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Todd White anyone?

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  • Todd White anyone?

    Has anyone heard of Todd White? Thoughts? I have watched a couple of his YouTube uploads but am not sure what his background is. I can't seem to find much info about him. Thank you all!

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    Todd White poses as a street evangelist and faith healer. Like many, he is a charlatan. Google his name and add evangelist or false teacher and you'll get lot's of information on him. Like so many others making their living on pretending, he's one to avoid.
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      Todd White Praises Kenneth Copeland, Fangirls Over Copeland’s “Amazing Eyes”
      by Jeff Maples · Published September 22, 2017 · Updated September 22, 2017

      Similar to what appears to be a fanatic display of adulation by a preteen girl fawning over her favorite boy band member, New Apostolic false teacher Todd White blandishes the acclaimed prosperity pimp,

      Kenneth Copeland, for ….. his “amazing eyes.”

      I just heard him talk about who Jesus was to him and I was so blown away and I couldn’t get over his eyes and I’m like “Oh my gosh.” He’s got these amazing eyes that glare right into your soul, and I was like “gosh, what is that?” You know what? It’s the lamp of the body…

      Of course, White twists Matthew 6:22 here —

      I might add that the look Kenneth Copeland gives is more akin to staring face to face with Satan than anything remotely resembling Christianity.
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        All I need to know about Kenneth Copeland is that he authored a book called, "How To Discipline Your Flesh."

        Flesh cannot be discipled, Kenneth. It must be crucified and laid at the foot of the cross. There is nothing redeeming about flesh whatsoever.