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  • I've also seen an IHOP church in action. I could write a book. Just the spiritual abuse alone I saw committed by the leaders in this church makes me sick even now when I think of it.

    It's taken the Lord almost 3 years to repair the damage done to my youngest sister and she still has a way to go, but praise God she's back on the right path. He's restoring her faith and trust.

    I prayed that God would deal with this church and get my family members out of it. Within a week, the pastor announced he and his family would be moving to Denver the following week! as "a rich benefactor out there had offered to let them *have* a 2 million dollar mansion he had just built"! Yeah, that is the truth. The church closed literally overnight, and the pastor packed up and left town. God is good!

    Out of the 50 or so members of that church, most have now either walked away from God or still remain in heavy deception. Only one man (the Praise and Worship leader) and his wife have gone on to truly know Jesus, but this did not happen until they found a good solid church. As P&W leader of that IHOP church, he did not know Christ! It's now his testimony.

    To anyone not convinced about this type of church, please hear this....This system is not of God. Their foundational doctrines are evil to the core and very deceptive because it all looks good on the outside and only poses as "the light". Many people, especially those that are young in the Lord, lack the discernment to see the dark side of it and the consequences can be devastating to one's faith. RUN FROM IT

    I've tried to keep this post very brief, so please feel free to PM me for more info or if you just want to discuss it.
    Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith... (Hebrews 12:2)

    Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ...(Philippians 1:6)


    • Beware of the Kansas City Prophets

      Each phase they went through prepared them to receive more supernatural experiences. First, inner healing teacher John Sandford (who has claimed a number of visionary and mystical experiences) began bringing his seminars to a number of Vineyard churches worldwide. You might remember Sandford from chapter 1 where he claimed he wrestled with a demon and a dead woman. Later it was a group of men known as the Kansas City prophets who brought grandiose claims that a "new breed" of super prophets were beginning to arrive on planet earth who would change the world forever.

      These so-called prophets were a group of men that coalesced around a church known as the Kansas City Fellowship, pastored by Mike Bickle, that attracted a following of other likeminded churches in that region. They argued that God was spearheading a new revival from their churches, and that he was restoring the office of prophet. Just as other "prophets" we discussed in these pages, yesterday's Kansas City stock could have it both ways. They could hear from God, and speak forth God's words, prophesying of great events soon to transpire on planet earth. And they could have flipped a coin as to whether what God allegedly told them would actually come true. Often they didn't come true.

      Some of the main prophets and/or leaders in the movement included Paul Cain, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, John Paul Jackson, Francis Frangipane, and others. Bob Jones (no relation to Bob Jones of Bob Jones University in South Carolina) was the visionary of the bunch. He was said to have been especially anointed with supernatural visions from the Lord and a prophetic gift. However, he was quoted as saying that the general level of prophetic revelation in the movement's "prophets" had an accuracy level of about 65 percent. Some prophets were as low as 10 percent accurate, he said, with some of the "most mature" prophets having a rating "approaching 85 percent to 95 percent. "25

      Similarly, the lack of accuracy in speaking for God didn't bother Wimber, either. Wimber soon became close to Cain and Bickle, and when the Kansas City Fellowship came under fire, Wimber saved them from even more criticism by absorbing the Kansas City Fellowship under the new name of the Metro Vineyard Fellowship. "Prophecy's first expressions will likely be infantile," wrote Wimber in the Vineyard's fall 1989 Equipping the Saints magazine that was devoted to embracing the prophetic movement. "Babies are messy and they make messes ."26

      Heaven: Kansas City Style

      Aside from strange prophecies and visions, the Kansas City prophets reported visits to the supernatural realms, including heaven. In a series of five hour-long tapes entitled Visions and Revelations, Mike Bickle and Bob Jones are heard wowing followers of the Kansas City Fellowship with all sorts of tales of their unverified experiences in the next plane.
      Bob Jones claims that when he was nine years old living in Arkansas, an angel carrying a "great trumpet" came riding down from the sky on a white horse and stopped before him in the middle of a dirt road. He didn't know what to make of it until he was thirteen, when he was escorted to the very throne room of God in heaven.
      You say that you saw the throne room?" Bickle asked him in the dialogue. ". . . what did it look like?"

      "It looked like gold and it looked like light and it was a light not like the light you see here which is artificial," he responded, adding that the light, the glory of the Lord, frightened him. Well, a "guide," which he identified as "the angel of the Lord ' " protected him from danger by standing between him and the throne by filtering the rays from God as if the angel was "like red sunglasses."" He said he later understood that this was God's way of calling and commissioning him for their new important earth-changing work that could go out from America's Midwest. Many years later, in August 1975, Bob Jones claims he had a near-death experience that was caused by a severe, painful nosebleed. He was whisked into heaven. Jones said: "... all of a sudden, the pain was gone. And I was in a dark place and I looked around and I could see that I was in a cave and I looked down there and then my thoughts were, "Oh, Lord, did I get my robe clean? Did I have enough time?" And there was a man that walked beside me and he said, "You can look now, Bob, and see" and I looked down and my robe was like crystal light." 28

      He then saw Jesus in the form of a light who would grab and kiss" men and women of different ages and then make them disappear by absorbing them into his body! "It was like two big ole doors right here in his heart and it'd be just that, and they was gone," Jones said. "They was in his heart He then saw people that Jesus didn't want who were on "an elevator and an escalator" to hell which was like "a cold storage place." Jesus then commissioned him to touch the leaders in a new last days church so that he could absorb "a billion souls unto myself in the last day," Jones said. 29
      A short time later God "came and took me out of the body," and he descended into hell. It was "one of the most dreary, dreadful places I've ever been," Jones said. "It was like a place like a void, it had no top, bottom or nothing you could see-it was like black auto smoke and we went deeper and deeper into the depths." 30

      Mike Bickle's Visions

      In the same tape series, Bickle and Jones relate the story of an angel revealing that God would appear to Bickle in the form of another person named "Don" in a vision or in a dream. Bickle said the vision eventually took place, and part of its message was to show him that "Jesus appears in thousands of different faces to portray something," Bickle said. "He was trying to say, 'I'm your friend, I am your familiar friend and I'm going to show you all things so you can move in the power of the Spirit'". 31

      Later Bickle relates that during his trip to heaven Jesus commissioned him to be one of God's new generals to lead his end time army. Although Bickle claims he met with "the Lord" face-to-face, it was an out-of-body experience. It was 2:16 A.M. he said, and in a flash he was there, but it wasn't the cave where Jones earlier related he had been. Instead he was standing in a 20-by 30-foot room that "had clouds on the bottom, on the top and the walls". It was the courtroom of God. God was in the room, Bickle said, but rather than appearing as a being of light, he was a presence that Bickle wouldn't look at.

      God rebuked him for not being patient enough in choosing leaders for his movement. Later the being ordered Bickle to ride in a golden chariot-one of about thirty-five-in a procession of leaders, apostles, and prophets, who would be joining the movement that would someday be worldwide. Bickle said that during the trip God did not commission him as an apostle. But he said he understood the experience to mean that if he was faithful he would "have an opportunity in the grace of God to fill an apostolic calling." 32

      What Are We to Make of These Visions?

      Fortunately, the Kansas City prophets movement did not pass the test of time. Far from remaining a center-piece of Wimber's movement as was trumpeted in Vineyard publications not so long ago, this "new breed" of men that was going to help lead them have, by and large, fallen out of favor. Cain, who is no longer integrally associated with the Vineyards, has been soundly criticized for some of his pronouncements; even CharismaMagazine associate editor J. Lee Grady pointed out a few of his false prophecies in his book, "What Happened to the Fire?" More recently Cain unleashed a storm of controversy from within the Christian community when he released a supposed word from the Lord that President Bill Clinton, who has fought hard to keep abortion legal and whose first week in office saw him lobby hard to allow homosexuals to serve in the U.S. military, was God's man for the hour. He claimed God was going to give Clinton the power of the Holy Spirit to lead America away from a New World order.

      Testing Doctrines

      The fact of the matter is that Cain and other so-called Kansas City prophets should have never been placed into an area of Christian leadership in the first place. Cain (who has also claimed trips to heaven) has a questionable testimony, has demonstrated a lengthy absence of Christian service in his life, and he has called the late William Branham, with whom he once had an association, "the greatest prophet who ever lived." Branham, however, denied the historic doctrine of the Trinity (even claiming it comes from the devil), and taught extensive error, including the he that the zodiac and Egyptian pyramids are on par with the authority of Scripture. 34 Branham taught what has now become known as the "Serpent Seed" doctrine that is popular with various neo-Nazi and "Christian" identity cults -- that the Bible's Cain was produced through a sexual coupling between the serpent in the Garden of Eden and Eve. 35

      Bickle has been linked to the heretical Latter Pain and Manifest Sons of God doctrine that falsely elevates man into a god class. This also should disqualify him and his Kansas City movement from leading any Christian group in the future. In part 2 of Bickle's undated tape The Glory and Dominion of Sonship, he moves into blasphemy by declaring:

      My conviction is that one of the greatest transformations is when you begin to get the revelation that you are a Son of God. Son of God ... God has conceived in His heart of a plan to make a race of men that would live like gods on the Earth. He has conceived in His heart to have Sons that would live like His Son, the Lord Jesus lived ... That we were to be on earth the extension and manifestation of God's life in heaven. 36

      Although some voices have come forward objecting to critics' labeling some of the Kansas City prophets movement as promoting cultic doctrines, they don't have a case. Personal Freedom Outreach's Steve Cannon writes that "Bickle clearly uses unscriptural terminology and logic to teach Manifest Sons doctrine." 37 Despite this, Bickle is still popular in charismatic circles thanks to appearances on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and other charismatic media outlets.

      Bob Jones, however, who not so long ago was regarded as the most powerful of the Kansas City crowd is out of ministry. First when Wimber's Vineyard absorbed the Kansas City Fellowship, Jones and another "prophet" were disciplined for making some outlandish statements and prophecies that were judged to have harmed some, and their prophecy tapes were removed from distribution. Jones's ministry was then limited to church leadership "behind closed doors." 31

      But it was behind those doors where Jones's ministry ended. Two women came forward in 1991 and told Vineyard leaders that Jones had used his prophetic authority to touch and fondle them sexually. 39 Jones admitted it and was removed from ministry. "In recent months, I have manipulated certain people for selfish reasons on the basis of my prophetic gifting," Jones said in a statement that he dictated and signed before the Metro Vineyard Fellowship senior leadership on November 4, 1991. "I have been guilty of sexual misconduct, and I deeply regret this. (I have not committed adultery.) " 40

      Many of Jones's and other Kansas City prophets' outlandish teachings and occultic-like practices and prophecies were documented in a dizzying 233-page report compiled by former charismatic pastor Ernie Gruen. Although Gruen later acknowledged that there were some minor inaccuracies in his report, it successfully exposed specifics of what he called the "charismatic heresy" of the Kansas City prophetic movement. Dates, times, and specific incidents of error (that sometimes caused great damage) and outright lies in the name of prophetic utterances were documented by Gruen's staff, implicating Bickle, Jones, and Jackson. I believe Gruen's work proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Kansas City prophets were false ones. We can therefore postulate that God has not spoken to any of these men.

      God had some strict pronouncements against the false prophetic movement of Jeremiah's day: "Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes," God spoke through the prophet. "They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD" (23:16). A handful of verses later God calls them lying prophets, "who steal from one another words supposedly from me" (v. 30). They are leading people astray.

      Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus ! |The Watch Parables | The Rapture | Romans | The Virgin Mary | Roman Catholicism
      Never Heard of Jesus? | The Evidence Bible | Tent Meeting | The Beast/666 | The Kingdom of Darkness | The Nephilim


      • Inside a Prophetic Service

        The "prophet" had the crowd following every word he said, even

        almost every movement he made, in fact, every sensation he felt in

        his body!

        [Bob Jones] Hmmmm, witchcraft coming again...check that

        in Jesus' name. I feel pin pricks on me. There's

        witchcraft comin'...

        Then the pastor, Mike Bickle explains to the crowd,

        When Bob feels pin pricks in his hand, that just show up,

        that means witchcraft is in this [place]...The phrase

        that Bob uses is his senses turn golden...His five senses

        are literally inspired by the Holy Spirit ...He could

        tell what was happening in the spirit realm from the five

        senses...1 (See Jude 19)

        What's going on here? No, it's not a psychic, it's a full

        gospel church service, featuring Mike Bickle and "seer" Bob Jones!

        Bob Jones is "picking up" witchcraft by the pin prickly feeling in

        his hand and Mike Bickle is asking him to elaborate on the whole

        concept of "golden senses," in which 20-30 different signs show up

        in his physical body to help him divine the spiritual realm. For

        example, his hands turn different colors to indicate things,

        (purple-royalty, red-intercession, etc). Did the apostles ever

        model anything even remotely like this? Never mind, these men are

        part of the new breed, they are so anointed that the apostles can't

        wait to meet them! As Mike Bickle says,

        The saints in the New Testament would wait in line to

        greet the apostles coming from this generation![2]

        Who Are the Kansas City Prophets?

        In following the trail of error that has led to this current

        mysticized revival, we need to fully explore the role that the

        company of men known as the Kansas City Prophets have to play in

        it. The controversy that surrounded them in the late 1980's and

        very early 1990's seems to have died down since John Wimber came

        forward to offer them a "covering" through affiliation with the

        Vineyard Movement. It is my contention that instead of truly

        resolving the problems that were raised by these false prophets, a

        band-aid was put over the whole affair. The erroneous teaching and

        ministry of Paul Cain, Bob Jones, John Paul Jackson, and others has

        been promoted and circulated through the Body of Christ in the

        years since Vineyard has been their covering. Bob Jones, one of

        the more obviously false prophets, finally was exposed, but not as

        a false prophet, but for an ethical/moral failure. His prophecies

        have been cited several times, to my knowledge, as valid, at

        Toronto Airport Vineyard. The same people who heralded these men

        as prophets are now heralding this spiritual drunkenness as a great

        end times revival. I wouldn't even be surprised to find that

        behind the scenes of this "latest move of the Spirit" you'd

        probably find some of the same people offering their "prophetic

        ministry." We are not talking about personality differences here,

        nor about doctrinal hairsplitting, the men I'll be discussing in

        this chapter have presumed to speak prophetically, in the name of

        the Lord, (as though God were talking) to the whole, universal

        church! They have made great claims, like "The Lord spoke to me

        clearly..." or "I stood face to face before the Lord." And what is

        in the message? Sheer Manifested Sons, Latter Rain, last days

        super church, church as manchild stuff, reheated, repackaged and


        In describing the Kansas City Prophets, for the sake of time

        and space, I'll zero in on three men, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, and

        Paul Cain. I will briefly discuss some others, but these are the

        three major players, in the Kansas City Prophets controversy. It's

        also important, however, to take a fresh look at how the church

        handled (or failed to handle with responsibility) the exposure of

        false prophecy, for this has set the course which we are currently

        on, and the same people who wouldn't discern at that time, even

        more so now, refuse to think critically.

        Mike Bickle

        We must start with the pastor of a church in Kansas City,

        Missouri, named Mike Bickle. The church is now known as the Metro

        Vineyard of Kansas City, but in the early 1980's when it was

        started it was called KCF for Kansas City Fellowship. Bickle

        originally had pastored in St. Louis. In June of 1982, a man named

        Augustine approached Bickle and told him that he had heard an

        audible voice telling him to prophesy by the "spirit of truth" to

        Bickle's congregation. Bickle allowed him to do this and was

        impressed by the seeming accuracy with which he described the

        condition of his church. In September, the same year, Mike Bickle

        himself heard an audible voice speak to him, while on a trip in

        Cairo, Egypt. The voice told him,

        I am inviting you to raise up a work that will touch the

        ends of the earth. I have invited many people to do this

        thing and many people have said yes, but very few have

        done my will.[3]

        Shortly after this, on a "word from the Lord," Bickle began a

        new work in Kansas City, Missouri. The church grew rapidly in a

        very short time. In 1986, Bickle and his elders formed an

        organization called Grace Ministries, which they described as, "A

        ministry team of men committed to seeing the church fully restored

        to the glory described in God's Word."[4] Now, Grace Ministries

        and KCF are two distinct organizations. Al Dager gives a good

        description of the function of Grace Ministries,

        Grace Ministries is a parachurch organization that

        represents several men who engage in itinerant, allegedly

        prophetic, ministries...There are seven major facets to

        Grace Ministries: 1. Apostolic teams; 2. City churches;

        3. The House of Prayer; 4. The Joseph Company; 5. The

        Israel Mandate; 6. A Ministry training center; 7. Shiloh


        I won't try to describe in detail each facet, as Al Dager did

        in his helpful Media Spotlight Report, but I will highlight a few

        aspects of two of the facets.

        City churches, Bickle believes that every city really only has

        one church, which may consist of several congregations, but must

        come under one, citywide, eldership. As Ministries Today reported,

        Bickle and his leadership team have promoted a concept

        advocating unity among all pastors in a geographic area.

        Bickle now says that the idea should have emphasized

        "unity through friendship" rather than "unity through a

        church government structure." Many pastors in Kansas

        City felt threatened by what they perceived to be an

        attempt to "swallow" other churches under KCF's banner.

        "The way we used terminology created fear, division, and

        suspicion," Bickle admits.[6]

        Shiloh Ministries was or is, the development of a prophetic

        community. A piece of land was designated and developed, where

        prophets could live together, convene prophetic conferences, share

        their insights, and train up other prophets. The senior prophetic

        authority recognized over Shiloh, was to be Paul Cain, a former

        associate of William Branham. Cain once called Branham, "The

        greatest prophet who ever lived." (It is interesting to note that

        there was, in Iowa, (might still be) a "prophetic" retreat and

        community called Shiloh. It was noted for its Manifested Sons of

        God teaching. But I don't know if it's directly related.)

        Though Bickle is the pastor of KCF and founder of Grace

        Ministries, he at one point, seemed to back down from calling

        anybody a prophet. Here is an excerpt from an interview he had

        with Al Dager.

        There's no one in our midst that we give the title

        "prophet." The only one I would feel comfortable of

        giving that office would be Paul Cain, but he refuses to

        accept it. So, I'd say both of them, apostle and

        prophet_I believe that in God's purpose they exist, but

        we're very hesitant to designate somebody as being one at

        this point and time.[7]

        But, on the other hand, in his lengthy interview with Bob

        Jones on the tape, "Visions and Revelations," Jones describes

        numerous face to face encounters with the Lord. Upon Bickle's

        encouragement, Jones tells the crowd what God supposedly said, what

        he saw in the throne room, what he clearly "heard." If that is not

        playing the role of the prophet, what is? Semantically avoiding

        the actual title "prophet," but then delivering messages to the

        church in the name of the Lord, seems hypocritical to me. To avoid

        the scrutiny of Deut 13 and Deut 18, they call themselves

        "prophetic ministries" instead of "prophets." But, even the ones

        who follow them know better, calling them "The Prophets."

