lost forever in Hell.