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Chuck Pierce (self professed "prophet"

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  • Chuck Pierce (self professed "prophet"

    just have to read the whole link,

    but here is a semi-quote from the link :

    Chuck Pierce is a failed prophet. He keeps broken and hurting people addicted to his false prophecies by promising restorations that never come true.

    Gambling your money away in Vegas is unwise, and gambling your hopes on this false prophecy ushered in by a rooster in Vegas is just silly.

    Even though he's a failed prophet, he has climbed the ladder in the kingdom of the NAR's lunacy. In August of 2010,

    C. Peter Wagner the pope of the NAR for all intents and purposes, handed over control of Global Harvest Ministries to Chuck Pierce.

    Instead of continuing GHM, Pierce started Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI), "a new wineskin for apostolic alignment."

    Chuck is described as the president of this new apostolic wineskin incorporation. He is an incoherent, babbling man.

    He is not an Apostle.

    “This is Peter Wagner with a very important and exciting message. On my 80th birthday, August 15, 2010, I officially turned GHM over to Chuck Pierce of Denton Texas.

    Instead of continuing GHM, Chuck organized Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI), a new wineskin for apostolic alignment which will carry Doris and me into the future.

    Chuck is President and I am Apostolic Ambassador. As a part of this transition, we have closed the GHM website, and transferred our material to the GSI website. Please click on Global Spheres and you will now find what used to be on GHM website.

    May God bless you and prosper you in every way!

    C. Peter Wagner, Apostolic Ambassador of Global Spheres, Inc. ” — C. Peter Wagner

    Chuck Pierce appears to be the leader of the NAR. So the head of all of the apostles is now receiving "prophetic" messages that are triggered by roosters he sees in Las Vegas. Do we really need to say more?



    well, the Charismatic movement needs to finally clean house or be shut down for good

    if they allow people like Pierce to get away with his nonsense on behalf of charismatics every-where
    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)

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    speaking of Pierce

    Chuck Pierce Speaking Directly for God-Add This To Your Bible (sarcasm noted a bit...)

    March 04, 2016/ Steven Kozar

    Here's an exact transcription of the "prophesy" from Glory of Zion (from the March 2, 2016 episode of Fighting for the Faith):

    (Starts with nonsensical speaking, which will then be interpreted)...

    Prophet Keith (interpreting the nonsensical speaking):

    "And the Lord would say to you today, awaken oh dry bones, oh bones that have laid and have laid in the dust today is the day that new breath and yes, my breath is coming over you, so awaken dry bones, awaken.

    Arise, arise and dance, because your purpose is before you, so when you awaken go forward, go forward, go forward, because a triumph... a triumphant cry is awaiting when you awaken."

    Prophet Chuck (stepping in to show how it's done):

    "I saw a picture it was like what Keith just prophesied, all of a sudden I saw God start re-pulling you together and bringing you up to a top of a plateau,

    and then He said now you're gonna go down a long slide, and when you get back down to that hard place you were in, it's gonna manifest as a garden like you've never b-seen before.

    I saw watch this week as you hit your slide and where you thought you'd been scattered in past seasons, you'll find you'll be pickin' fruit in this season.

    And I will say to you this will be a month the trees begin to shake, and when the wind blows if you'll step out into the wind, you'll hear where you need to go, for

    I'm gonna be sending my people out this way and that way, and in the midst of the wind blowing new strategies to increase I will be blowing in.

    And every way you increased in the past, I say make a list of it and then, hear me blow you in to a multiplication to increase in the future.

    And I say what I've done in you if you will review then I will give you a vision of how I'm going to use you with others in days ahead.

    I say you are at the brink of multiply, do not back up, lists and review and then see where I would have you go.

    For this has been a season of repositioning and in my repositioning I have even left some where they are that they so they can increase in new ways,

    I say see your position now for now you will move out to the right and the left and increase will come.

    I healed you so that others could be healed, I broke through you so that you could breakthrough others, I say I caused you to be delivered, so many could be delivered, I say to you, this is your beginning of moving out.

    And I say use that which had you bound as a whip on the enemy.

    I say if you'll look back and see how the enemy had you bound you will break and cause the increase of many to come, I say I want healing in my body, but I want my body to prosper again.

    And I say to you a portal is forming over you, one that you have never seen before, I say run under and watch me pour down upon you for you are just beginning to receive

    and I say to you don't interpret your future from your past but allow your past to come under the portal of your future and I will pour over you that identity that you need to step into."

    New Prophet: "For the Lord says that I am redefining your sense so you will see how to move and operate in the portal that is coming down,

    and he says I am redefining your sense in the watch he says do not shut your eyes in the hour of watch he says be ready for me as I begin to move in the watch."

    Back to Prophet Chuck: "The Lord says to you this is the beginning that I am going to reveal my glory and how my glory will move out I'm gonna show you how to advance,

    I'm gonna show you how to move, for Oklahoma I have chosen to unlock, and in unlocking Oklahoma I will unlock this entire nation,

    for my first people are dwelling in that place and DNA for the nation exists there, so from the east I will begin to manifest my spirit in a new way sayeth the Lord."

    (sarcasm noted Please add this to the Bible. Chuck Pierce assures us that he speaks directly on behalf of God. Do NOT question the Messenger.
    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)