        I believe that Mike Bickle has been zealous, and well

        intentioned. I have read a book of his, Passion for Jesus,

        which makes clear some beautiful teachings about the attributes of

        God, the fear of the Lord, and knowing God. But, I also believe

        that through an unfortunate lack of discernment, he has promoted

        false prophets, as well as the doctrines of Manifested Sons of God,

        on an international scale. This has helped pave the way for the

        current mysticism. The next person we will discuss is an excellent

        example of this.

        Bob Jones

        Bob Jones has been described publicly at KCF as a "resident

        seer." This is unfortunate because he turned out to be one of the

        most blatant examples of a false prophet, of them all. How anyone

        can listen to him for even 10 minutes and not completely reject him

        as a prophet, is amazing to me. And yet, Mike Bickle and KCF

        thought enough of him to tape a lengthy interview with him called,

        "Visions and Revelations." The blatantly false doctrine, and

        occultic dreams and "revelations" found on this tape were enabled

        to make their way all over the world in a relatively short time.

        On the tape, Jones describes how he went from being a drunkard,

        fornicator, and bar room brawler, to eventually land in a mental

        institution, where he was regularly visited by demons who would

        hold conversations with him. Finally, Jesus Himself told Bob in

        order to get his mind back, to either kill or forgive twelve people

        he hated! Jones goes on to describe his Christian life and

        supernatural ministry.

        One unforgettable episode that Jones recounts is how he

        received a visit from an angelic guide name "Dominus." "Dominus"

        eventually turned out to be the Lord Jesus Christ Himself,

        according to Jones. Jones tells how, in an out of body experience,

        he and Dominus sat above the KCF "in the Spirit," on rocking

        chairs, holding hands. To confirm Jones' "ministry" to Mike Bickle

        and his brother in law and associate pastor Bob Scott, Dominus

        revealed to Jones that he would visit the two men in their dreams.

        Each man subsequently had a dream in which a friend they knew named

        "Don" appeared (two separate Don's). When they asked Jones why Don

        appeared and not Jesus, Jones impatiently replied,

        You guys are never going to learn the language of the

        Spirit, are you?...Jesus appears in thousands of

        different faces to portray something. He was trying to

        say, "I'm your friend, I am your familiar friend and I'm

        going to show you all things so you can move in the power

        of the Spirit."[8]

        To be honest with you, I think this was a combination of the

        working of a powerful familiar spirit and incredible naivete.

        Bickle would later say of Jones, "He should have had a backstage


        The Shepherd's Rod

        Bob Jones also contributed the Shepherd's Rod Revelation to

        the Body. According to him, "Everyone must pass under the

        shepherd's rod once a year." It all started when, according to

        Mike Bickle,

        Ten years ago, the Lord began to visit Bob and tell him

        that he would visit him on the day of atonement each

        year...The Lord literally stands before Bob and speaks to's a real holy thing before the Lord...[10]

        "The Lord" showed Bob Jones that on the day of atonement the

        shepherd of the congregation must hold out his staff and all must

        pass under it for a time of prophetic inspection. If they are in

        sin, it will be revealed prophetically to the leader. Bob Jones

        says this is a time where the Lord turns you upside down and looks

        you over for blemishes. Thus, through this blatant denial of the

        cross, you have God's people observing a distorted day of


        It would take an entire book to catalog the heresy of this one

        man, and that is not my purpose. My burden in this chapter is to

        remind us, where was the discernment? We were so spiritual, so

        full of "mystical" revelation and "cutting edge truth," but look at

        what we overlooked! The emperor obviously has no clothes! And

        when it began to be exposed by Ernie Gruen, it was almost dealt

        with as a matter of personal animosity and covered over. These men

        didn't leave ministry, their tapes weren't pulled. They haven't

        missed a beat! This is why we are so blind and intoxicated right

        now. Before there was a scandal, Mike Bickle said of Bob Jones,

        "There is nobody in the natural that had a more integral role in

        establishing our foundations in that kind of prophetic way, than

        Bob [Jones]"[11] After part of the controversy, Mike Bickle

        expresses regrets, "I made the mistake of allowing Bob Jones to

        step out from backstage into prominent, public ministry," and "I

        believe the Lord gave Bob Jones a backstage ministry, but I

        promoted him on the front stage."[12] Backstage ministry? I hope

        not. I'd rather have people like him out in the open than

        influencing movements backstage. Here are just a few of the

        blatant errors promoted by the "backstage ministry."

        When Bob Scott, associate pastor at KCF questioned Bob Jones

        about being in a recent dream, Jones replied, "It was not a dream,

        it was something other than a dream." He questioned Jones again,

        "Was that a dream or a trance or a vision?" Bob says, "Well, it

        was neither, I was there...on occasions, I'm there, it's not a

        vision, it's not a trance, I'm there."[13]

        Bob Jones' White Talking Horse_(Bob Jones) "The first time I

        ever seen the white horse was when an angel called Gabriel was

        riding. I saw him a couple of times in the '70's, I didn't

        understand what it meant, I would just see the white horse...(Mike

        Bickle interjects) (Mike Bickle) "The white horse always speaks in

        Bob's visions...In his vision it speaks of the corporate purpose

        that God is bringing to pass..."[14]

        35 Super Apostles like unto Paul_Bob Jones saw and described

        a vision in which, "The Holy Spirit took me to a place_this time it

        wasn't the Lord took me, it was the Holy Spirit. He took me to a

        place and I saw the Lord, high and lifted up, by some young men and

        he set upon the golden ark...and I looked and there were men that

        had hold of the ark and they had the ark upon their shoulders. And

        the government will be upon their single shoulders." Jones goes on

        to explain how, by way of allegory, the Lord showed him he would

        raise up 35 men, to be champions for Christ in the last days.

        "...They will reign and reveal to the world that they truly are the

        faithful and true leaders and the government that will be upon his

        single shoulder." Mike Bickle comments, "I think there'll be 35

        like unto Paul...There would be 35 whom the Lord would separate in

        the highest way. The government rests on apostles and


        What a perversion of Isaiah 9, in which Jesus is described as

        Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father and

        the one on whose shoulder shall rest the government of the whole

        earth!! Yet how typical of Manifested Sons heresy, to replace

        the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the "corporate Christ"


        Bob's revelation concerning prophetic accuracy. Bob Jones, in

        the tape "Shepherd's Rod" told us that God had revealed to him that

        the Rhema (spoken word) would be two-thirds accurate in the days to

        come. In other words, up to two-thirds of the time these prophets

        would be "right on." Why not 100% of the time? If you listen to

        Bob Jones, you would be glad for inaccurate prophets! Why? God

        showed Bob, supposedly, that if enough power was released to give

        us 100% accuracy, we would have dead Ananias' and Sapphirra's all

        over the place! (How's that for making people actually thankful

        for inaccurate prophets?) Jones says we shouldn't worry about

        inaccurate prophesies, for God told him that prophets are like guns

        and prophecies are like bullets and inaccurate prophecies are like

        blanks. And he also says that God told him, "I'm loading the guns,

        I'm putting the blanks in!" Incredible! Jones would have us

        believe that God is responsible for innaccurate prophecies!

        Supposedly, even when we shoot blanks, it scares the enemy! Bob

        Jones complains about people who "try to make us Old Testament

        prophets" meaning to hold them to the standard of Deut 18. He then

        quotes I Cor 14, about giving prophecy in church and judging to see

        if they are all right. I must reply to this.

        There is a huge difference, I agree, in giving a prophecy, "To

        edify, exhort, and comfort" the church, and in being a prophet, who

        presumes to speak in the name of the Lord. But, we aren't trying

        to make these modern "prophets" into Old Testament prophets, they

        are. They are the ones who emphatically say, "The Lord said this,"

        or "I saw the Lord face to face, and He said thus and so..."

        that's a far cry from supernatural utterance to edify, exhort, and

        comfort. Standing up and making bold pronouncements to the church

        universal in the name of God is a serious matter, New or Old

        Testament. Leading the church into error as a teacher is bad

        enough, but to claim direct revelation while doing it is even

        worse. Bob Jones is a man who claims to have five to six visions

        and revelations per day. We are talking about a man who thought he

        was a backslider when two days went by without a visitation from

        Jesus. He actually stands before the Lord on the day of atonement,

        remember? And Mike Bickle enthusiastically promoted it!

        The New Breed To Come, The Elected Seed - Bob Jones has much

        to say about the actual bloodline of the great last days

        overcomers. Bob reports that the Lord told him, "From out of the

        sands of time I have called the best of every bloodline in the

        earth, unto this generation...Even the bloodline of Paul...of

        David...of Peter, James and John, the best of their seed is unto

        this generation. They will even be superior to them in heart,

        stature and love for me..." What does bloodline matter to God,

        who of one blood, made us all? Sounds more like some kind of

        Eugenics cult than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jones goes on to

        promise prophetically, the old Manifested Sons of God hopes that,

        "They will move into things of the supernatural that no one has

        ever moved in before. Every miracle, sign and wonder that has ever

        been in the Bible, they'll move in it consistently. They'll move

        in the power that Christ did...They themselves will be that

        generation that's raised up to put death itself underneath their

        feet and to glorify Christ in every way...So that glorious church

        might be revealed in the last days because the Lord Jesus is worthy

        to be lifted up by a church that has reached the full maturity of

        the God man!"[16]

        This is typical of the sheer Manifested Sons heresy promoted

        by KCF and Grace Ministries. Has anyone renounced this? No, they

        renounce the fact that they put Bob Jones out in "front stage" and

        not "backstage," but the heresy isn't rejected. Jones' real

        problem was that he openly promoted things that others realize the

        church isn't "quite ready for."

        Several times while I have been there in Toronto in the

        services at Airport Vineyard, the prophecies of Bob Jones were

        discussed in a noncritical matter, as having been fulfilled in part

        by this revival. In a transcript of a meeting at Airport Vineyard,

        Friday, October 14, 1994, Wes Campbell discusses Bob Jones'

        revelation of an upcoming "civil war" in the church. In this war,

        the blue represents "revelation knowledge" people, fighting for

        freedom in the Spirit. "The gray" as in gray matter, those bound

        to their minds, you know, critical thinking (of course they are the

        ones keeping the church in slavery). This "revelation" was

        discussed as being credible and soon coming.[17]

        This failure to resolve to correct the obvious lack of

        discernment, has cost us our spiritual eyesight, and led us deeper

        into error. Bob Jones can be an object lesson to us. After all,

        how could all of the "great prophetic company" fail to "pick up on

        him?" Truly, the emperor has no clothes.

        Rev 3:17-18 Because thou sayest, I am rich and increased

        with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not

        that thou are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and

        blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried

        in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment,

        that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy

        nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with

        eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

        Paul Cain

        One of the most prominent and well received ministries

        associated with KCF would be the ministry of Paul Cain. The people

        of KCF and Grace Ministries have held Cain in the highest regard.

        We [KCF] have recognized a mandate from the Lord to make

        a special commitment to follow the leadership of John

        Wimber and Paul Cain. Grace Ministries believes that

        these two men are chosen vessels among others in the


        In the tape, "Visions and Revelations" in which Bickle

        interviews Bob Jones, Cain is described by Jones as "the most

        anointed prophet that's in the world today." He is said to have

        the "fear mantle on him," and we are assured that "the enemy would

        love to take him out before he [Cain] anoints this next generation,

        before he writes upon your mind...before he imparts his anointing

        into thousands of you."[19]

        Paul Cain has an interesting background. In his testimony, it

        is reported that immediately before his birth, his mother was

        nearly dead from four major conditions. Breast cancer,

        tuberculosis, heart disease, and three other malignant tumors, all

        were afflicting her at the time she was to give birth. But, an

        angel of the Lord came to her and told her not to fear, she would

        not die, but give birth to a male child. The angel even told her

        to name him Paul for he would preach the gospel as Paul did. As

        you can see, there are many similarities to the testimony of

        William Branham whom Cain was to one day be an associate of. Paul

        Cain says that the angel of the Lord spoke to him at the age of 8

        in an audible voice. "I heard an audible voice and of course,

        often the angel of the Lord_it might have been the Lord Jesus

        Christ_but anyway, when He speaks it's rather awesome."[20]

        Joel's Army

        Paul Cain testifies of another unusual visitation which

        occurred at the age of 19, which gave him a message that he

        promotes to this day. An angel appeared to him in glory and

        magnificence, holding out a sword, pointing to a billboard. The

        billboard said, "Joel's army now in training." When he asked the

        Lord what it meant, the Lord took him through the book of Joel.

        Joel's army is described in Joel 2:1-11. To Cain and others,

        Joel's army is that great last days church, that "New Breed" of

        believers in whom the whole plan of God is climaxed in. These are

        the ones who take the world for Christ, are in perfect unity, are

        invincible, even divine in a sense! The idea of a Joel's army of

        invincible saints, executing judgement, is a huge expression of the

        Latter Rain/Manifested Sons of God teachers.

        In 1947, Paul Cain began a public healing ministry, he was 18

        years old. His contemporaries were William Branham, Oral Roberts,

        A. A. Allen, Jack Coe, T. L. Osborne, etc. As the healing revival

        exploded and prosperity and popularity increased Cain saw greed,

        pride, and self service begin to characterize himself and others he

        knew. He entered into a season of repentance of which he would say

        after that God stripped everything away. It was during that season

        of repentance that he had another life changing visitation from the


        God had told him that if he kept himself from corruption

        and remained content with living a humble life, marked by

        scripture study and prayer, one day he would be allowed

        to stand before a new breed of men and women leaders.

        These would be marked by simplicity, purity, and

        remarkable manifestations of power.[21]

        Thus began 25 years of extremely low profile for this

        "prophet" of the Lord, whom the Lord had also called to be

        celibate. It wasn't until April of 1987 that "the Lord ordained a

        divine appointment for Paul with Mike Bickle and others from

        KCF"[22] "The KCF eldership instantly felt the Lord prompting them

        to make a deep and permanent commitment to serve Paul Cain in

        anyway possible for the rest of his days as the Lord

        permitted."[23] Bob Jones, the "resident seer" at KCF went so far

        as to say of Cain, "The Lord named Paul Cain's ministry, "The

        Terror of the Lord" or "The Jealousy of God."[24]

        Terror of the Lord? What is it about Paul Cain that causes

        people to regard him so reverently? Paul Cain has exhibited the

        ability to tell people the details of their lives, hidden sins and

        even things they have said in confidence to others. There have

        been reports of earthquakes and other natural disasters predicted

        by him.

        In January of 1989, Paul Cain told Jack Deere, a Vineyard

        pastor, that an earthquake would occur on the day Paul

        arrived for the first time to meet John Wimber at the

        church in Anaheim, California. Another would occur

        elsewhere in the world the day after he left Anaheim.

        Cain said that the earthquake would be a confirmation

        that the Lord had a strategic purpose for the Vineyard

        Movement. The first earthquake took place in Pasadena on

        the day Cain arrived. He left Anaheim on December 7.

        The Soviet-Armenian earthquake occurred on December


        Another reason that Paul Cain is highly regarded as a "Terror

        of the Lord" could be the reported power surges of electricity that

        occur at places where he ministers. On one occasion in a church a

        tremendous surge of electrical power blew out circuits and set off

        fire alarms. The fire department responded, only to find that

        there was no fire, just a "prophetic meeting!" In Anaheim,

        California, even a battery operated video camera was short

        circuited, and the telephone systems were "blown out!" People have

        attributed this to the "heavy prophetic anointing" on Paul Cain,

        but does this sound like the Holy Spirit moving to you?

        Not every manifestation is heavy or frightening as Clifford

        Hill points out in his review of Some Said It Thundered a

        book defending the Kansas City Prophets.

        The main body of this book is an account of story after

        story of what I believe are best described as "paranormal

        experiences," such as the following telephone

        conversation between Paul Cain...and Mike Bickle. After

        the opening greetings Paul Cain said, "Why Mike, you've

        got a bit of a sniffle and you are all wet. Your hair is

        standing up on the left side of your head." Bickle

        called his wife, Diana, to look at him. "Sweetheart,

        Paul says I have a sniffle, I am all wet, and my hair is

        standing up on one side. Am I all wet?" "Yes," she

        said, "You've just come out of the shower." "And is my

        hair standing up on one side?" "Yes," she replied, "on

        the left side!" Paul Cain calls these strange

        experiences little tokens that the line is still open

        with the Lord." (Page 29). Why would the Lord Almighty,

        maker of heaven and earth give divine revelation to a

        prophet that his pastor had just taken a shower? This

        kind of trivialization of prophecy does immense harm and

        causes confusion among the spiritually immature."[26]

        The New Breed, Joel's Army

        As I said earlier, one of Paul Cain's major messages seems to

        be that there is coming a new breed in the church, of overcomers.

        It is this company of end times people that the prophets have

        eagerly anticipated.

        This army is also in the New Testament. It's referred to

        as "the manchild." I know some of you are going to

        disagree with this...Rev 12:25...Here it is this great

        army in the New Testament is the manchild. Rev 12:5, the

        overcomers Rev 2 and 3, the 144,000 servants, Rev 7:3,

        the bride or the lamb's wife, Rev 19:7 and 21:9, and the

        white horse, Rev 6:2, the first fruits, Rev 14:4, the

        precious fruits James 5:7, the wise virgins, Matt

        25:1-13, the Manifested Sons of God, Rom 8:19-23 and it's

        certainly a remarkable fact that none of these names are

        expressions applied to the saints of God or at any other

        time in history. But, all of them are in their context

        and promises showing undeniably that they belong to the

        end of time...To this present generation, Matt

        24:34...and God wants us to realize once again in closing

        that there's going to be a great company of overcomers

        prepared for this mighty ministry which I call the prize

        of all the ages. And again, God's offering to the

        believers of this generation a greater privilege than was

        ever offered to any people of any generation at any time

        from ADAM clear down through the end of the


        Manifested Sons of God?

        Rom 8:19 For the earnest expectation of the creature

        waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

        Unlike many others who espouse this doctrine, Paul Cain

        doesn't seem to balk at admitting to be a proponent of the

        Manifested Sons of God doctrine. The only problem that he seems to

        have with it is people trying to manifest their sonship


        There will be a manifestation of the sons of God. And it

        won't be this baloney that we've heard of in the past; I

        mean there's been a few people tried to walk through a

        wall like this one over here and knocked their brain

        loose, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm

        talking about a true manifested son of God; if anyone

        walks through this wall, over here, they're not going to

        tell you about it, I mean, they're just going to do it.

