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FFTF radio: False Prophet Pat Robertson's 2014 "Prophecies"

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  • FFTF radio: False Prophet Pat Robertson's 2014 "Prophecies"

    Pat Robertson's 2014 "Prophecies"

    Program segments:

    • Pat Robertson's 2014 "Prophecies"

    • Furticks New Hit Song Is About I

    • Interview of Tanya Levin re: her exposé of Hillsong

    • Sermon Review: Maker of Miracles by Christine Caine of Hillsong -
    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)

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    Just a note on Tanya Levin... I'm fairly sure she calls herself an atheist these days.


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      For some perspective, here are Pat's predictions for 2013:

      • The country is in great peril
      • It will come a financial reckoning, debts called in, money devalued, people on fixed incomes will suffer. Creditors will seize assets to pay back debts.
      • It will be a time of great turmoil.
      • God says to get out of debt and hold all your purchasing to a bare minimum to prepare for those times.
      • God’s glory will shine everything. Many will turn to God and many will curse and revile God.
      • It will be a time of great division with the worse rebellions and turmoil ever seen before.
      • It will be a time of miracles and favor for CBN but very tough of people who don’t know God and live in the world.

      Pretty much comes down to "stuff will happen in different places; some people will move towards God, others away from God; get out of debt."

      No exactly earth-shattering.

      On his 2014 supposed words from God: he says "I think" quite a bit. I don't recall the prophets writing anything like "Thus sayeth the Lord, I think the economy might get worse and I think the Babylonians might eventually invade Israel."


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        Paul Begley

        Paul Begley is popular is some pre-Trib circles (despite him not too long ago mocking the doctrine).

        Anyway, I'll reserve other comment and refer you to his "prophesies" for 2013.

        1. Three major solar flares (Luke 21:25)
        1-3-2012 New Year's Day Class M Solar Flares

        2. Massive mega quakes (Matthew 24:7)
        1-5-2013 Alaska 7.5 Earthquake & Tsunami
        2-6-2013 Solomon Island 8.0 Earthquake & Tsunami

        3. Terrible tornadoes (Hosea 8:7)
        1-29-2013 and 1-30-2013 57 January 2013 Tornadoes

        4. Drought in Africa (Amos 4:7)

        5. Unrest in Asia (Matthew 24:6 and Matthew 24:7)
        2-5-2013 China Locks Radar on Japan

        6. More shootings in America (Genesis 6:5)
        1-5-2013 Four Dead in Coffeehouse shooting Aurora, CO

        7. Will try but not accomplish taking of the 2nd Amendment (Exodus 22:2 and Matthew 24:48)

        8. Economy will suffer (Revelation 6:5 and Revelation 6:6)
        3-4-2013 Sequester will cause Economy to Suffer says Obama

        9. Great move of GOD in Body of Christ many being
        saved in a revival in a place which is at this time unknown.
        Some will come against. (Joel 2:2-30)

        10. Syria will fall (Isaiah 17:1)

        11. 7 year peace agreement started with 50% chance of being signed (Daniel 9:27)
        1-3-2013 US wants Peace agreement

        12. Days of Vengence (Luke 21:20, Luke 21:21, and Luke 21:22)

        Most of these are either horrifically general in nature or just wrong... but I think my favorite is the "50% chance" prophecy... Yeah, that sounds like a true word from God. You can add 50% chance to any statement and never risk being wrong.

        I'm trying not be dismissive or disrespectful, but his videos have a degree of popularity and, IMHO, he brings disrepute on the topic of serious study of bible prophecy and end time events.

        Two cents.