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    It's not just the military, they are all over the place in law enforecement and firefighting, too.
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      Originally posted by celticmist138
      If one is a Mason and serving in the military.. all they have to do is wear the Mason ring... and lo and behold they are picked up for promote. Seen it over and over again. A friend of mine joined the Freemason's about five or so years back. When he went to purchase a car... he gave a "secret" hand shake.. and the dealer knew he was a Mason cause he gave it back. My friend got 5000$ knocked off the price after he did this gesture.
      Well that just has to be the work of satan.


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        Originally posted by BrckBrln View Post
        Well that just has to be the work of satan.
        FYI, it IS the work of Satan. ANYTHING associated with Freemasons is the work of Satan.

        It would really be nice if you could cut out the sarcastic remarks. This is a Christian board where we come to learn, share and fellowship.

        Please go do some research on this subject. Also, listen to some of us here who know about it firsthand. There are several members that have family members involved in Freemasons (myself included) or just know people who are. There is alot that can be learned from those with life experiences and those who have done tons of research.


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          Originally posted by ChristianGal View Post
          Revelator - thank you for that post from Billy Graham's website. I have long enjoyed Billy Graham and found his sermons and books very scriptually sound. I've been pleased to see his children following in his footsteps and especially happy with the way they always get the message out about Jesus at every chance.
          Your welcome, ChristinGal. I agree that God has used Billy mightily in reaching the world with the Gospel.

          Sometimes it's just easier for people to believe the sensationalists and crackpots that inhabit he internet.


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            the masons is a ravenous wolf is sheepskins.
            They come as that angel of light.
            but they are ready to steel your soul.

            some of the things they have to agree to in there is horrible.
            they have to claim that they are the I AM. that is in one of their rites of passage in the early beginnings.

            They have to vow to their innards being spilled out and their throat cut if they do not keep secret the things they are intrusted with.

            It has been a little while since I have read up on it, but that is what I remember. They have "sacred" garments like the mormons do.

            To ask one what they believe, you will only get double speak, what they say means one thing to them and quite something else to you.


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              Originally posted by celticmist138
              This is from the Skull and Bones not Freemasonary. I heard members can't be in both. Not sure how factual that is though.
              Skull and Bones and Freemasonry are tied together...also the highest ranking freemasons are shriners.


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                The Masons & Freemasonry

                Been doing a little research on them, did you know a lot of Churches have labeled them as a cult. Went to a Freemason site to ask about this (NO WAY WOULD I JOIN) they got into a big roar about me just asking. On my research some say is a demonic cult. Also in my research found out they hide this from members who join, when you get to be a 33 degree mason (takes years) is went you have to "SWEAR" to my understanding that is against being Christian and allegiance to the United States. I have not found out what the swear is yet what the words are.

                Members say it is a organization based on the love of all people just a fellow-ship that has be been around for years.

                Anyone have any input?


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                  Oh man don't get me started on this. I bet I'm the only person on this board who thinks Freemasonry is not bad or demonic. I have done plenty of research on this and it is not demonic. You have to believe in a supreme being to have membership and yes they do do some weird stuff but that's the tradition.

                  And if Freemasonry is demonic then apparently America was founded by satan worshipers.

                  Wait...I can hear them now. Here comes everyone saying I'm wrong and misled and I need to do research and they will say "THEY ARE NOT CONSPIRACY WEBSITES". So sit back and have fun.


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                    Masons do not allow the name Jesus be used in their prayers in their lodges. They are afraid of offending any non-Christians who may be present. Speaks volunes and tells us all we really need to know.

                    The red fez worn by the Shriners comes from the times when muslims would slaughter Christians and dip their white fez they wore in the blood of the Christians.

                    Freemasonry is evil, end of story. The end goal is Satan worship. Many of those that are in oit don't realize that until they have too much time and money "invested" in it.


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                      Check out this video.

                      This lays out how Washington DC was laied out by masons.

                      This is the 2nd one, the first is entitled, 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings.

                      Both are good but I like the 2nd one better.




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                        Masons & Freemasons are satanic and woven into the fabric of American history.

                        Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus !
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                          I drive by a masonic billboard everyday on my way home from work. It says "Share the Secret" and has pictures of a young, midddle-aged, and old man. I have read about the freemason before and have come to my own conclusion that they are a cult. This just seemed ironic because it's a fairly new billboard and "The Secret" stuff on Oprah is pretty popular now too. I wonder if they could be related some how....


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                            Originally posted by BrckBrln View Post
                            And if Freemasonry is demonic then apparently America was founded by satan worshipers.
                            Amen. If you know any, warn them. Most of them are so terrified of what men will think of them...... well that's the way it is everywhere.

                            An organization that considers the koran "sacred law". You don't consider that satanic?

                            What about this secret "word"? We as christians (hopefully) know WHO the word is.

                            It's not secret, hidden or lost. He's the stone the builders rejected. Who are the builders? What builders work with stone?


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                              They swear this is against that is taught, to me this slows lack of ability to want to follow God's laws or even wants to...

                              THE SWEARING OF OATHS OR VOWS...

                              1. "And you shall not swear by My name falsely, nor shall you
                              profane the name of your God; I am the LORD." - Lev 19:12

                              2. "If a man vows a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind
                              himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he
                              shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth."
                              - Num 30:2

                              3. "When you make a vow to the LORD your God, you shall not delay
                              to pay it; for the LORD your God will surely require it of you,
                              and it would be sin to you." - Deu 23:21


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                                you know, the Freemasons have had that reputation for many many years. I can remember my own Mother telling me of this. My Grand Father was a Mason. He never told me anything about it. He just never spoke of it. But that reputation has been around many years now.

                                Are they a cult? Well I have heard about some of their rituals...sounds pretty suspicious to me. Jesus is our foundation, why is He not allowed to be mentioned?