        And sons of God don't tell you they're sons of God,

        they'll just show you! Amen![28]

        Romans 8:17 is the scriptural point at which the Manifested

        Sons of God proponents leap into error. The scripture teaches that

        the whole of creation indeed does await the time of manifestation

        of the sons of God, (ie the glorification of the saints, the final

        resurrection). The contention is that we believe we shall be

        glorified after the return of Jesus Christ bodily. It is then that

        He, Jesus, will put death underneath His feet. Manifested Sons of

        God teaches that there will be a company of supersaints who will be

        glorified and immortalized, before the bodily return of Jesus, and

        that we, the glorified, corporate Christ, will be the ones who put

        death under our feet. They also believe that only after that

        happens can Jesus return bodily. Clifford Hill summarizes it

        nicely in his Prophecy Today publication.

        The opportunity of joining the "new breed" an elite group

        of believers endowed with supernatural power that would

        enable them to be a part of the army of dread warriors

        that God was said to be raising up in our generation.

        According to John Wimber this is a type of "Joel's Army"

        who will overcome all opposition to the gospel and

        eventually subdue the nations. This teaching is part of

        what is known as "dominion theology," which teaches that

        an elite army of overcomers will either destroy or subdue

        all the enemies of Christ until they eventually gain

        power and authority throughout the world. The government

        of the nations will be upon their shoulders and when all

        the secular authorities, governments, princes and kings

        have finally submitted to them, Christ will return and

        they will present the kingdom to Him.[29]

        This is the theology that has been promoted by the Kansas City

        Prophets and their followers. As I have said earlier, it is a

        theology that emphasizes man in the place of Christ. The

        "corporate Christ" is still the church, not Christ. It is Jesus

        Christ who has destroyed death and will ultimately put it under His

        feet, we don't do it for Him.

        The Challenge

        In January, 1990, Ernie Gruen a Charismatic pastor in Kansas

        City for 27 years, of the Full Faith Church of Love, released a 233

        page document listing erroneous prophecies, statements, doctrines,

        and incidents involving the Kansas City Prophets. "He accused KCF

        of sending out false prophets; of prophesying area churches to

        close down (and then join KCF) and of outright lying."[30]

        As an example of the kind of "prophetic" response to these

        charges, here is an excerpt from Rick Joyner's Morningstar.

        KCF is just one of many new streams starting to flow in

        the body of Christ, each of which is destined to receive

        furious and unrelenting attacks for a season, much of

        which will come from those who may have a great influence

        on the church but have long ago lost the anointing.[31]

        Do you see how the Berean spirit is being strangled here?

        When someone does raise some valid, specific criticism, "Well, it

        must be jealousy, they have a Saul spirit and don't like our "David

        Movement." " One of most insidious and blinding concepts to come

        to the church lately is the idea that all criticism is personal.

        This idea is amplified by the emphasis on people who have the

        Jezebel Spirit, fault finding spirit, or that old standby, the

        accuser of the brethren! The whole idea deflects people's

        attention away from the issues of false, destructive doctrine and

        ministry to personality, "hurt," so called division and phony


        Gruen and Bickle were headed toward a resolution of their

        differences by a meeting of the Network of Christian Ministries,

        which was supposed to occur in July of 1990. But, in May, John

        Wimber stepped into the situation, offering himself and the

        Vineyard Movement as a "covering" to KCF and the prophets.

        Wimber acknowledged that there were indeed "excesses" at

        KCF. In a letter to Gruen, Wimber promised to address

        the errors and declared, "I am satisfied that we will not

        see these problems arising again in the future." The

        meeting with the NCM leaders was called off.[32]

        Why? Didn't the errors still need to be examined, discussed,

        rejected or corrected? Shouldn't the Pentecostals at least have

        insisted on the opportunity to publicly, formally renounce these

        heresies? By sweeping the problem into the "Vineyard House" and

        not openly exposing and standing against it, we have sown the wind

        and are reaping the whirlwind! It was probably a great relief to

        everyone that Wimber's action saved us from another controversy,

        but what's the matter with controversy? Wimber did offer some

        correction and guidelines and I appreciate him for it, but for the

        most part the Kansas City Prophets rolled right along. The

        erroneous teachings were made available through the Vineyard

        Catalogs. Bob Jones was asked to "limit his public ministry,"

        instead of being rejected from public or private ministry. John

        Paul Jackson (See our appendix of KCF Quotes), a blatantly false

        prophet was shipped out to California to minister there with

        Wimber. Paul Cain is in England now. Mike Bickle is a popular

        author, pastor and widely accepted Charismatic leader. Bickle, in

        looking back to 1990, told Charisma that he has learned four

        lessons from the experience.

        1. "We had an elite spirit. That's become more and

        more real to me -- it's so repulsive."

        2. "We promoted mystical experience in a

        disproportionate way and it was disastrous."

        3. "We were careless in the way we communicated

        prophetic words. This was hurtful in a lot of cases."

        4. "We were wrong in the way we promoted the city

        church concept. I still believe in it, but now I believe

        it's a unity based on friendship."[33]

        That's good, but weren't any of the prophecies, prophets, or

        mystical experiences blatantly false? What about false teaching?

        Do you still believe in the city wide church? Should Bob Jones

        have been renounced as a false prophet?

        In all fairness, KCF and Vineyard Church did release a list of

        errors they had discovered and were correcting.

        Lack of accountability for prophecies that do not come true or

        do not bear witness to the person receiving the ministry.

        The attempt by some prophetic ministers to establish doctrine

        or practice by revelation alone, apart from clear biblical support.

        Dogmatic assertions in delivery of prophetic words.

        Revealing negative prophetic words in public without first

        confronting the individual.

        Giving prophetic words that affect a movement or church without

        going first to the appropriate levels of authority.

        The use of prophetic gifting for controlling purposes.

        Manifesting an attitude of superiority through the possession

        of a secret body of information. Amos 3:7 is true surely the

        sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His

        servants the prophets. But the prophetic people are not to wear

        a garment of pride because of this knowledge.[34]

        In 1991, Jones finally did have his messages pulled from the

        Vineyard Tape Catalog, after confessing to a moral failure. He is

        still cited as a credible prophet by many within the "prophetic

        movement," including many of those associated with the Toronto


        In conclusion, there is a severe judgment for following and

        supporting false prophets. I believe it was the acceptance and

        "covering" of these "prophets" that immediately accelerated this

        revival of spiritual drunkenness.

        Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus ! |The Watch Parables | The Rapture | Romans | The Virgin Mary | Roman Catholicism
        Never Heard of Jesus? | The Evidence Bible | Tent Meeting | The Beast/666 | The Kingdom of Darkness | The Nephilim


        • KCF, Doctrine, and the Word of God

          Those involved in this resurgence of the Latter Rain Movement have had years to hand-tool answers to critics. Those who hold to this mystical mindset have studied the mistakes made by and criticisms made of the early adherents of the movement. They now seek to be more moderate in their attempts to propagate their theology. Thus, the attacks on historic biblical doctrine are more subtle than those of five decades ago. Those attacks, however, are still there and are still dangerous.

          KCF uses a back-door approach to promoting its message.

          Historically, godly men illumined by the Holy Spirit studied the Bible inductively, discovered what it taught on a particular truth, and proclaimed that truth as doctrine.

          KCF, on the other hand, first establishes a person or persons in a position of apostolic or prophetic authority. These men are touted as receiving direct revelation from God.

          KCF says "The end time ministries also must have this, the ability to impart revelation of Jesus to the body." [15]

          Then the prophets proclaim messages designed to cast doubt on the ability of believers to understand doctrine they have been taught. This line of authority also subtly plays down Scripture's importance.

          KCF and Grace Ministries want to be known as people of the Bible. The Grace Ministries Statement of Faith declares:

          "We believe that these 66 books are fully inspired, accurate, and reliable with regard to all matters of faith and conduct as they were originally written. We hold to the Biblical Scriptures as the plumbline for all that we do and believe." [16]

          KCF no doubt is sincere in the above statement. However, its interpretation of Scripture is most often viewed through the spectacles of apostolic and prophetic authority. The dreams and visions of the two main prophets of the movement (Paul Cain and Bob Jones) and others who give prophecies, always set the agenda for KCF. Scripture is then marshaled to buttress these revelations. Also, when the Bible contradicts KCF teaching, it is dismissed or reinterpreted according to the authority line. For example:

          Deuteronomy 18:20 gives a strict penalty for prophets who speak in the name of the Lord, but whose prophecy does not come to pass, or if they speak in the name of other gods.

          "But if a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death." [NIV] Verse 22 says " can know when a prophet speaks presumptuously for what he has said will not come to pass."

          However, Joyner writes:

          "One of the greatest hazards affecting maturing prophets is the erroneous interpretation of the Old Testament exhortation that if a prophet ever predicted something which did not come to pass he was no longer to be considered a true prophet (see Deut. 18:20- 22). The warning was that if this happened, the prophet had been presumptuous and the people were not to fear him. If one pre- dicts something in the name of the Lord and it does not come to pass, he probably has spoken presumptuously and needs to be repented of, but that does not make him a false prophet. No one could step out in the faith required to walk in his calling if he knew that a single mistake would ruin him for life." (emphasis added) [17]

          Not only does Joyner contradict Scripture, but writes in the same article that prophets who are less than 100 percent accurate are a blessing from God to the church! "Bob (Jones) was told that the general level of prophetic revelation in the church was about 65% accurate at this time. Some are only about 10% accurate, a very few of the most mature prophets are approaching 85% to 95% accuracy. Prophecy is increasing in purity, but there is still a long way to go for those who walk in this ministry. This is actually grace for the church now, because 100% accuracy in this ministry will bring a level of accountability to the church which she is too immature to bear at this time; it would result in too many 'Ananias and Sapphiras.' That so many the (sic) prophetic ministries are still missing so much is also meant to work humility and wisdom in them so that they will be able to handle the authority and power coming in the near future." [18]

          The repercussion of this type of thinking is that the words of those in the authority line become more important than Scripture.

          It then becomes necessary to have the authority line to understand what the Bible is really teaching, and what the Lord is doing in these "end times."

          For example, it seems that God is going to be working in the church through the realm of the supernatural to a degree that He has never done before. And there's no use trying to evaluate events using the Bible, because this is going to be something totally new! Bickle writes:

          "There is a dimension that is coming, and now is, that we have no frame of reference for and most of us think that we do."

          "... and they (apostles, prophets) do things that you have no frame of reference for understanding because, believe me, what's going to be coming down in the next twenty years you and I have no frame of reference for understanding. It is going to be so unusual you are not going to be able to look at the word for every manifestation and find one there because the Spirit of the Lord has so many manifestations that you and I know nothing about."[19] So, God is going to be dealing with His Church outside of His Word to us. Statements of faith notwithstanding, this sets the stage for extrabiblical revelation. Without the ability to appeal to the Bible's authority, the stage is also set for the institution of false doctrine.

          Not only is a low view of Scripture taken, but also a low view of believers' ability to understand what He has revealed to us in His word. Bickle continues:

          "At this point in time, because of the pride of the church (just like the scribes and the Pharisees) we have such a sense that we understand....when we are not even the beginning of novices." We have "...the church with absolutely no insight, judging the works of God with no understanding and missing out on the works of God." "If the spirit of fear is given enough witness, the Spirit of God will leave completely. ... The reasoning and the debate of the western world in all of their presupposed knowledge of what God does and doesn't do is its going to be a miracle for the Lord to use someone that's been in the Kingdom over five years. ...Its no accident that throughout the visitations of history it was always a few (in the church) and the multitudes were all the new converts because the majority of the church could not swallow the new thing coming, because they were wise in their own understanding. Great heroes of the church were ostracized by the church. The church needs an abandonment that says we really don't know anything about the realm of the spirit. We must have lowliness of mind." [20]

          Evidently, this "lowliness of mind" spoken of means that we must be willing to throw out all we have learned of God up to now and put ourselves in the authority line to be in on this new move of God, the authentic Latter Rain.
          KCF, The New Latter Rain

          As did the Latter Rain adherents of the 1940s, so does KCF advocate the restoration to the Church what is called "the fivefold ministry" specified in Ephesians 4:11 as: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. While we have had evangelists, pastors, and teachers down through church history, KCF claims apostles and prophets have been minimized. Now they teach that God is restoring these two offices to prominence and bringing the other three up to His standards. Joyner writes:

          "To be distinguished from the stumbling blocks, a great company of prophets, teachers, pastors and apostles will be raised up with the spirit of Phineas. ...Conferences of apostles, prophets, pastors, elders, etc. will be called and used greatly by the Lord, but without denominating and separating from the rest of the body." [21]

          "In Ephesians 4:11-13, Paul said the five ministries of verse 11 would function until the church was filled with the knowledge of the Son of God." [22]

          What Bickle means by "filled with the knowledge of the Son of God" is a perfected church, a church without "spot or wrinkle. This many-membered corporate body (corporate man) will take dominion over (conquer) the Earth for ultimate presentation to Christ at his second coming. [23]

          The beliefs generated by the above statements firmly establish KCF's tie to the Latter Rain doctrine of Dominionism. This should not be confused with the dominionism of the Christian Reconstruction groups. While there are similarities between the two views, there are also significant differences. Implicit in the Latter Rain version of dominionism is the belief in the manifestation of the sons of God

          The leading prophetic luminary of KCF, Paul Cain is unashamedly linked with the Latter Rain Movement: "Paul is now 60 years old and has been a part of the Latter Rain Movement, the Healing Revival and the Charismatic Movement." [24] The other members of KCF's leadership agree with Latter Rain precepts.

          While some of these precepts are presented in updated terminology and packaged for contemporary audiences, the doctrines are the same.
          The Manifestation Scenario

          One of the Latter Rain Movement's more heretical legacies is the doctrine of the Manifest Sons (MSOG). This doctrine blurs the person and work of Jesus Christ and the mission of the church. The doctrine can be summarized in this manner:

          As human history winds down, God will restore the offices of apostles and prophets to a weak and suffering church. Through these offices the church will be called to repentance and divine revelations given with the agenda for the end time corporate body.

          As God begins to restore the church to its true position of power (signs, wonders, and miracles), many will leave their denominational affiliations. (Denominations are almost always associated with Babylon, and are bastions of false doctrine) Once out of these groups and under the authority of apostolic ministries, believers will begin to be perfected. They will throw off the confusion of Babylon and will become mature in the Lord. As maturity increases so will unity in the Body. The ultimate outcome will be a generation of believers who have matured into the full stature of Christ.

          Then the sons of God will be fully manifested on the Earth. At this time widespread spiritual warfare will erupt with the sons of God battling Satan and his demons. As Joel's Army defeats the legions of Hell in battle after battle, the unbelieving nations of the world will also be conquered. Once the Earth has been subdued, then God will allow Jesus (who has been held in the heavens awaiting the outcome of the war) to return and receive the Kingdom that has been won for him by this "Manchild Company."

          The doctrine teaches that these Sons will be equal to Jesus Christ in every way. They will be immortal, sinless, perfected sons who have partaken of the divine nature. They have every right to be called gods, and there are. (there is a general reluctance to use the capital "G", but the impact is the same).

          One of the more popular books among Manifest Sons advocates is Bill Britton's Jesus The Pattern Son. In it Britton writes that Jesus was the "Firstfruits among many brethren" and the pattern for many more "sons" to come. In other words, what Jesus was by birth (the Son of God) all believers can become by adoption (sons of God). The identification is total with Manifest Sons. Jesus the Pattern Son was the Anointed One, the Christ. This special group of overcomers, the Manchild Company, are also anointed ones, they are also Christ!
          KCF and Manifest Sons

          Many of the old line Manifest Sons groups teach that the manifestation has already taken place. KCF, however, teaches that this is yet to come. Cain writes:

          "Now I know when that which is perfect is come, that which is imperfect must be done away. But, anyone knows that which is perfect is not come. And we don't have the full revelation, we haven't grown up in the stature of Christ as we should. And there is no manifestation on a wholesale basis of the Sons of God. And, I'm not afraid to mention that even though I get shot down everywhere I go every time I mention the manifestation of the Sons of God. And I'm not afraid to mention any biblical, scriptural terminology." [25]

          Cain's criticism of the MS Doctrine that has been making the rounds in Charismatic circles for years is not that it is unscriptural. It is just that believers have been trying to enter into sonship before God's appointed time. [26]

          Further direction is given by KCF's other prophetic authority, Bob Jones,

          "The last day church is being birthed now out of the old church, and the old leadership is coming to an end and the new young leadership is being raised up to reign over an end time church that will bring forth the Bride. Your children (my bank account) my grandchildren, will be the Bride. You've got to have the church first in the right foundation. That's what he (Jesus) said. 'Come back and touch those that will be the right foundation'." [27]

          Known even among members of KCF for his strange visions (though still not doubted), Jones gives this scenario for the preparation of the coming manifestation.

          "I went and I seen the Lord, and it was like he was looking at little yellow things; little round yellow things like a Spirit of God Itself. And there were billions of them. And it was like Him and all the angels were looking through these and every once in awhile they'd say, 'Hey, here's an end time one; get it down here on the end. Here's another good one!'

          I said, 'What are you doing?'

          He said, 'Oh, we're collecting those who are foreknown and predestinated for the end times, for you see, they'll be the best of all the seed that's ever been. And we're looking through the seeds and they'll be your grandkids. This will be the end generation that is foreknown and predestinated to inherit all things. And these will be like grandchildren to you -- even those that you minister to won't be this generation; their grandchildren will be.

          You are to write into their minds as they write into the children's minds. You're to bring them to a place to allow My Spirit to rule in their life where they can begin to set the church on the proper foundations, as they will. They'll birth the church, but their children will attain levels of the Holy Spirit that they will not.

          Although their parents will reign over them and be the leaders of the last day church, their children will possess the Spirit without measure. For they are the best of all generations that have ever been upon the face of the earth. And the best of all generations are those elected seeds that will glorify Christ in the last days.

          That's the purpose so that Jesus in the last days has the seeds that will glorify Him above any generation that has ever been upon the face of the earth. They will move into things of the supernatural that no one has ever moved in before. Every miracle, sign and wonder that has ever been in the Bible, they'll move in it consistently. They'll move in the power that Christ did. Every sign and wonder and wonder that's ever been will be many times in the last days. They themselves will be that generation that's raised up to put death itself underneath their feet and to glorify Christ in every way.

          And the church that is raising up in the government will be the head and the covering for them. So that the glorious church might be revealed in the last days because the Lord Jesus is worthy to be lifted up by a church that has reached the full maturity of the God-Man!" [28]

          Please note that it is Jones who will "bring them to a place to allow My Spirit to rule in their life where they can begin to see the church on the proper foundations. ..." We again see the line of authority mentioned earlier.

          Bickle tries to put a positive spin on these teachings on his tape, Glory and Dominion of Sonship, but doesn't quite pull it off.

