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Clayton Jennings

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  • Clayton Jennings

    Does anyone know anything about him or have any info on him? I have only seen/heard a few sound bites that are fine taken at face value, but something about him just doesn't sit right with me. Not sure if there is something to it or if I am just being overly wary/critical.
    Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses

    --(Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81)

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    I've been wondering the same thing lately because he's been popping up everywhere on my feeds. Facebook, Pinterest, someone's always reposting his messages it seems. I, too, was simply raised to be wary of any polished evangelicals gaining huge followings. Because oftentimes they get huge followings by appealing to them with things like prosperity gospel. (Cough cough Joel Osteen cough cough)

    Clayton seems to portray himself as "hip", but also humble. He speaks passionately, sometimes rhyming.

    But as for his messages and the gospel he shares, I can't find anything wrong with his core beliefs. He seems to be concerned about youth leaving the church. He preaches that Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father and that God's grace in salvation is a free gift we don't give ourselves. He is critical of churches that push youth away. I have mixed feelings about that (having been raised Lutheran, I love a good old hymn and don't think you NEED things like praise bands to "attract the youth" even though praise bands aren't wrong) but while he seems to criticize churches for not doing enough tending to the youth, he also criticizes the youth who leave church because of the people. He says despite the people, kids should stay in Christianity because of Christ. I like that message and holding everyone accountable in spite of how Christians might sometimes treat each other poorly. He also speaks frankly and brutally honestly about hell.

    No red flags with Clayton Jennings...not yet. Perhaps he seeks the limelight or perhaps his goals are just truly to passionately share Christ in these dark times? Or maybe a little of both, but we're all human and the Holy Spirit works through us anyway. So far, he seems to be speaking only Truth, as far as I can tell. But I'd definitely be open to more information if anyone has it.


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      I've been reading his posts on Facebook, and haven't seen anything unbiblical so far. From what I've seen he's all about Jesus.

      "...but thou, O Lord, art a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head."
      Psalm 3:3


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        Clayton Jennings Performs Self-Aggrandizing, Pity-Partying Ode to His Ego
        by Gideon Knox · February 8, 2017

        Clayton Jennings was recently exposed by Polemics Report for extreme levels of promiscuity that occurred throughout nearly the entire course of his public ministry.

        Young women brought forth evidence of Jennings’ misdeeds.

        Some brought forth evidence of Jennings grooming of them with talks of God

        and marriage, his attempts to get them drunk and commit fornication, giving them the abortion pill, and covering up the sin for the sake of “Jesus” and his “ministry.” Certain other young women were simply encouraged to come to Jennings’ hotel room after a revival service, where fornication transpired.

        When Polemics Report broke the story, Jennings ran to mentor, evangelist Tony Nolan, who did a video with Jennings and spoke of his need for restoration.

        After reviewing the evidence,

        however, Nolan decided that Jennings was not repentant, was continuing in his deceit, and was only interested in continuing his pursuit of fame.

        Nolan publicly repudiated Jennings after reporting that Jennings instead sought the council of lawyers and public relations experts who could help him overcome the media fall-out.

        Jennings also reportedly considered being “restored” at Johnny Hunt’s church, but declined when he found out it would take a year,

        and Hunt recently claimed that a preacher of Jennings’ description, “might be preaching about Jesus, but he’s not preaching with Jesus.”

        Likewise, the elders at Harbor Shores Church (his church) revoked his ministry license and handed him over to satan for the destruction of his flesh, encouraging the church have nothing more to do with him.

        Jennings responded by publicly attacking the elders, and threatening to tell people about the sins of their family members.

        Currently, it seems that Jennings’ most prominent supporters are the Facebook modalist and hyper-fundamentalist,

        Joshua Feurerstein and his parents,

        Don and Lisa Jennings (his parents, who helped to cover up his behavior for some time,

        have repeatedly undermined the authority of Harbor Shore elders

        and continue to tell people that the accusations against him are untrue or exaggerated).

        Jennings, unencumbered by the weight of ecclesiastical authority or a Biblical church (we cannot determine what church he has joined since leaving Harbor Shores, if he has at all), has apparently felt a second wind and is now lashing out at his accusers and those who helped expose his sin.

        Just as Jennings’ book seemingly plagiarized the words of Jim Elliot,

        the title and message of the video seem to borrow from a video of Steven Furtick’s, named Hey Haters.
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        As Jennings has done multiple times since his unrepentant sin was uncovered, he spent great time to garner for himself sympathy, claiming that he’s suffered depression and medical problems because of the stress.

        He also talks about those who aren’t “real friends” and the “gossipers.”

        Jennings says he was just trying to “help people and get them plugged into a body.”

        Of course, that’s exactly what he’s guilty of. It’s just that it wasn’t the Body of Christ he was plugging them into.

        While the unrepentantly fornicative preacher raps that “it’s not his goal to be known,”

        Tony Nolan has told us that Jennings refused to take down his ministry websites and social media accounts,

        which was ordered him both by Nolan and his church elders.

        It seems that no matter what his disgraceful public sin has been, it is Jennings’ desire to be known that drives him.

        Jennings then goes on to laud his “determination” (read that: stubborn lack of repentance),

        while attacking those of us who exposed his predation upon young Christian women as “gossipers” who attack on Facebook from our “parents’ basement.”

        Jennings went on to call those of us who exposed him in our articles “wolves,” “jealous haters” and “fake Christians.”

        He also made the comparison of us to him as a “Honda Civic” to a “Bentley.”

        He went on to compare us to Westboro Baptist Church, who he says attack him just because he “blew up” (got famous).

        He went on to call us “lonely losers” and a string of other insults.

        Jennings did not mention or speak the Gospel or proclaim Jesus in the video, but rather proclaimed himself, his talent and his fame.

        Of course, we “wolves, jealous haters, fake Christians, and Honda Civics” still have our preaching licenses, and Clayton Jennings does not. [Drop Mic]

        For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)


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          A Video for Clayton Jennings Fans

          by Gideon Knox · February 18, 2017

          This video says it all. Please do not take it to be disrespectful to the many victims of Clayton Jennings, who did not pursue him, but who were pursued by him with talks of romance and fake marriage proposals, who he led into sin.

          For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)


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            I have not heard of any of this, but I have always felt that there was something not right with him.