          Bickle begins by stating that he doesn't think "that there is anything higher than the revelation that what a Son of God is." And because this revelation is so lofty, the "religious" mindset will not understand it.

          "The religious mind will always call this heresy. When the religious mind comes in contact with the revelation of what a Son of God is they will always say it is not right because it's too high."

          After paralleling Hebrews chapters 1 and 2 with Psalm 8 and Genesis 1:26 to establish that men have total dominion over the Earth, Bickle starts building a case for elevating mankind. Bickle believes that the average Christian's view of man is so low that it offends God.

          "But, through His Word, He has given us a revelation of what he intends us to be; Sons of God in the full sense of the word. And we begin to raise our understanding of what its all about".

          Then comes a lengthy exposition of John 10:31-39 of how Jesus reveals to the religious community that it is permissible (based on Psalm 82:6) for men to call themselves gods. "God said that these people were to act as God. Now, you can get kind of off base and a lot of cults would use this passage and get off base in many many wrong ways. I don't think we're gods in any weird sense of the word, but God has created and redeemed men to be gods, small "g", only by this definition -- that nothing in creation was to be over you. Everything besides God Himself was to be under you and that alone would constitute man being a god".

          Then Bickle explains what he means by not being gods in "any weird sense of the word",

          "Now, don't be afraid, we don't worship gods like that. We're not equal to Jesus Christ. We're not deity. We're not worshiped. We have no authority to initiate the things that only God can initiate because He alone is the head of the body, Jesus Christ says."

          However, after this qualification, Bickle returns to the terminology of Manifest Sons doctrine:

          "My conviction is that one of the greatest transformations is when you begin to get the revelation that you are a Son of God. ... God intends us to be like gods, he intends us to be like the Son of God. ... God has conceived in His heart of a plan to make a race of men that would live like gods on the Earth. He has conceived in His heart to have Sons that would live like His Son, the Lord Jesus lived. ... That we were to be on earth the extension and manifestation of God's life in heaven."

          After these statements he again tries to prepare his listeners for opposition,

          "When a person comes up and declares what Sonship is about, the religious community comes up and says 'blasphemy!' That's what they did to Jesus."

          Despite the disclaimer that the gods that certain believers are to become are in no way related to cultic concepts, Bickle clearly uses unscriptural terminology and logic to teach Manifest Sons doctrine. When you combine his statements with those of the two recognized prophetic voices of the movement, the "old wine" of the Latter Rain Manifest Sons of God teaching is unmistakable. [29]
          KCF, City Churches, and Dominion Theology

          The prophetic voices of KCF are promising the restoration of full spiritual power to the church. They have announced that we will see this new church come into perfection and total unity. It is to be "birthed" out of the one that now exists. As this new body matures and becomes more unified, there will be a redefinition of what true Christianity is. Bickle writes:

          "I believe that God is going to allow us to see and to even partake in this restoration -- this is a major statement and I want you to pay attention closely -- to the restoration of the New Testament Standard... I believe that God is going to renovate the entire understanding of what Christianity is in the nations of the Earth. I believe that the way that 99% of us across the world as believers understand Christianity, in 20 years there will be a totally different understanding of what Christianity is from what it is right now. I believe the understanding of it, the standard of life and the expression of Christianity as we know it, I believe God is going to restore it and change it in the Earth in this generation." [30]

          Bickle then explains that this mission is to be accomplished through the development of Apostolic City Churches. By apostolic he means: "churches in the full power of the Spirit of God." [31]

          God, through mighty works of miracles, signs, and wonders, is going to use the city churches and the apostles and prophets to disciple the nations. KCF, of course, is going to be used of God to establish these.

          "That is the will of God for this body of believers to establish anywhere from 20 to 30 or 40 (I have no idea the number, but its a large number) of city churches in the nations of the Earth to make impact on the rulers and kings and people of those nations right from this body of believers. ... I believe Jesus meant we shall disciple the nations. He meant it and He will not come back until it happens. ... Nations will be discipled by the fruit of the ministry that comes forth from this people here ... by people sitting in this room!" [32]

          KCF maintains that their idea of City Churches is scriptural, "The New Testament pattern is for there to be one church in a city with many congregations yet one unified eldership governing it." [33] And since these City Churches will be established by "this body of believers," then it follows logically that the unified eldership will be centered around KCF's particular doctrine. In other words, to come into maturity, to come into unity, means to accept the line of authority that KCF has established!

          Jones says:

          "There has to be a bunch of full-time leaders joined and the lay leaders have got to be ready, and a lot of them are going to be released after that time of visitation. And they have to be unified; they have to have affection for one another; they have to be grounded in unity around the principles that God has given us, and we have to be in divine order with our place in God's divine order." [34]

          And what will happen to those who do not wish to unify and come under this eldership? "Some pastors and leaders who continue to resist this tide of unity will be removed from their place. Some will be so hardened that they will become opposers and resist God to the end." [35]

          So, KCF teaches that God, through the restoration of apostolic and prophetic authority, is going to use KCF to establish city churches with unified elders. These City Churches are the frame- work that God will further use to bring a new definition of true Christianity. This work will grow, become more mature until it "come(s) to a place of the maturity that equals the stature of the fullness of Christ." [36] The restored, perfected city church ("the expression of the maturity of Jesus Christ in a given region." [37]) will then disciple the nations of the earth with the intention of rendering the kingdom of God on the Earth a fit presentation to a then returning Jesus Christ.

          This is the classic Latter Rain version of the Dominion Mandate.
          KCF, Cross-Pollinization, and Vineyard Ministries

          KCF has what it calls a program of "Cross-pollinization" with like-minded ministries. The ministry team "agreed that God purposefully left our team deficient in many areas so we should need other parts of the Body of Christ. ... Every ministry in the Church needs other ministries." Because of this, "We regularly fellowship with ministry teams from a variety of backgrounds and denominations. We call this 'cross- pollination.'" [38]

          While on the one hand this appears to be an innocent desire to benefit from the experience and knowledge of other ministries, some critics see this as just another way to infiltrate and gain control of existing churches.

          According to Ernie Gruen, a local Kansas City pastor, KCF has demonstrated an agenda of absorbing existing congregations. "... this is where they began to prophesy that churches should close and be part of their ministry. They did it three times that I can document but actually more than that. Sermons were preached on how you know when to close a church. And then, they had a prophet along that said, 'You're to close your church down and all become part of KCF.'" [39]

          Bickle answered the accusations made by Gruen in a letter dated Jan. 22, 1990: "After hearing your tape, I'm sure you do not understand our structure, the way several groups have joined us, nor the nature of our prophetic ministries." [40] However, Gruen's statement matches statements made above as well as a chronology of the beginning of Olathe Christian Fellowship (a branch of KCF) given in the Kansas City Fellowship Reports dated February and April 1987.

          In January 1987 Bickle announced a "Sovereign Calling" that God had given to establish Olathe Christian Fellowship (OCF). At that meeting " Another priority was to review the history of how God called two churches in Olathe, Olathe Fellowship and Christ Community Fellowship (CCF) to die to enable a new work, Olathe Christian Fellowship, to be raised up." [41]

          The pastors of these small churches came into association with Bickle in the early 1980s. By 1985, Larry Fry, pastor of CCF, and Wes Adams, pastor of OF, began to hear God saying that they should merge their respective churches but it did not happen. Then "In 1986, God sovereignly resurrected it and showed us both independently of one another, that God's way was for us to submit our two congregations to Mike Bickle in order to establish one new church. God confirmed this by strong prophetic words through John Paul Jackson and others". [42]

          "September 14, 1986: Wes and Larry announce to their churches that they have been called to die as individual fellowships. They inform their churches that they will be submitting themselves to the leadership of Mike and the Church Planting Team for the purpose of beginning a new work in the city of Olathe." [43]

          Due to its strong stance on supernatural signs and wonders, it should come as no surprise that KCF has "cross-pollinated" with the Vineyard Movement of John Wimber. Wimber came under the influence of Paul Cain in mid-1987 when Cain prophesied over problems that existed in the Vineyard Ministry. Then in December of that year Cain was invited to address the leadership of that movement in Anaheim, Calif.

          "When asked if God might grant a sign to confirm that the message that he would bring this time was truly from heaven, Cain replied, 'The day I arrive, there will be an earthquake in your city, and the word of the Lord to you will be Jeremiah 33:8.' At 3:38 on the day Cain arrived, the earth shook in Anaheim. After that, he had Wimber's full attention." [44]

          Not only has Wimber given Cain his full attention, he has given him an increasingly growing platform. "In addition to his fathering relationship to KCF, Paul has come into a deep friendship and working relationship with John Wimber. ... Paul has made a special commitment to traveling with John and to support the vision that God is currently unfolding to him." [45]

          The question is, who is supporting whom? Which one is having the most influence over the other? The answer is evident:

          "A year ago John (Wimber) started taking down the fence separating the Vineyard from the rest of the church. Last year John allowed two people who were not Vineyard people to speak at the Spiritual Warfare Conference (Cain and Bickle). This year there were only two Vineyard people speaking at the conference (John and Jack Deere)". [46]

          It is also clear that Wimber has bought Cain's Latter Rain theology:

          "I think that what God is doing is raising up a New Breed of leaders. And, I believe that He is inviting us in this room to participate in that New Breed."

          "Now that's a term you've become familiar with this week. It's been prophesied by Paul Cain; and I think its a very important Concept."

          "And, I believe the Church of Jesus Christ that we're part of -- the larger Body of Christ the world over -- has been weighed and judged in this generation. And that instead of learning from our predecessors from the Latter Day Rain Movement, from any number of movements of God that have occurred in this century, we have allowed the enemy to come in and detract and take away the passion of God and rob it out of our lives." [47]

          Is the Wineskin Leaking?

          The question of influence has become a very important one. According to Charisma and Christian Life Magazine [48], KCF has officially joined the association of Vineyard Churches.

          "KCF pastor Mike Bickle says the move follows a one-year period during which the church and he were under John Wimber's oversight." [49]

          This move comes at a time when KCF has come under increasing criticism from both the Charismatic and non-Charismatic communities. There have been charges of false doctrine, false prophecies, and even occultic practices.

          "A litany of specific charges has been distributed by some Christians in the Kansas City area. ... Bickle said the matters on the list were addressed years ago, acknowledging that some mistakes were made in the way the prophetic words were ministered. But he denied the use of occultic practices". [50]

          One has to ask at this point if KCF joined Vineyard to seek counsel from an established national ministry, or was it looking to legitimize its doctrines in a time of severe criticism? It appears that the latter is true;

          "Wimber and a team of Vineyard pastors and seminarians have examined the teachings of KCF. They concluded that Jones has made some 'unwise, but not unbiblical' statements and needed to be disciplined, but that the practices of KCF are sound and Biblical." [51]

          However, the article goes on: "Recently new charges were added.

          It has been said that Bickle, Jones and KCF are not in line with orthodox Christianity. Bickle said he had submitted the entire process to Wimber, who would consider the new accusations." [52]

          One would hope that serious and prayerful study would be given to all of the documentation for the "new accusations" before any pronouncement is given.

          Finally, "By joining the Vineyard, KCF links up with a national authority network. They will report to regional and national Vineyard directors. But the Anaheim, California-based Vineyard allows its churches to operate autonomously in most other areas. KCF will change its name to Vineyard." [53]

          It remains to be seen whether KCF (now Vineyard) will recant the heterodox doctrines of the Latter Rain Movement and repudiate the validity its "prophetic line of authority", or if it will carry the already controversial Vineyard Ministries into that line. As they say on the evening news, "Stay tuned folks, this story is just beginning to break!

          Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus !
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          • Charismatics follow the wind, this way and that. They love something novel, especially if it has the atmosphere of scripture about it, as though to legitimise it. Only those lacking in true Christian discernment and Bible knowledge - and those who arrogantly want some kind of 'super-Christian' status - can possibly fall for the lies of charismaticism. One of the novelties is known as the Kansas City Prophet (KCP) movement. Along with others, the KCP dramatically affected charismaticism, and has its place in the history of the notorious Toronto Blessing.

            Major figures in the KCP are Paul Cain, Bob Jones and Mike Bickle. A storm of controversy surrounded the KCP in the 1980's and 1990's, but it died down when John Wimber foolishly gave them the 'covering' (approval and spiritual umbrella) of the Vineyard church Movement. The result of this 'covering' is that although KCP teachings have been more or less refuted by Vineyard headquarters, they are still strongly represented throughout charismaticism. This occurs even though the KCP are obviously false prophets who teach heresy.

            Bob Jones was brought down by his immorality, but his false prophecies are still quoted in the Toronto Airport church (a Vineyard church until late 1995, when even Wimber had had enough of its gross excesses!). The KCP men boldly declared that they were the mouthpieces of God Himself, prefacing their so-called 'prophecies' with words like "The Lord spoke to me clearly" and "I stood face to face before the Lord" (sometimes physically)! Their prophecies contain revamped messages from other heresies, such as Manifested Sons of God, Latter Rain, etc. They are full of messages about super-Christians, total victory over Satan, the church as the 'manchild', the last days SuperChurch, and so on.

            Mike Bickle

            Bickle is pastor of Metro Vineyard Church of Kansas City (possibly the Vineyard title is now dropped, we do not know). It used to be known as the Kansas City Fellowship. In September 1982, when he was in Egypt, Bickle heard an audible voice of 'God'. (This followed a visit to his own church that year by a man named Augustine, who told him he had heard an audible message telling him to prophesy to Bickle's church).

            This voice told Bickle: "I am inviting you to raise up a work that will touch the ends of the earth. I have invited many people to do this thing, and many people have said 'yes', but very few have done my will." This was supposed to be God talking! It makes God out to be a roaming drop-out, searching fruitlessly for someone to do something for him!! It makes Him out to be ineffectual and dependent on men. Needless to say, the prophecy is false and somewhat blasphemous.

            In 1986, Bickle and others formed 'Grace Ministries', which has a number of different facets to its existence. For example, they demanded that all churches in one area should come under one leadership. Thus all pastors must be united. This theme is being seen today after the Toronto aftermath - a false unity at all costs, to show that the Church is powerful! In my home city, for example, such a group is called 'Churches Together for Truth'. In reality, it is a mish-mash of hopeless failure churches, led by men who do not know true doctrine from false, and who led their congregations into the Toronto Blessing with intensity and wanton lack of integrity. They are also ecumenical, not knowing the True Church from the false church.

            Another facet is Shiloh Ministries, a community where prophets lived together, shared their various utterances, gave conferences and trained other 'prophets'. Paul Cain, its head, was trained by William Branham, one who was greatly influenced by spiritualistic practices and teachings.

            Bob Jones

            Jones was called the 'Resident Seer' of KCP's ministries. He teaches false doctrine, false prophecies and visions, occult dreams and 'revelations'. At one time he was in a mental hospital, where, he claims, he was visited by demons regularly. Sadly, they do not appear to have left him! Whilst there, he claims that Jesus came to him and told him that to get his mind back he must either kill OR forgive twelve people he hated - and this man is revered as a 'prophet' of God!!

            e also had a visit from an angelic guide (whose description is that of a familiar spirit) called 'Dominus', who turned out to be Jesus Christ Himself! Jones also had out of body experiences - an occult phenomenon. Dominus and Jones once sat above the KCP building in rocking chairs, looking down and holding hands! People follow this man - are they serious, or are they equally demon possessed? The catalogue of heresy and spiritualistic statements made by this man is vast. God even stands before him every Day of Atonement and chats to him, face to face!

            Another heresy promoted by Jones is the 'New Breed, New Seed' idea. These will be last days overcomers, powerful and unique. They will come from the 'bloodlines' of people like Paul, James and John. These powerful people will 'move in' signs and wonders constantly and will be just like Christ. These are the 'Manifested Sons of God'. The new seed will even put death under their feet.

            None of this rubbish has ever been renounced, and it is still being taught in Pentecostal/charismatic circles today. Many of Jones' prophecies are said to have been fulfilled in the Toronto movement. In one prophecy, Jones said there would come a 'civil war', between those who did everything the 'spirit' told them to do (i.e. Toronto) and those who were 'bound in their minds' (i.e. tested the spirits by scripture).

            Paul Cain

            Cain features in the life of Evangelical Alliance leader, Clive Calver - and Calver has never repudiated or renounced his connection. Jones calls Cain the 'most anointed prophet in the world today'. Coming from a man whose friends are demons, we should not place much credence on his recommendation! Cain's mother was suffering from four major problems when she gave birth to him. But an 'angel' came to her and said she would give birth to a male, whose name would be Paul, because he would preach just like the apostle Paul. At age eight, Cain began to have visits from Christ and God. In this, he is typically mediumistic.

            At age 19, he had a visit from an angel holding a sword and pointing to a billboard! On the billboard was a message: "Joel's army now in training." Cain asked 'the Lord' what it meant, and the 'Lord' took him through the book of Joel, showing him that the church of the last days was 'Joel's Army' - the New Breed of Super Christians. They will be invincible, powerful, and will take the whole world for Christ (even though scripture says the opposite will happen). They will be fully unified and even divine-like. This is Latter Rain and Manifested Sons of God teaching, some of which suggests that we can become sinless on this earth, in spite of scriptural teaching to the contrary!

            Cain began to tell people minute details of their lives - another spiritualistic faculty, and 'God' told Cain's associates to serve Cain all the days of his life! In places where he speaks there are often electrical power surges and even blowing of circuits, which are attributed to his 'heavy prophetic anointing'! Make no mistake - all this is the stuff of spiritualists! The same Paul Cain prayed over Clive Calver.

            Cain's main message is concerning the 'New Breed' idea. Even lately, this message has been preached in the UK, to churches full of pride already. Such a message produces an even greater pomposity and pride, that they will soon become super-leaders of a brave new world, leading everyone to God with unlimited power. Some even claim they will BE gods. This is but an outline of the strange but occult world of the KCP's - and it is these same KCP's who dominate Toronto movement teaching and charismatic churches.

            Pre-Toronto Warning

            Clifford Hill of 'Prophecy Today' reviewed a book by David Pytches, published in 1990 ('Some Said It Thundered', Hodders). The review (Vol. 6; No.4) was published before the coming of the Toronto Blessing. Pytches is an Anglican bishop, who visited Toronto at the start of the TB, and who crawled and barked like a dog. He enthusiastically introduced the TB to UK churches, along with Sandy Millar of Holy Trinity, Brompton, and others. And, although Hill was originally wary of the TB, he later attended the 'Waves of the Spirit' conference held in the UK, 1996, and enthused over John Arnott (Toronto Airport Church) and thus the TB itself. The following notes are based on Hill's review.

            Bishop Pytches was said to be an 'outstanding leader in the Anglican renewal movement in Britain'. Yet, he was able to produce a book praising the Kansas City Prophets, after just a short visit. So much for the man's 'outstanding' leadership! We must be frank about it - just a short examination of the KCP's is enough to show us the occult nature of their work. So, how can an 'outstanding' leader praise them and promote their work in the UK? Even after Hill warned him, Pytches went ahead and published the book. Maybe my own standard for a 'leader' is too strict - but I apply it to myself, too.

            Hill hoped that his review would not seem to be 'judgmental' - but I am not sure if he means 'judging'. We are to judge these men, and speak out in the strongest, unambiguous of terms. They are men who have deliberately influenced many thousands, so there is no way we should remain silent or retiscent. And where men are occultic in their teaching, judgement is even more urgent and applicable.

            Also, does Hill mean Pytches is a leader of the restoration movement when he refers to the 'renewal' movement? Or, does he mean he a leader of the charismatic movement? Either way, such leadership is open to great suspicion. It is noted that pytches did not attempt to describe true prophecy, nor did he give teaching on the subject - he merely extolled the 'virtues' of the KCP.

            ill himself says that the book contains "story after story of what I believe are best described as 'paranormal experiences'..."' We have already seen that these are really 'occult' experiences. Let me quote one such story from the review, concerning a telephone conversation between Paul Cain and Mike Bickle:

            "After the opening greetings Paul Cain said: 'Why, Mike, you've got a bit of a sniffle and you are all wet. Your hair is standing up on the left side of your head.' Bickle called his wife Diana to look at him. 'Sweetheart, Paul says I have a sniffle,

            I am all wet and my hair is standing up on one side. Am I all wet?' 'Yes' she said, 'You've just come out of the shower!' 'And is my hair standing up on one side?'

            'Yes' she replied, 'On the left side!' Paul Cain calls these strange experiences 'little tokens that the line is still open with the Lord (p29).

            Why would the Lord Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, give divine revelation to a prophet that his pastor had just taken a shower?"

            Yes, this pathetic rubbish was passed of as 'proof' of the authenticity of the KCP's! It is clearly occult, not Biblical. It is the kind of message given by a medium, not a prophet of God. And its source is so obviously demonic, I wonder how Hill can be so cautious about calling it demonic. And how an 'outstanding' leader can fall for it. The KCP's have hundreds of these stories, which they claim are based on God's work. They are frauds, not God's mouthpieces.

            Hill warns readers of his magazine not to copy the things found in the book. Quite rightly. He calls the incidents dangerous - and so they are. Yet, a few years later, in 1996, he lost his way and praised John Arnott for promoting exactly the same kinds of activities, calling on us all to be lenient and understanding of the man. Hill knows very well the strong and unbroken links between the KCP's and the Toronto Blessing. So his praise is all the more peculiar.

            Like many other pro-charismatics, Pytches makes no attempt at all to test the prophecies - he just accepts them all as 'genuine', even though they are so blatantly occult. This was a feature of the Toronto Blessing - all kinds of 'teachings' and prophecies were made, none of which were tested by scripture, or by any other means. Everything done was accepted without question. Why? Because of the way the KCP's had conditioned charismatics to accept their own rubbish! Accept a message about wet hair as being from God - and you will accept anything, no matter how absurd or blasphemous it is.

            Also typical of charismatics is the way Pytches adulates the men of the KCP movement. There is definite idol worship in charismatic circles, as this or that prophet or teacher is held up on a pedestal...until he/she goes out of fashion and another takes his/her place.

            he whole crux of the acceptance of the KCP's is based on the accuracy of a multitude of predictions. None of them is Biblical and none of them is worthy to be called 'prophecy'...the 'shower' example is typical. There is also supernatural knowledge of people's circumstances and lives. Again, these are attributes of occultic mediums, not of God's gift of prophecy. Go to any spiritualist meeting (no - please do not attend them!), and you will hear countless statements from the speaker, as he or she gives details of people's lives. But what for? They have no real relevance to anything, and their only meaning is that someone (the medium) can tell you what you had for breakfast, or how tall your uncle was! This is the mark of demons, who want to win people to their side, by telling them something only the people concerned can know.

            Once these people are convinced that the medium has such secret knowledge, they will be convinced by his 'messages', because they are accurate. When this happens, they are then 'hooked', and the medium can say whatever he or she wishes. Because the original messages were accurate, the listeners will automatically accept all other messages. This is how Satan 'hooked' gullible (or is it unbelieving?) people, that they would follow the KCP's.

            Pytches did not bother to look for the 'fruit' of genuine prophecy, even though by the time the book was published the KCP's had been uncloaked as frauds! Even if we forget Jones' sexual sins, we cannot overlook the basic fact that virtually no prophecies of the KCP's were true! This has been admitted by the KCP's themselves. Yet, Pytches says they 'move on a level of accuracy' that is 'hitherto unknown'. Yes, what they say is accurate - because demons have zoned-in on them and are using them as channels for their deceptions. But that does not make them Biblical, nor does it give them relevance to the churches. To quote Pytches:

            "...Paul Cain has never been known to be wrong, but (Pytches) ignores the fact that Mike Bickle himself is on record as saying, 'We don't believe everything that's said. We've been given ten thousand prophecies, and I believe there's only a small number that I've really cherished in my heart as from the Lord.' "

            This is an horrific thing to admit to! A true prophet does not give wrong prophecies, nor does he tell lies from God. Bickle is telling us that virtually all of the KCP prophecies are lies! Yet Pytches (and countless charismatics) still listen to them. Some might argue that the KCP issue is now dead, but they would be wrong, for the KCP idea permeates every strand of charismatic thinking today.

            I believe Hill made a flawed judgement by saying the KCP ministry was 'immature', for this suggests that it was genuine, but needed to grow. The KCP 'ministry' was not even of God, so it should have been strangled at birth. It was not 'immature' - it was fake. That was why it had the 'lack of a sound Biblical foundation'.

            In 1983 Bob Jones made a 'prophecy' that there would be three months of drought. Mike Bickle said at the time

            "Kansas City was known as the bread-basket of the world; it was the centre of grain farming, fanning out to a radius of five hundred miles. For the whole of June there was no rain! IT was terrible! For the whole of July there was no rain! It was terrible! No rain during the first week of August or the second or the third. It was terrible! Bob Jones said that the Lord had told him it would come on 23rd August. We had all been poised since early dawn that day, but by 1 pm there was still no rain. By six o'clock we were just resigned to wait another day when suddenly it began. And did it rain? It poured! No man could have manipulated that. It just had to be God!"

            Pretty impressive, eh? But - why should God simply tell us there will be a drought, and then tell us the exact day it would end? There is no point to such a prophecy! The New Testament tell us that ALL gifts are for the edification of the Church. So how does this 'prophecy' fulfill this criterion? it does not. But, even if you say I am wrong on this point - let us look at something even more fundamental - the alleged accuracy of the prophecy.

            Hill discovered, from the pastor of a charismatic church in Kansas City, that the whole prophecy is a lie! The pastor, Ernest Gruen, said there was no drought! The U.S. National Weather Bureau confirms that seven inches of rain fell on Kansas City in June 1983. It rained on 12 out of thirty days - almost half the month! On just one of those days, the rainfall was seven times the rainfall on 23rd August! So, the prophecy was a lie and a fake. What is far worse, is that Bickle afterward (that is, after knowing what really happened, and after knowing the prophecy to be false) claimed it to be true! But, even if the prediction had turned out to be competely accurate, it had no relevance whatever for either the local church or for the universal Church.

            In 1990, Hill was to have spoken at an Anglican conference - but Pytches cancelled the engagement after Hill had told him he had visited Kansas City Fellowship and had found the KCP's to be wanting! That, friends, is also typical of charismatics today. Even when they KNOW something is evil or false, they go ahead with it anyway, so as to maintain their delusion. Whichever way we look at such an attitude, it can only be inspired and fuelled by Satan, whether the people involved act out of unbelief, deliberate sin, ignorance, or deception.

            Pytches admits that Paul Cain had a 'special bond' with William Branham, but he does not tell readers that Branham was kicked out of the Assemblies of God for heresy! Branham was an Arian - he did not believe in the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, the Person of the Holy Spirit and many other essential basics of Christian doctrine. In my mind that makes the man a total unbeliever! And this is the man Cain revered!! Branham did not receive his healing from God, but had them through 'an angel' (in other words, a familiar spirit).

            Pytches dismissed the problem of Branham by suggesting that his 'unique record' was 'tarnished' by 'some unbiblical teachings that have been attributed to him.' Again, this implies that Branham was a genuine prophet and teacher. As Hill clearly states, this is not acceptable. Teachings were not just 'attributed' to him - they are on record as being taught by him. For example, he said along with JW's and others!) that "Trinitarianism is of the devil." Only the devil himself would say that! Paul Cain says Branham was the "greatest prophet of the twentieth century".

            Paul Cain speaks of the 'angels' that visit him and give him supernatural knowledge and odd visions. One was as follows: "The Lord suddenly appeared beside him (i.e. Cain) in the front seat of the car, dressed in a monk's black habit and wearing a skullcap!" (P38). Pytches might well have placed an exclamation mark at the end of that statement!! That was not the Lord! It was a demon. Note that it wore a Roman Catholic vestment - which is quite suited to charismatic affiliations. Hill tones this down by saying it 'sounds like an occult experience'. However, Hill does suggest strongly that Cain is more of a magician or a witch-doctor than a true prophet. But I still get the impression that he is saying Cain and the other KCP's are genuine, but 'immature'. Let me say right now that all the KCP are occultic and that all their work is of demons, designed to draw people away from Truth and into the occult. I do not care if any of these men were once faithful (although evidence for that is wanting), for their work is evil.

            Hill believes that Cain's special bond to Branham has now been shifted to Wimber. I might point out that when a man so heavily steeped in the occult shifts his alliances, it is usually because the newer link will be useful to demons. Wimber has said he is "bonded to Cain for life". It is probably more sinister than we can imagine.

            Note that Cain was out of ministry for 27 years, and then 'God' told him to begin again, but to first obtain the 'cover' of a well-known leader. He went through a lot of others before Wimber finally accepted him under his wing! And even then, Wimber had been going through a bad patch - so he was a prime candidate for the spectacular stunts and claims of Cain. According to the 'prophecy' Cain was given to do this, this was the means to be used to give him a platform, from which to teach the world. Thus Wimber, probably unwittingly, was the chosen means to help him do this. He was, then, a vital link in the spread of demonic precepts, which to date have resulted in the Toronto Blessing. What will come next we do not know....but Wimber is a cornerstone of this infamy - the KCP being foundation blocks. I do not accept that Wimber has been a 'blessing to thousands around the world', given his own errors.

            Bob Jones claims to have had literally thousands of angelic visitations, appearances of Jesus, out of body experiences and audible voices of God. All of these are occult! We have already mentioned the Day of Atonement when God supposedly stands face to face with him. On that day, in the church (Kansas City Fellowship) he stood on the stage with a shepherd's rod. This was used in the 'passing under the rod' ceremony, when the entire congregation walked under it. It was a 'cleansing of the camp' and a sign of submission. And if someone is not right with God, Jones calls out their sins in public and warns them to repent. And if the persons do not listen, they get death threats!

            Hill gives an account of his own foolishness (although he does not say it is foolish - but I do). He visited Bob Jones' home with some others. All of these visitors sensed evil forces in the house. Jones claims to have special powers of 'divination' which operate through his fingers and other senses...another occult experience. He told Hill to stand and to raise both hands. Remarkably, Hill did as he was told! Jones then put his fingers against Hill's fingers, and told him that he would feel a 'transmission of energy'. Hill was then to tell Jones which finger was shaking. Hill said "I, meanwhile, was praying for the whole armour of God to protect me." I find this incredible - a man willingly submitting himself to an occult practice - and THEN asking God to protect him!! I repeat my own warnings to Christians - NEVER, EVER submit to such things. Do not touch these men, for touch is used to transmit evil forces. Possibly, Hill's own vacillations concerning the TB stem from this single act of disobedience. To knowingly allow one's self to be used in an occult practice is beyond comprehension.

            After a bit more talk, Jones pronounced Hill an 'apostolic prophet' - a new minustry he had himself invented! (You will remember the 35 super-apostles from Kansas City who would rule the churches of the world).

            Remember that according to the KCP's these are the 'new order', and 'end-time Omega generation superchurch'. All churches who do not submit to them are of the 'Ishmael spirit' and should close! In this we see spiritual fascism, which is also present in a number of other false religions, such as Islam. it is this same fascism that we see in TB churches today, which promoted and expressed hatred toward non-TB Christians.

            A number of churches left their own denominations, and affiliated to the KCF, because Jones had told them their children were the 'elected seed generation' who were hand-picked in heaven from the 'best bloodline that's ever been' - the offspring of the original apostles. THOSE PEOPLE BELIEVED HIM!! This same teaching has been heard in my home city very recently and it is personified in many charismatics. Always go for either fear or vanity - and you are sure to get a great reception! It is simply good marketing technique. It has worked well for the Roman Catholics for centuries. The new 'seed' are the 'chosen generation of all history' who will become the 'Bride of Christ'. See what is being said here? They are being told that only a few Believers will be the 'Bride of Christ' - which contradicts scripture.

            Hill speaks of what he saw in the KCF - the 'disastrous fruit of false prophecy, unbiblical practices, reliance upon untested prophecy, immature and unbalanced ministries'. Wimber acknowledges the same things in his own churches - so how can Hill say he has blessed thousands? Note too the imbalance (or, as I would call it - signs of falsity) he refers to: when they 'first discovered spiritual gifts the emphasis was on speaking in tongues'. After that, the 'fashion' was 'praise and worship'. After that, came healing'. After that, they were 'into' prophecy and 'everyone was prophesying to each other' all the time! When each new fad came along, the whole church neglected everything else. The situation is plain as day, my friends - it is not of God!

            At KCF Hill was in what he describes as a pop-concert, with a band, lead singer, a backing group of 'singing prophetesses' and 40 dancing girls! No scripture was read and there was no Gospel preaching, no prayer or anything else Biblical. Just two and a half hours of rock and roll. Hill was staying with a family who had sold their home and were living in rented accomodation, because of a KCP 'prophecy' about 'debt' (i.e. mortgages). How often I have heard of this heavy-handed control over people's lives - particularly from the 'ministry' of people in the UK like Bryn Jones! They wreak havoc and despair.

            One prophecy told a woman to have her baby at home and not in hospital. As a result, the baby died. Of God? Never! Because of this and many, many false prophecies and practices, Ernest Gruen (remember, he is himself a charismatic) said, after he and forty other pastors examined the KCF/KCP's: "I emphatically cannot recommend Kansas City Fellowship to you. We have concluded that they are a charismatic heresy, bordering on being a cult group...."

            Holy Trinity, Brompton, had, and still has, very close links with KCF and the KCP's. Thus we can be very sure that the same links will pervade the Toronto movement, which was spread here by Holy Trinity. The same Holy Trinity that is now spreading the Alpha Course. KCP rubbish is being flaunted and taught in the UK, even now.

            Wimber took 'charge' of the KCP's even after Gruen had told him the truth. It does not matter if KCP as such has ceased to be, for the same people are still around and their former work has been spread world-wide, like a cancer. No doubt it is much easier for me to say all these things after the coming of the Toronto Blessing - but we still cannot excuse men who accepted these things, when the falsity was so blatant.

            If you are connected with a church that has been infiltrated by the KCP (or its teachings), then you must purge your life of the stain. Get rid of it. If necessary leave your church, rather than submit to such evil. You now have an outline of what the problem is - do not continue in unbelief and disobedience.

            See separate publications: 'Manifested Sons of God'; 'John Wimber'; 'William Branham'; 'Latter Rain & Restoration'.

            Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus !
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            • 7 Cautions for the Kansas City Prophet followers:

              POINT 1

              No one wants to miss out on what God is doing, especially in the "last days." Persuasive Christian pastors and leaders strongly state that if someone opposes the revival he/she is opposing the move of God. A number of doctrines that continually come and go in the history of Christianity like Dominion Theology, Manifested Sons of God, and Latter Rain Doctrine, have made a reappearance. This is particularly seen in what is called the "Kansas City Prophets." The general notion is that in the last days God will do new things, bring new revelations, and new powerful prophets will be lifted up-all to usher in the last days. A simple idea and a powerful one. Based on what I have read and personally observed it is taught that God is now anointing special people as apostles and prophets (prophets like in the Old Testament who called fire down from heaven, not like prophets in the New Testament whose ministry centered on exhortation and admonishment). These "super" prophets are calling out a great army to be "sovereign vessels," people to be mightily used of God in last-day ministries. It is said that the men who identify themselves as Promise Keepers are part of this army (This comes as a surprise to me and no doubt to the very people who identify with Promise Keepers). People who "love the anointing" are part of this army. People who believe the most important thing in life is "end-time ministries" are part of the army. It is interdenominational, it is non-denominational. It involves Pentecostals, Charismatics, people from the main-line denominations, and even people from what have traditionally been identified as cults. Some people whose philosophical base might be termed "new age" are also jumping on-board. They do not want to miss out on what they perceive God is doing in the last days. The prophets and leaders of the "movement" have godly reputations, are persuasive people, have great Bible knowledge, speak authoritatively, and have large followings. When hundreds of people show up for a prophecy conference, praise and worship service, etc., and one of these super prophets speaks after and hour or so of powerfully good music, it is a strong person indeed who will not buy into the program. After all, they have been told to check in their minds at the door and be ready to receive with their hearts. In an environment where other Christians are criticizing the movement, there is a strong desire on the part of the adherents of the Toronto Blessing style revival to affirm the prophet and his message. The audience does not want the prophet or his prophecy to fail. The prophet in his visions, impartations, dreams, etc., is confident his audience will authenticate him.

              POINT 2

              This is a day when many Christians devalue the place and importance of the Bible. Experiencing God and "operating" in the gifts of the Holy Spirit seem to take precedence over communing with God through His Word. Those who take great delight in the Bible are often spoken of by the promoters of the revival to believe in the "Father, Son, and Holy Book." In the film, "LA Story" starring Steve Martin, a great deal was made of the cliché, "Let your mind go and your body will follow." This reflects the broad-based interest in eastern religion in which the mind and thinking are seen to be obstacles to spirituality. Ignoring or bypassing the mind, whether in a Buddhist or Christian meeting can result in the very dangerous "passive mind," which is an altered state of consciousness that can lead to deception and even demonization. Nowhere in Scripture are believers encouraged to block out the mind and stop thinking, in fact, the very reverse is true. This is characteristic, however, of Zen Buddhism, Hindu yoga and all forms of spirit channeling and mediumship. Also, it seems that some Christians do not know that we are not to "invite" the Holy Spirit to be present with us because Jesus has already said: "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (see Matthew 18:20) Mediums, channellers, and witches invite the gods and the spirits, yes, Christians do not do so. We do not "woo" the presence of God, either, by singing and praising and worshipping. This is simply magic. However, this is not an uncommon practice in the Toronto Blessing. When I have been in meetings that were styled after the Toronto Blessing meetings, it seemed it was the volume of noise that mattered; loud clapping and shouting, apparently, was required to assure that the Holy Spirit would "show up." The Holy Spirit is not a toy to be played with, controlled, or manipulated. However, some of the leaders of the Toronto Blessing and Kansas City Prophets are said to be able to knock people over, even at considerable distances, by a flick of their hands. The distance over which someone has "anointing" or "hit" power is supposed to be evidence of the power of that prophet. The fact that this is foreign to the Scripture is ignored. After all, God is portrayed by promoters of the "revival" as doing whatever He wants in the last days even though it is not biblical.

              POINT 3
              FEAR AND DECEPTION

              To miss out on the great, last "move of God" is unthinkable for many Christians, then to be standing against such a move of God would be far worse, even impossible. Out of fear then of either missing out on or opposing what God is supposedly doing, many will go along and accept uncritically what is becoming a real steam roller in many places in the world. The very popularity of the movement grips people and like any fad it compels people to become involved. The fears of missing out and opposing God (even committing the unforgivable sin) combined with a desire to be in on the fun work together to produce an environment where deception can easily take place. People let down their guard, forget to test the spirits, affirm their leaders unquestionably, and thereby open themselves up to deception. Behavior such as barking, roaring, hysterical laughing, etc. have typically been considered either fleshly or demonic in all the great revivals in the Western World from the First Great Awakening (1735-1745) to the Welch Revival in 1905. In every case the strange "spiritual" phenomenon were very popularly received by many but condemned by the pastors and ministers whose responsibility it was to exercise discernment. Even Jonathan Edwards, who is often falsely held up as one who accepted the strange phenomenon as being of God, firmly held that the strange "spiritual" behavior such as barking, roaring, and laughing-was not from God. He held that the strange behavior discredited and shortened the awakening. The deception runs so deep in those who embrace the Toronto Blessing that the wildest of imaginings are accepted. For instance, people are talking directly to the Holy Spirit and claim that the Holy Spirit is lonely without Jesus (Jesus being in heaven and the Holy Spirit being on earth) and so the revival is simply the Holy Spirit "lovin' up" on the church since the church is the Body of Christ. Also, some claim to be able to enter the very body of Jesus and look out through His eyes. Others feel their bodies being heated up as an indication of the presence of the power of the Spirit (a characteristic typical of mediums and clairvoyants). It is not acceptable to question what happens in the "revival" meetings since such questioning would be viewed as being against the move of God and maybe even blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Fear and deception-the demonic twins.

              POINT 4

              Promoters of the Toronto Blessing commonly make fun of other Christians, in their bland and dull churches, as not having a good time in church. The inference is that everyone should be having a grand old time in church. Their notion is that the Spirit's presence is fun and exciting. There is no question that the Toronto Blessing style meetings are lively and entertaining. The music is quite good if you like fairly mellow rock and roll music. The musicians are good and the bands are generally complete with all the amperage. Large crowds, people jumping up and down (pogoing), shouting, dancing, "praising,"-great stuff. The meetings are not your basic one-hour and out mainline service. These meetings can last for hours, even days. Dollar for dollar it is not a bad entertainment investment. More than that, there is every possibility that a prophet might come out with a new revelation (I've been privileged to hear a couple myself). It is a brand new world with a brand new future-the last days are upon us, God is raising up His super, anointed prophets, He is drafting His great army, "Joel's Army", and an even greater wave of revival is just around the corner. The prophets are touring the world bringing prophecy conferences with them and calling out those who are "sovereign vessels" for the end-time ministries. Forget what the Scripture says about the end of the age and the Day of Judgment, we now have new revelation. The Toronto Blessing style meetings are sometimes likened to a party presided over or hosted by a "Holy Ghost Bartender," that is, the preacher or prophet. The "bartender" or "Holy Ghost Hit-man" dispenses the "spirit" like so much alcohol and the people get drunk in the spirit or so it is said. I have seen it several times and the people do act like they are drunk. It is a lot of fun-the preachers can't preach (too drunk), the singers can't sing (too drunk), the prophets can't prophesy (too drunk), and everyone laughs about it, laugh long and hard. It is party time all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Quite right, the normal church will not be like this, especially in "normal" as opposed to revival or awakened, times. There the old and new songs and hymns will be sung, the Scripture will be read, and there will be petitions, supplications and prayers made to God. The Bible will be expounded, and the Gospel of Jesus and His cross will be preached. And it will all be done in about an hour to an hour and a half. Right, it can not compete. Indeed, it should not nor need not. Genuine Christianity has never been a mass movement nor has it been popular. It does not depend on emotions, excitement, or entertainment. The mature Christian looks to Jesus as the author and finisher of his/her faith and does not need more than that.

              POINT 5

              The Toronto Blessing and its traveling companions focus on blessing, comforting, filling and "lovin' on" the people. Why? Because people need it. They are desperate, stress filled, spiritually starved and hungry for more of God. The "revival" promoters, it appears, have taken on the general orientation of the culture. The Toronto Blessing has adopted a kind of "victim" mentality. And this mentality has certainly been popular in the American culture evidenced by the very large self-help movement and tabloid type television programming. What the people need is constantly "more," and "more," and "more." People are there to get. They want the anointing. They are constantly warned to "love the anointing." They want to be touched, to be healed, to be comforted, to be blessed, to be loved, to know that God knows and cares. Who could argue against such needs? The Toronto Blessing is creating a large group of needy people. The fact that the preceding is not the biblical agenda is hardly noticed by the leaders of the movement. The Scripture knows nothing of a "bless me" meeting. Again, all that the leaders of the movement need to do is simply counter with; "God is doing a new thing." However, where will it end? After a while the meetings become quite ordinary and boring. People laugh, fall down, act drunk and stagger around, bark, roar, shout, and babble on-night after night after night. Addicts need more always, and what will it be? What strange twist might this all take? It can become even stranger and it is likely to. It will likely become so strange that many people outside of the movement, Christian and non-Christian, will instantly see it. However, those who are bound in deception will have to go right on with it because they will need it.

              POINT 6

              An awakening is a wonderful time of refreshing and renewal. A reviving of the church is badly needed and most Christians know it. Not knowing what an awakening or a revival looks like since we have not seen one in quite a long while, coupled with the general deterioration of the visible church, people hunger for a world set right. Then here it is on our doorstep-a revival called the Toronto Blessing. Hope's up, expectations are kindled, and this is the "Let's do it," generation. Maybe there is an instant fix for our many woes, perhaps there is a heroic leader out there who can care for us, there might even be a quick end to the world system and a soon coming of the heavenly kingdom. Could we ask for more? The Toronto Blessing has been called a "counterfeit revival." I agree, and furthermore, it is my belief that many people may be experiencing counterfeit conversion. An electrifying experience is not conversion. Being knocked off your feet, rendered immobile, barking like a dog, roaring like a lion, and shouting like a warrior-are not a testimony to conversion. It is my contention that this is the heart of it-people are having religious and spiritual experiences but are not being genuinely born again. I call it "christianization."

              POINT 7

              There is rapidly developing among people committed to the Toronto Blessing and the super, end-time ministry, prophets a sense that they can not go back. It would just be too hard to admit that they had made a mistake. This is almost always the case for someone who gets mixed up with a cultic movement. It often takes years for healing to occur. People in the movement become involved and committed a little at a time. The heat is turned up so slowly that a person is cooked before they realize it. And then what? Admit to having been fooled? Not very likely! However, we should not be surprised to think that a cultic movement could fool someone. Most of us have been deceived at one time or another, whether by a religious, political, commercial, or psychological/educational cultic movement. Hardly anyone escapes-I certainly have not. Those who persist when they suspect they are being mislead tend to become very evangelistic for the cause, all the while trying to block-out misgivings. It can be a desperate affair. The Toronto Blessing and the rest of it will all come to an end even though a separate group may arise out of its adherents. It is probable that we are seeing a new Christian-based cult in embryo. However, prophecies will go unfulfilled, foretold dates of great events will pass without significance, leaders will disgrace the movement, yet for many it will go on and on. Families will be split, churches will too (they already have been), friendships will be broken, ministries ended, and many lives shattered. At this point we are seeing the rapid growth of a "new thing" God is doing, or, so it is thought. The Christian church at large can pray for, and be open and accepting to those who may decide to get out. We are called to bear one another's burden. Our responsibility is to love. The idea that "I would never become involved in a cultic group" is dangerous. It has been observed by many that the person who thinks that due to his/her cleverness, biblical orientation, and/or ability to discern false doctrine, they are not vulnerable to becoming entrapped by a cult, is the very person who gets scooped up. The facts seem to suggest that everyone is vulnerable. Let him/her who is without sin cast the first stone.

              Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus !
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              • The Signs & Wonders Movement

                According to many evangelical leaders, we are looking at a “new wave” sweeping America. "The first wave was the Pentecostal Movement, the second, the Charismatics, and now the Third Wave is joining them. The Third Wave being, of course, those mainstream evangelicals, now aware of the possibility of the power of God, but not wanting to identify with Pentecostalism." (C. Peter Wagner, as quoted in The Trojan Horse, p. 244) “While its proponents claim old-fashioned Pentecostalism as its heritage, the doctrine of the Vineyard movement’s Third Wave theology, as well as that of their up-and-coming stepchild, Promise Keepers, represents far more. It is a doctrine of extra-biblical extremism that focuses on seeking sensually-oriented experiences and utterances directly from Almighty God. Most often, the "prophet" names the individual these utterances are directed to and he sees visions in which personal appearances by Jesus and other well-known Bible characters are not uncommon. Outlandish and unbelievable extremes, practices and conduct, all in the name of the moving of the Holy Spirit, have sprung from the aforementioned, humble, early practices of Promise Keepers’ mother church.”

                “Third Wave Vineyard tacticians, as well as Promise Keepers’ public relations departments have perfected invasive techniques in order to reach into otherwise biblically balanced denominations and infiltrate them with this doctrinal "leaven" by refocusing their spiritually naive victims on the propaganda calling for unity, harmony and the church’s need for "real men." This is a well-planned, strategically designed conspiracy to doctrinally invade those of extremely dissimilar theological positions. Their hope is that these target groups will swallow the hook of "Doctrine is no big deal. Let’s just love Jesus and unite for Christ." Their plan is to bring to bear on all groups—Pentecostal and non-Pentecostal, Protestant and non-Protestant—the teaching and extra-biblical philosophy that enslaves, excites and drives them with an evangelistic fervor. Thus an influx of Vineyard-type speakers and Third Wave-influenced ministers and materials has been invading otherwise conservative Bible-based churches on the false and deceptive premise of Promise Keepers.” (Phil Arms, op.cit., p.245-246, emphasis added)

                So let’s examine this Third-Wave Movement which encompasses the Vineyards, the Promise Keepers, the Toronto Blessing (which was a Vineyard) and now the Pensacola Revival in a mainline Assemblies of God. Again, there is so much information on this, I will try and present the general picture but it is worth several books of information. Again, these are not just my ideas, and I am not the only person who is concerned. There are many books, many ministries and even many web sites dedicated to helping Christians see the deception that is already falling over our eyes. Luke 11:29 tells us that a wicked generation seeks a sign and II Thess 2:9 warns that in the last days will there will be many signs and false wonders. So how did this movement begin?

                Origins of the Signs and Wonders Movement

                The modern origins of this movement go back to Essek William Kenyon who began the 20th Century as a vigorous rural evangelist and founded Bethel Bible Institute and was superintendent from 1900 to 1923. In 1923, he left Bethel and moved west where he frequently ministered with Aimee Simple McPherson in her Angeles Temple. McConnell thoroughly documents Kenyon’s strong connection to Emerson College and its universalist teachings, Christian Science, New Thought and other metaphysical cults (D.R. McConnell, A Different Gospel, Chapter 3) which he integrated into a Christian teaching he called, “spiritual science.” According to Kenyon, the ability of Christian Science to apply supernatural means to the healing needs of the masses was the reason for the serious rates of attrition in the denominational churches” and therefore the growth of the independent charismatics. (ibid., p.47) He is without a doubt the father of the “faith” movement - Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts, William Branham, Benni Hinn and all the other “faith teachers” find their roots in him. In fact, Hagin has often been accused of plagiarizing Kenyon almost word for word. (see McConnell’s book or Hank Hannegraf’s Christianity in Crisis)

                Out of Kenyon came the Word-Faith movement, the Latter Rain Movement and the New Charismatic ecumenism. They base unity on love, not love and truth. Again books have been written on their faulty doctrines, faulty Christology and practices. Branham didn’t believe in the Trinity. Many Word-Faith teachers believe we are “little gods” and that Jesus had to be “born again.” There are many problems with their teachings but I will focus only on two rather dangerous doctrines that have come out of and are a part of all of these movements today: Revelation Knowledge and the Manifest Sons of God Doctrine.

                Revelation knowledge is the idea that God is continuing to reveal things to us through such media as “words of knowledge”, dreams and intuition. This revelation knowledge is considered to be equal to Biblical Revelation. When anyone in this day and age can speak, “thus saith the Lord” as if he were speaking directly from God and with the same accuracy and authority, is the day we are really in trouble. And that day has come! Just walk into a one of today’s Third Wave Charismatic Churches and you can see for yourself. I could point you to a dozen books full of false prophecy such as Rick Joyner’s book the Harvest. I could show you web sites full of their false prophecy.

                James Ryle is Bill McCartny’s Vineyard pastor and founder of Promise Keepers. His revelations come through dreams: "There have been many occasions in my own life when the Lord has given significant insight to me through a dream or vision. These prophetic dreams deal sometimes with the church, with a nation or with leaders in the church. At other times the revelation is focused on a more personal level" (James Ryle, Hippo in the Garden, p. 125). His book is full of examples of how he is led by dreams. Is this Scriptural? Whether you have a dream, or an intuition or some other “word” from God - this is extra-Biblical and unfounded. Some carry it so far that our words create reality. Our words create health and wealth. You hear this every day on “Christian” television.

                It may seem absurd, but be careful because people are being subtly controlled as they go forward at the end of a service and someone gives them a “word of knowledge.” One of the Kansas City Prophets was running around giving “words of knowledge” to people only to be later disciplined by the Vineyards for being a pedophile and homosexual. How accurate were his pronouncements? How can anyone sort out the thousands of impressions, thoughts and pictures that come to mind from one put there by Satan or God? People are being turned away from the objective Word of God to their subjective feelings or worse yet, to some else’s subjective “rhema” or “word” from God. Inner impressions are not a form of revelation or authoritative. Yet every week gullible saints treat these “prophecies” as if they were directly from God. Saints are being manipulated and lives are literally being ruined by perhaps well meaning “prophets.”

                The other area I would like to comment on is the “Manifest Sons of God.” This came out of the Latter Rain teachings of William Branham. They contend that there will be a group of overcomers who will demonstrate signs and wonders and other supernatural powers in the last days. The name of the doctrine has changed over the years and depending on the group using it. It is variously referred to as the New Breed, and more recently Joel’s Army by the Vineyard’s and Kansas City prophets. Various prophets speak of an upcoming civil war between Christians (Rick Joyner, John Wember, John Arnott, James Ryle and many others). You can read about it yourself on their own internet sites ( e.g. Joyner’s at This will be a war to get rid of (i.e. send off to glory a little early) the naysayers, those dragging their feet “opposing the move of God.”

                What They Say About the Opposition

                James Ryle wrote to John Lowffler following his appearance on his Denver radio show “Steel on Steel.” “there is today a group of people who promote themselves as biblical purist, the faithful remnant who alone preach the Word and who evidently possess the power to judge and criticize anyone who is not like them. This is nothing new, as any student of scripture can attest. It was in fact this very kind of people who crucified Jesus Christ. They are the scribes and Pharisees, religious and angry, attacking and persecuting anyone who dares to differ from their exclusive views. Here is where the plot thickens. These watchdogs of doctrinal purity - who themselves ironically violate scripture by their ungodly attitudes, their mean spirited commentary and their deceitful reporting have now turned their swords against the Vineyard and it’s leaders, why? Since there is no truth to their accusations, one must ask they why do they accuse? What motivates them to tear down another church? The answer is pride, jealousy, fear, hatred or ignorance.” So any who would dare to oppose them, are opposing God. “The religious community always gets it back up when God moves, and always starts clicking the tongue and wagging the finger...There’s always opposition to a move of God. There’s always opposition to a move of God, and we just don’t want to be those who oppose it.” (Carl Tuttle, Anaheim Vineyard, transcript clip from tape #00363 as reported in Deception in the Church Newsletter internet site) For more on the opposition, please see the book by Pensacola Revival evangelist Steve Hill titled the God Mockers (or view it on the internet at

                As we said earlier in this book, the Scripture encourages believers to question, “And the brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea; and when they arrived, they went into the synagogue of the Jews. Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the world with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.” (Acts 17:10-11) We have a problem when there is no more room for honest debate - which even the great Apostle Paul encouraged over his own teachings. I agree, we do not want to oppose a true move of God, but we do want to examine it and see if it holds up to Scripture. This is not heresy hunting, being negative or unloving, but smart considering the coming deception. Please don’t take my word for it, but study, pray, read the word, check out my sources and come to your own conclusions. But if you dare to be bold and speak against the apostate juggernaut coming down, expect it to role over you without mercy.

                They think anyone opposing them is the enemy and should and will eventually be eliminated. In Rick Joyner’s recent book, The Shepherds Rod 1997, he says, “Vultures and foxes will devour those who do not move with the Holy Spirit this year...Those who do not properly respond to the Holy Spirit will be like a carcass in the desert, prey for predators....The foxes are a symbol for delusion....Those who do not receive the love of the truth that will be brought to the church by the inspired teachers are going to be marked by this strong delusion and confusion.” Just one more quote from Steve Hill from Brownsville Assembly of God (source of the Pensacola Revival), “God mockers scoff and hold in contempt everything they ‘don't approve of’. The second mark of a God mocker is a fear of confrontation and change. They are so stuck in religious tradition that they are closed to new revelation.”

                (Steve Hill, God Mockers)

                I would hope we do not fit that description - that we will always be open to the Lord. There may be a certain amount of truth in accusing some Christians of being stuck in tradition and not open to new revelation. But let us hope that any new revelation is clearly scriptural. As to whether we should judge or not, please note the following verses:

                · The spiritual man makes judgments about all things (I Cor 2:15)

                · Do you not know that saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not
                competent to judge trivial cases? (I Cor. 6:2)

                · I speak to sensible people; judge for yourselves what I say ( I Cor 10:15)

                · Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world (I John 4:1)

                In order to better understand the dilemma, let’s examine what this Third Wave Movement is all about.

                Characteristics of the Third Wave

                John Wember, who recently passed away, as head of the Vineyard movement has clearly led the Third Wave. He felt that the modern church was too rational and materialistic and therefore not open to the real power of God and that Christians need to have a new faith in the supernatural. But did signs and wonders spur growth in the early church? Historically, signs and wonders done by Jesus didn’t produce faith. At first, it helped his popularity but the crowds quickly left. “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. (Matt. 12:39) Power evangelism through signs and wonders is clearly missing the point. “Signs have no inherent power to convert sinners to faith. This ought to be evident from the effects of Jesus’ ministry, in which the powers of the age to come were regularly displayed in connection with a perfect life and an infallible declaration of the truth, and still his own people clearly rejected him.” (Stan Fowler, Signs and Wonders Today, as quoted in Eric Wright, Strange Fire, Evangelical Press, Durnham, England, p.250)

                The churches affected by the “Toronto Blessing” and the “Pensacola Outpouring” are affected by strange phenomena: shaking, jerking, uncontrollable laughter, barking, roaring, crying, acting as if drunk, and so forth. It should be noted that the Vineyard fellowship separated from the Toronto Vineyard. However, the Assemblies of God have endorsed the “Pensacola Revival” which has a different flavor than “Toronto Blessing”. Nevertheless, these phenomena can be seen in Vineyards and Assemblies across the nation. Activity which a few years ago would be questioned as possible demonic activity, is now embraced as the move of the Holy Spirit. We are told there is a lot of good fruit because of these experiences. However, is it because of it or in spite of it? I also regularly review e-mails from people who have been hurt terribly by these experiences.

                Alan Morrison writes ‘After having counseled many hundreds of people who have been affected by this psycho religious experience...within the churches which propagate the “Toronto Experience” we find a great many traits which characterize cults: 1) extra-biblical revelation, 2) a false basis for salvation, 3) arrogant personal claims of the leaders, 4) doctrinal double-talk, 5) defective Christology, 6) defective pneumatology, 7) unjustified scriptural proof-texting; vicious and threatening denunciation of those who disagree 9) syncretistic practices and associations.’ (Letter in Evangelical Times as quoted in Strange Fire by Eric E. Wright, p.47). Wright further notes that miracles are not normative in life or in the Old and New Testaments, “Repeated dependence on miracles calls into question the infinite wisdom of God, and devalues his intimate involvement in all the affairs of life and history. (ibid., p. 244)

                They treat the Holy Spirit as if it were a commodity that could be dished out, dispensed or caught by someone passing by. Both Hannegraf in his book, Counterfeit Revival and Wright in Strange Fire, make similar observations. Wright sees seven negative features in Toronto and the Vineyards:

                1. “Lack of spontaneity;

                2. Physical phenomena that correspond almost exactly with the results of hypnotism

                3. Dependence on people coming to the meetings with an expectation of what will happen;

                4. Dependence upon suggestive techniques to generate openness to what happens

                5. Dependence upon a powerfully charged atmosphere produced in a carefully choreographed
                and lengthy meeting;

                6. Similarities to what takes place in brainwashing;

                7. Treatment of the Holy Spirit as a commodity to be dispensed by supposedly ‘anointed’ men.

                He continues, “In my opinion, the movement does not manifest the marks of a Holy Spirit revival. it reflects more a powerful appeal to the psychological urges of mankind dressed in a communications package that speaks to the desires and needs of modern man. It speaks to mankind’s deep longing for community and desire to escape from the drudgery and troubles of life. It engages the emotions rather than the intellect. It uses upbeat music, stories that entertain and a relaxed atmosphere, all wrapped up in a very exciting programme. The present movement also reflects the development in the Vineyard of a theology of signs and wonders that generates intense expectation and excitement. (ibid., p. 221) Later, Wright, a Canadian pastor who personally attended the Toronto Vineyard numerous times wonders how they “fail to see that hypnotists and practitioners of alien religions routinely perform healings similar to those performed in Vineyard circles.” (ibid., p.238)

                Finally, I quote from a letter written by Al Dager to Steve Hill of Brownsville Assembly of God. Dager writes, “How could the elect come close to being deceived, Steve? The only answer is that the great deception in the last days would come in the name of Jesus with power. The only reason the very elect will not be deceived is that they will possess the discernment and the humility to recognize the subtle distinctions between the true work of God and the counterfeit. The difference will not be recognizable to the nominal Christian or to those who seek experience over truth. (Special Report, Pensacola Revival or Reveling by Albert James Dager, p. 35, emphasis ours)

                So much more can be and has been written on this subject. I have merely touched the tip of the iceberg. I am not the only one. There are many, many more concerned. I hope you will read the entire text of those books cited here. What this represents is a paradigm shift in evangelical Christianity:

                · Doctrine and teaching are held in contempt. People are told to check their minds at the door.
                Don’t pray. Just be open.

                · People are told to be open to the new revelation and new experiences - to refuse is to resist God

                · Oneness is more important that truth.

                · Or truth is redefined narrowly to meet their own narrow objectives.

                · Absolutes are divisive and narrow... group consensus is better.

                · Experience validates itself as true.

                Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus !
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                  Dr. Patrick Dixon, MA, MBBS (British Publication) has written a book, entitled Signs Of Revival. The subtitle is "Detailed historical research throws light on today's move of God's Spirit." He was clearly a defender of the psychic phenomenon called "holy laughter." In a chapter entitled "Medical Perspectives On Manifestations" he made several incredible statements. Notice carefully these remarks. He names the "new phenomenon of laughter" and then states, "We need to look at the possibility of auto-suggestion, hysteria and crown phenomena being responsible for some of the effects on people's minds and bodies. Finally, I want to look at how many things, including prayer, fasting and speaking in tongues, can affect our conscious state, allowing us to become more or less aware of a spiritual dimension to living, how altered states of consciousness are produced in Christian experience, and are a normal part of charismatic faith." (Signs Of Revival, Dr. Patrick Dixon, MA, MBBS, p. 233)

                  He actually calls "altered states of consciousness" a normal part of Charismatic faith. I'm glad he said "Charismatic" instead of Biblical or "Classical Pentecostal." He further elaborates under a chapter subtitled, "Altered States Of Consciousness." "My own view is that we are not witnessing brainwashing on a grand scale, as Sargent would try to convince us, nor mass hysteria. We are, however, witnessing what happens when a large number of people experience an altered state of consciousness at the same time, as part of a profound spiritual experience." (Ibid., p. 258)

                  This same author asks the question, "What is an 'altered state of consciousness'?" and answers, "Our normal state is considered to be a waking state." Then there is the sleeping state. However the brain can also function in other states, too - altered states of consciousness. In our d a y - t o - d a y vocabulary we may refer to ASCs as trance, hypnosis, dream or ecstasy, depending on the situation and our worldview. Yet there are no satisfactory definitions of any of these terms in psychiatry.. ASCs are generally regarded negatively in Western culture and little research has been carried out in this field. Yet I believe it is the key to making sense of Christian experience, particularly what is happening in many churches today." (Ibid., pp. 259-260)

                  I conclude his quotes with this statement and six characteristics of ASCs as he names them, "one could argue that ASCs, in the context of faith in Christ and prayerful obedience, are the basis of dynamic, personal, relevant, living faith."

                  Signs Of Revival, Dr. Patrick Dixon, MA, MBBS, p. 260)

                  Here is the list of characteristics of an Altered State of Consciousness:

                  1. "Alterations in thinking."

                  2. "Altered sense of time."

                  3. "Loss of control."

                  4. "Changes in emotional expression."

                  5. "Body image changes."

                  6. "Perceptual changes or hallucinations." (Ibid. p. 261-263)

                  If anyone reading this article can still believe that this describes the marvelous activities of the Holy Spirit in the temple of Godly saints or even an honest repentant babe in Christ, please reread the Holy Scripture.

                  The Big Picture

                  "Holy Laughter is not an isolated phenomena. The see of occultic deception has been growing in the Charismatic / Evangelical world for a number of years. There is a clear integration between what is happening in the New Age cults and what is happening in the church. The direction is identical.

                  The Kansas City Prophets

                  The fellowship in Kansas City under Pastor Mike Bickle has exhibited clear occultic signs. In the book Some Said It Thundered, the whole story of this church is defended; yet, the picture is not a very pretty one. In his foreword Dr. John White stated, "Anyone who has experience in helping to nurture "baby prophets" realizes that they have difficulty in distinguishing the words that the Spirit speaks from those that come from their own hearts or even from evil sources. At first they make many mistakes. We know they hear from God because of the reality of the true words they speak. I suppose the biblical "schools of the prophets" dealt with this kind of problem." (Some Said It Thundered, David Pytches, p. xiv.) I have never heard of a "baby prophet" before. I have always believed God moved through people when they were spiritually prepared. I still do.

                  The entire story appears to connect the Kansas City Prophets back to the Latter Reign Movement of the forties and fifties. In fact, one of the ministries of that period, Paul Cain, is intimately tied to this story and serves with the staff of this church. The Latter Reign Movement was riddled with confusion, false doctrines, and was utterly rejected by the Pentecostal churches. Here is a quote from one of Cain's sermons at Kansas City Fellowship:

                  "You know this message is 35 years old and I'm preaching it again. Thank God I've found somebody to preach it to. I told you about the vision, what I've had. This recurring vision of standing at the crossroads of life and the angel of the Lord said, 'You are standing at the crossroads of life. What do you see? And I saw a brilliantly lit billboard which reads JOEL'S ARMY NOW IN TRAINING.. See I've been wanting to share this so long and find somebody - how would you like to have something on the back burner for 35 years and nobody had any - boy this is, I mean this isn't leftovers. I mean this has been hot with me all these years, but everywhere I tried to preach it, they cooked my goose. Don't you boo me. This kind of fiery preaching is a lot art today except in a very mild degree." (Joel's Army, cassette from Kansas City Prophets.)...

                  Paul Cain, according to details in the book and other sources, has exhibited psychic characteristics from his childhood.. Here is [a] story repeated in the book (Some Said It Thundered, David Pytches, p.52) "On his (Paul Cain) first visit to Anaheim (to visit John Wimber) in February 1998 Paul saw powerful lights across the room, and a strong sense of the presence of God was accompanied by revelations in the world of knowledge. On that occasion an expensive video camera was short-circuited. This was battery operated and not plugged into any outlet. The next night the telephone system was blown out though no one was on the phone at the time."

                  Is there any precedent for this kind of meta-physical or psychic powers in the Holy Scripture being identified as the work of the Holy Spirit? Such unbiblical thinking dominates almost every detail of these prophets. The writer of this book stated, "The responsibility for the subject matter lies not in the channel itself but in the source of the transmission or the choice of the person tuning into the program." That statement would imply that the whole matter is like tuning a radio, either to heavenly voices or hellish voices and all without any similitude of spiritual maturity.

                  In the scope of the author's interview with these so-called Kansas City individuals the following conversation was reported: "John Paul shared how the Lord had dealt with him over a problem he had with occasionally confused visions that came to him as flashbacks resulting from watching TV too much. He said that for the prophetic ministry that God had given him, the more television he watched the fewer true visions from God he could experience.

                  "Bob Jones agreed that the Lord would not him watch much TV either. 'I can't get into that fantasy realm - it cuts off my visions!' "They advised watching carefully against counterfeit visions of any kind. Someone mentioned alcohol as creating confusion, since when taken in excess people can begin to 'see' things.' Another problem they shared was the danger of confusion over revelations where the person receiving them had particularly strong opinions, prejudices, or unresolved bitterness in certain areas. It was easy to distort such revelations and color their own interpretations." (Some Said It Thundered, David Pytches, p. 108)

                  I was amazed to see drinking "excessive" alcohol listed as a possible deterrent to giving good prophecies. Please note wtat Bob Jones called prophetic revelations getting into the fantasy realm.

                  Kansas City And A Paradigm Shift

                  The author of this book clearly identified his experiences with the "Kansas City Prophets" as a paradigm shift. This New Age term is not lightly used by capable skilled writers. The meaning is dynamite to anyone that knows this age and spirit of the Antichrist. Every New Ager is calling for a "paradigm shift." Writer David Pytches said, "We felt we were experiencing a paradigm shift - we were beginning to see another way of looking at the foundational things we held dear, without having in any way to discard them. Perhaps that is what the Bible meant when it spoke about scales falling from Paul's eyes." (Some Said It Thundered, David Pytches, p. 140).

                  Barbara Hubbard (noted New Ager) writes in her books: "Teachings from the Inner Christ, how the human race will soon experience a day of 'Planetary Pentecost.' Hubbard, claiming to be in contact with 'Christ,' writes 'the Planetary Smile is another name for the Planetary Pentecost. When enough of us share a common thought (paradigm shift) of our oneness with God, Spirit will be poured out on all flesh paying attention' (p.79). In her book 'The Revelation', Hubbard says, 'Christ,' in describing the planetary smile, said: 'an uncontrollable joy will ripple through the thinking layer of the earth... This massive sudden empathic alignment will cause a shift in the consciousness (paradigm shift) of Earth' (p. 234-235). Writing in 'Happy Birthday Planet Earth,' Hubbard repeats what she heard from 'Christ.' He said, 'as the planetary smile ripples through the nervous systems of earth, separation is overcome, and I appear to all of you at once." (p.10-11). (The words "paradigm shift" added at appropriate places.) SCP Newsletter, Volume 19:2, p. 13. Published by Spiritual Counterfeits Project, PO Box 4308, Berkeley, Ca 94704).

                  Pentecostals / Charismatics / Evangelicals are having the same paradigm shift. They are learning a complete new way of looking at things, plus, they are using new "enlightened" words to still claim and describe the old discarded truth. All of this is identical to what is happening to the leading New Agers. The Planetary Pentecost described by Hubbard is identical to the d i f f e r e n t phenomenons going on in present day churches. Is it an accident or the "plan" ?

                  Fear Mongers: Warnings Of Judgment

                  The printed materials of these writers are filled with constant pronouncements and warnings of judgment to all resisters. They say that anyone who resists this "new move of God" is an enemy to the Lord. Notice how Kenneth Copeland warns his audiences and readers with fear mongering, "One of these days, you may just be talking to someone asking them how things went at church last Sunday, and they may say, Oh, it was great! The glory of God was strong it healed ten cripples, opened the ears of thirty deaf people, cured seven cases of cancer and killed Brother Bigmouth and Sister Strife." ("Voice of Victory" October 94)

                  Christians have a vital choice to make, Copeland says, "When the fire of God begins to burn and the rivers of the Spirit start to flow, he'll have to do one of two things: he'll either have to yield to the Spirit and let go of that sin by repenting, or he'll have to resist the flood of God's Spirit and be swept away." (Mainstream, Winter 1994, p.3. Published by Banner Ministries, Box 23, Belper, Derbys DE561QR, UK.)

                  In Rick Joyner's latest book, Epic Battles Of The Last Days, his two themes appear to be 1) a call to battle and 2) a constant fear mongering to scare the socks of anyone who resists. He states, "Criticism is one of the ultimate manifestations of pride because, whenever we criticize someone else we are by that assuming that we are superior to them. Pride brings that which any rational human being should fear the most - God's resistance. We would be better off having all of the demons in hell resisting us than God!" (Epic Battles Of the Last Days. Rick Joyner, P.23.)

                  He appears to believe everyone is a stumbling block that resists these new directions. Whatever subject he discussed, he used it to warn people about judgment or resistance against what his book represents. When he discussed witchcraft, Jezebel or Antichrist he applied it to resisters. Of Jezebel he said, "Jezebel, who is one of the archetypes of witchcraft in scripture, used her power to control her husband who was the authority over Israel. She was able to bring such depression upon Elijah that he sought death over life, even after his greatest spiritual victory. There is great power in this evil; those who are ignorant of it, or who presumptuously disregard its potential to affect them, are very often brought down by it, usually without even knowing what hit them." (Ibid, P.78)

                  He did not ever touch what Jezebel really represented. His book can best be described as propaganda for the new theology and self-styled theologians that are sweeping churches. I get the feeling he is the New Breed's rear guard to scare anyone who dares to resist or tell the truth about his false teachings.

                  Francis Frangipane does the same kind of fear mongering in his materials. In his booklet entitled The Jezebel Spirit he writes, "Jezebel's worst enemies are the prophets; her worst fear is that the people will embrace repentance. Jezebel hates repentance. Though this spirit will infiltrate the church, masking its desire for control with true Christian doctrines, it will hide from true repentance.. Jezebel hates the prophets, for the prophets speak out against her. The prophets are her worst enemies. When she wars, it is to stir people, against the message of the prophetic church. More than she hates the prophets, she hates the word they speak." (The Jezebel Spirit, Francis Frangipane, p.6)

                  The Fourth Dimension, Paul Yonggi Cho

                  Probably no one helped prepare the church world for this deception better than Reverend Cho. Tricia Tillin describes him and his ideas in an excellent publication from the United Kingdom. "Paul (David) Yonggi Cho teaches the same thing. In 'The Fourth Dimension' he tells of his frustration that Buddhist monks and yogic healers could perform miracles. Then the Holy Spirit supposedly revealed to him that the fourth dimenion, the spirit realm, is available to all whether Christian or not, for it contains both good and evil powers. 'So men, by exploring their spiritual sphere of the fourth dimension of visions and dreams in their imaginations, can brood over and incubate the third dimension (the material world) influencing it and changing it.' This applies to all men alike. Because God gave man dominion over the earth, says Cho, unbelievers can 'develop their inner spiritual being' and change the material world. Thus Christians also have the responsibility to 'realize their inner potential' and manipulate the fourth dimension for good." (Mainstream, Winter 1994, p.11. Published by Banner Ministries, Box 23, Belper, Derbys DE56 1QR, UK.) Rev. Cho is dealing with "psychic phenomena" and the depraved soul, not the Holy Spirit. While there are some temporary results to these kinds of activities, they are totally evil and will eventually turn on the person's head.

                  "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" Replaced with "Territorial Spirits" and "Dominion Theology"

                  Behind much of the present deception and/ or confusion is the new prophetic view of Jesus Christ and His coming. Only few short years have passed since the dominant message in the Evangelical World was the "imminent Rapture before the Great Tribulation." Even those who held to a mid or post-tribulation view were very close in spiritual kinship to the pretrib view and proponents.

                  A deep bitterness now exists toward the traditional view of prophecy. This new breed of prophets and spokespersons is preparing for all out war to take the kingdom. Paul Cain says there will by an army, called Joel's Army, and that God will equip them to perform His judgments. In the book, 'Some Said It Thundered,' the Kansas City Fellowship is identified as the location for training this army.

                  "By the time Paul Cain arrived in Kansas City the fellowship was well settled into their new meeting place at the Grandview Worship Center. Paul immediately recognized the location from the crossroad outside as the place which the Lord had showed him many times (possibly twenty, over as many years) as a spiritual training center for the soldiers of Joel's army that God was raising up for the coming revival.

                  "'Many years ago,' said Paul, 'I came to the crossroads of life and I saw a vision of an illuminated billboard on which was written: "Joel's army in training." It was on these crossroads with an arrow pointing to this spot - though there was no building on it then! I believe God has shown me that he is going to raise up an army. This army is not a destructive army but a deliverance army.. '" (Some Said It Thundered, David Pytches, p.132.) His idea of deliverance is not the traditional loving idea. It's "bow or burn" that these men are talking about.

                  Roger Forster wrote in a foreword to the book, 'Territorial Spirits', "These structures (territorial principalities) will be refurbished with a whole new personnel. The final overthrow of Satan's rebellious colonial government by the central government of God is preceded by the faith-sons of Abraham bringing blessing to all the families of the earth. This demands territorials claims and advance through the earth." (Emphasis added.) "Eventually, this resistance movement can provide sufficient numbers of trained personnel to take over the authority and administration of the colony from Satan and his angels, giving the least amount of disturbance to the heavenly sturctural powers.. until such a network of resistance against Satan is found all over the earth, the second coming of our Lord is held up and his total reign restrained." (Mainstream, Spring 1994,p.10.)

                  The following statements show how widely [accepted] this view of this dominion theology have become.

                  Cindy Jacobs: "Today's praying church is rising up in militant force to possess the promised land of our nations." John Dawson: "There is not one reason why we, the Church, should concede one square inch of this planet to government of territorial spirits. This is our planet."

                  Francis Frangipane: "All spiritual warfare is waged over one essential question: who will control reality on earth - heaven or hell?.. We must see that our prayers, attitudes and agreement with God are an integral part of establishing the reality of the kingdom of God on earth! (Mainstream, Spring 1994, p.10)

                  [Editor's Note: "Today I am living in the spiritual substance of what was just a dream 30 years ago. My ambitions have suffered greatly, yet my dreams are being fulfilled. Though I have not yet stepped into the fullness of my calling, I understand the difference between ambition and ministry, and it is this: Ministry is a call, not to lead but to die... I have also faced persecution from other Christians, particularly those who fear the idea of unity.." (Francis Frangipane, The Death of Ambition, Charisma, September 2000 p.91,92)]

                  Rick Joyner, probably one of the most clever writers of this new breed, says the following, "The church is at war. This war will not end because we do not like it, or we do not want to fight. Fortresses of darkness are being raised up in all directions - in government, schools, business, entertainment, in our neighborhoods - they are even being raised up in the church! ... Even so, as improbable as it may seem at this time - we have the enemy surrounded! The church is about to win her greatest victory. This is her finest hour - the retreat is over and the advance is about to begin." "..this generation has been called to carry the banner of the Lord into the greatest epic battle of all time. The last day church has been given one of the greatest privileges that has ever been bestowed by God upon men - to be on the field of the battle for the ultimate confrontation between light and darkness." (Epic Battles Of The Last Days, Rick Joyner, p.13)

                  The Lord has already defeated our enemies. He could have banished them to hell on the day of His resurrection, but He left them here for us because He wants His bride to share the honor! In these last days she will surely be, 'As awesome as an army with banners (Song of Solomon 6:10)"

                  "The Lord has called His bride to rule and reign with Him as joint heir. He let this conflict continue for over 2,000 years so that His bride could prove herself and grow in the faithfulness and grace that is needed for her great position." "The whole creation, including the principalities and powers, is watching to see what the church is really made of. Will we love the Lord, truth, and righteousness, more than we love this present world? Only those who love not their own lives unto death are fit for the great throne that has been prepared for this bride of Christ."

                  "This book is but one trumpet call among many that are now calling the saints to battle." (Epic Battles Of the Last Days, Rick Joyner, p.14.) This confused jargon is so utterly contrary to Biblical truth that it would be laughable if not for its deception. Mr. Joyner mixes a little bit of truth that applies to the future Millennium after Jesus returns to establish His kingdom with Kingdom Dominion Theology. "No error is ever so powerful as that error that is so filled with truth." You can read numerous accounts and prophecies describing this kind of Spiritual scenario. No wonder they are angry with Bible-believing Christians. Our refusal to give up our conviction that this world is a sinking Titanic and needs God's judgment is hindering their effort to defeat the devil in the heavenlies and establish their earthly kingdom. There is a spirit in the entire doctrine that is foreign to Scripture. I believe that many who are caught in this web have already experienced the paradigm shift I mentioned earlier. They do not perceive the truth of Scripture any longer.

                  All the hype about a worldwide revival that will sweep billions into this religious kingdom fits the devil's New World Religion, but it is totally contrary to the Holy Scripture. Satan and his angels will be cast out of heaven, but Michael and the holy angels will be the ones to perform the task. Christians meeting to bind territorial spirits is not a Biblical instruction. Many are sincere souls wandering from one hype to the next like sheep without a shepherd.

                  The Big Picture: Clear Demonic Deception

                  Christianity Today published an article several years ago, entitled "Are Charismatics Going Cultic?" It is clear that a large percentage of their churches are clearly operating in patterns of deceit and confusion. Ministering by radio and our prophecy publication, plus other materials; I communicate with thousands of pastors. The one absolute truth that I have witnessed, no church or individual that clings to true Biblical holiness and proven Biblical prophecy has fallen prey to these deceptive doctrines. Biblical holiness provides a pure conscience that is absolutely essential to a healthy and pure mind and good discernment. Any sincere person can put the books, cassette, video, etc. that has inundated the church in the garage or garbage and take the Word of God (simple and plain) and have a personal awakening that will change their life. God is still ministering in the hearts of men. You can see a miracle, body or soul, just as easily as any minister or evangelist. You do not have the privilege of waiting! It's time to seek the Lord Jesus. [Source: The End Times & Victorious Living Newsletter, by Joseph R. Chambers, Pawcreek Ministries - September / October, 2000 (800) 338-7884]

                  Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus !
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                  • 'prophet' Paul Cain

                    Paul Cain was born in 1929 at Garland, Texas, a small farming community about 20 miles from downtown Dallas. The reports are that, just prior to his birth, his mother, Anna, was terminally ill from four major diseases: cancer of the breasts, tuberculosis, heart disease, and three malignant tumors that prevented her from being able to have a normal delivery. While on the verge of death, one whom she believed to be the Angel of the Lord appeared to her.

                    The angel put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Daughter, be of good cheer, be not afraid, you shall live and not die, the fruit of your womb-shall be a malechild. Name him Paul. He shall preach my gospel as did apostle Paul of old” (Terri Sullivant, “Paul Cain: A Personal Profile,” Grace City Report, Special Edition, Fall, 1989, p. 2.)

                    David Pythes writes, “Paul's mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother had all been born with the gift of “seeing.” His great-grandmother would sometimes see things in broad daylight and ask her friends or family if they could see them too. If they said they could not, she would occasionally lay her hand upon them and they would immediately see the identical vision.”…Cain inherited this gift passed on from generations believing it is from the Lord where “He could see when a person was going to be healed and live and also knew when someone was going to die” (David Pytches in Some Said it Thundered Some Said it Thundered p.24-25).

                    This is what is known as a gifting in the occult, passed on through generations. This is not what we know as a gift from the Holy Spirit with sharing a vision by touch, this is paranormal activity. Interesting to note from the beginning is a revelation of his call naming the apostle Paul, which occurs again .

                    At the age of eight, the entity Cain calls “the Angel of the Lord” visited him for the first time. The Angel of the Lord said to Paul, “I want you to preach my gospel as did Paul of old. Open your mouth and I will it. You will preach the gospel by binding the sickness and infirmities of God's people” (Terri Sullivant, “Paul Cain: A Personal Profile,” Grace City Report, Special Edition, Fall, 1989, p. 2.).

                    It is questionable that Cain was even introduced to Christ and the Gospel. The similarity of Branham's calling and Cain's are too similar to discount. They do not end there, but only begin.

                    In 1947, Cain was part of the healing revival at age 18, Cain began to hold “healing meetings” in his native Garland. He was the youngest of “'ally who built their ministries during the “healing revival” period that lasted from 1947 to 1958. His contemporaries included Oral Roberts, William Branham, O.L. Jaggers, A.A. Allen, T.L. Osborn, Jack Coe, and Franklin Hall. Cain admits that he suffered the same greed and pride that he says characterized his contemporaries. “He saw the excesses of that movement and backed away from it until 1987 when the Kansas City Fellowship's leaders Mike Bickle and Bob Jones felt impressed to serve Paul Cain and his ministry in any way they could. Bob Jones said “the Lord named Paul Cain's ministry, “The terror of the Lord.” (Paul Cain a Personal Profile, p. 13).

                    Cain says that it was because he succumb to these weaknesses that God caused him to lose everything including his health.

                    In the midst of Paul's despair and repentance, God told him that if he kept himself from corruption and remained content with living a humble life marked by Scripture study and prayer, one day he would be allowed to stand before a new breed of men and women leaders, These would be marked by simplicity, purity and remarkable manifestations of power” (Terri Sullivant, “Paul Cain: A Personal Profile,” Grace City Report, p. 13.)

                    At the same time the Latter Rain movement is birthed. Cain at age 19 received a visitation from the angel of the Lord who stood like a warrior had a bright shining sword and pointed to a billboard that said Joel's army in training. At the time he didn’t know what it meant so he asked the lord and he took him by the hand and led him through the book of Joel. There's more to this story than anyone could imagine because Cain at age 8, like William Branham (age 7) was being visited by an angel. His discipler Branham and his story become so similar at times one can scarcely know which is which. He is absolutely sure: Cain describes “I heard an audible voice and, of course, often the Angel of the Lord-it might have been the Lord Jesus Christ -but anyway when he speaks it's rather awesome”( Paul Cain, The New Breed, audio tape (Kansas City, MO: Grace Ministries, undated).

                    Both Cain and Branham had continual disembodied Spiritistic visitations. Like Branham he is not sure who it is speaking. Branham's influence of Paul Cain is not to be underestimated he has said of William Branham: “The greatest prophet that ever lived in any of my generations or any of the generations of revival I've lived through.” (Paul Cain, Selections from the Kansas City Prophets)

                    Many have all upheld Cain as one who is the most accurate upwards 90% compared to other prophets that are much lower.

                    It was in the 1950’s Cain was engaged to be married, one night while he was driving his Lincoln Jesus materialized and said he was jealous of his fiancé. The apparition then asked Cain to remain single and celibate. Cain kept driving and ran through some red lights and was pulled over. The lord, of course conveniently disappeared, but the Santa Maria policeman who stopped the car turned pale when he approached the drivers window and shined a flashlight inside. Where's the other person,” he asked. (Excerpts from Prophecy, Roy Rivenburg special to the Times )

                    Asceticism is to renounce the things of the flesh, such as marriage and procreation. They adopted ultra strict diets, embraced very harsh regimes of living, and denied themselves every earthly comfort. This is where the monks came from. Like Branham he was being told to give up certain things to be pure. Cain was asked to deny himself something God had ordained . Contrary to this being the Lords instructions 1 Tim 4:1-3 “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry.” If Cain decided to do this on his volition there would be no problem, but because it is said to be from the Lord it challenges the Scriptures.

                    The story continues as “Lord reappeared. Although he was fairly used to this kind of surprise by now, it was always awesome. After the Lord had finished discussing some other matters with him Paul felt it was a good opportunity to raise the question of his recent engagement to be married. So he told the Lord about it and asked: 'What do you think of it, Lord?'

                    The Lord just looked at him kindly. 'But what do you really think about it? You don't seem very pleased. Don't you want me to be married?' The Lord looked at him again and repeated softly, 'I walked alone. ''Lord,' said Paul, 'if you don't want me to be married I am willing to give up the idea but you will have to do something about my feelings.'

                    The Lord replied by simply placing his hand upon him. To Paul it felt as though fire passed right through his body. From that day to this, he says, he has never experienced any further sexual desire. That was Paul's initiation into celibacy.” (David Pytches, Some Said it Thundered, p. 40-41)

                    Now Cain is to be like Jesus in celibacy. All this stretches the imagination since Jesus never did the same to any apostle, and when Paul spoke about it, there was no command.

                    In 1987 Cain met with the leadership of Kansas City Fellowship and they received him as a father. Grace Ministry's other major prophet, Bob Jones, said that Cain's ministry is called by God “the terror of the Lord,” or “the jealousy of God.” He called Cain “the most anointed prophet that's in the world today.” “' Cain, in turn, his called William Branham “the greatest prophet who ever lived.” This would make Branham greater than Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Daniel, David, and John the Baptist, just to name a few. Considering the occult manifestations and false doctrines that characterized Branham's work, one must question whether Cain himself understands truth. This also calls into question Jones' claims about Cain.(Media Spotlight , Al Dager)

                    Convinced by a sign and a wonder

                    Jack Deere, a Vineyard pastor, stated that in January 1989 Cain told him an earthquake would occur on the same day Cain arrived for the first time to meet John Wimber at the Vineyard church in Anaheim, California. Another would occur elsewhere in the world the day after he left Anaheim. According to Deere, Cain said the earthquake would be a confirmation that the Lord had a strategic purpose for the Vineyard movement.

                    A relatively minor earthquake common to Southern California shook Pasadena on the day Cain arrived. Cain claims that the day after he left Anaheim, the Soviet-Armenian earthquake occurred. 4.0 But the records show that it occurred while Cain was still in Anaheim. One wonders why lies are necessary to establish oneself as a purveyor of Truth. (Al Dager, Vengeance is ours )

                    It was Cain who brought the vineyard into a new level of their signs and wonders John Wimber said of Cain in his experience that Jesus, “physically touched him on the chest sometime later the lord visited him and touched him again and took all sexual desire out of his body for over 40 years he’s lived with no cognizant sense of sexuality.” Wimber later acknowledged that Cain had become involved “with a woman I think in Scandanavia.” From this even Cain stepped down from doing ministry for 25 years.

                    However the Lord promised Cain that he would stand before a new breed of men. Wimber stated “Paul was given a mission, the mission as he states it is to initiate the end time ministry.” When Cain he stepped back into ministry was in search for the new breed of men. Another prophet Mike Bickle described this as “a Samuel looking for a David.”

                    Cain began his search by traveling to other nations, to Seoul Korea and met with Paul yonggi Cho but he was not the one. Then Jimmy Swaggert, and several other leaders in America, James Robison, Pat Robertson. He was discouraged wondering where this will come from until he met Wimber.

                    It was Feb. 12 1989 at Wimber's pulpit he proclaimed “That I have found that leader that’s going, before he dies to usher in a new move of God, a new wave. And not just a little gathering here and not a few vines out there but its going to be more than a cluster, listen to me buster- I mean its going to be more than a cluster. I mean in spite of all your blunders God’s gonna still give you signs and wonders.” This is where they got off track to pursue the new wave. God says signs will follow the true preaching and exposition of his word. The vineyard and through Cain and others the signs became a means to end in themselves.

                    Wimber considered Paul Cain a prophet like the apostle Paul, one who came “with signs and wonders.”

                    In 1989 The Kansas City Prophets was incorporated into the Vineyard. Wimber had only respect for Cain said “he's interacting in two dimensions continually. He's not only seeing you and talking to you, but he's hearing from God constantly. There's continual flow. I think it's interrupted periodically, but a continual flow of information is coming to him about things.” ... “be in one room and be listening to the conversation of people in another place at the same time.” (John Wimber, “Speaking on Paul Cain and the Office of the Prophet,” Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Anaheim, CA 2/19/89) Is this a spiritual gift? Did God send any prophet information on people and situations all the time and he needed to tune in.

                    Today they are no longer in the Vineyard they are currently known as the Metro Christian Fellowship. Once under Mike Bickle, he is now an apostle on the road and it is now headed by former Ywamer Floyd McClung.

                    Mike Bickle has stated that he does not recognize the current leaders as full-fledged prophets: “There's no one in our midst that we give the title “prophet.” The only one I would feel comfortable of giving that office would be Paul Cain, but he refuses to accept it. (The reason they are not accepted as full fledged is because they are not near 100% accuracy.) “We asked tactfully if any of them was ever wrong. They all agreed that they had occasionally been proved wrong. Sometimes their revelation was right but their interpretation or application was wrong.” (Some Said It Thundered. Pytches pp.108-109).

                    Cain has been one of the key promoters of what is called the Manifest Sons of God doctrine that came out from the Latter Rain of the late 40's. Others were influenced from Franklin Hall, like O.L Jagger's who was an excellent speaker. He established a whole church teaching around this spirit outpouring as a new gospel. With the Golden altar, the 24 elders and a three fold way to be born again, which if received will bring the promise of bodily immortality now. (see Hawaii Universal world Church) If you want to know the new thing that is being propagated today just listen to the old thing these men were teaching. Unfortunately none of these men were able to claim their immortality despite their teaching others on it. Only a few are alive.

                    Some of Cain's beliefs are certainly unheard of in the history of our faith, they are new founded in the Latter Rain teachings of the late 40's. “If you're really in the vine and you're the branch, then the life sip from the Son of the living God keeps you from cancer, keeps you from dying, keeps you from death ... Not only will they not have diseases, they will also not die. They will have the kind of imperishable bodies that are talked about in the 15th chapter of Corinthians ... this army is invincible. If you have intimacy with God, they can't kill you. they just can't. There'- something about you; you're connected to that vine; you're just so close to him. oh, my friends, they can't kill you.” ( Paul Cain, “Joel's Army,” cited in Documentation of the Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship (Shawnee, KS: Full Faith Church of Love, 1990, p. 218)

                    It didn't keep Wimber who accepted his teachings from cancer nor dying. I don't say this to be cruel but to make the point of the falsehood of these statements.

                    “You know this message is 35 years old and I'm just preaching it again, Thank God I've found somebody to preach it to. I told you about the vision, what I've had… See, I've been wanting to share this so long and find somebody -how would you like to have something on the back burner for 35 years and nobody had any - boy this is, I mean this isn't leftovers. I mean this has been hot with me all these years, but everywhere I tried to preach it, they cooked my goose. Don't you boo me. This kind of fiery preaching is a lost art today except in a very mild degree.” (Joel's Army cassette from Kansas city prophets)

                    The source of this message (35 years at the time said) is none other than the latter Rain heresy of which many have not let go of but continue to promote vigorously. “For quite a while I have been embarrassed to say anything about the latter rain, because you are associated and identified with something that people don't seem to appreciate in certain evangelical circles. So I have played it cool and haven't said much about it. But I don't care what they think any more... I believe we are going to have the latter rain and I am looking forward to it.” (Paul Cain, Toronto church on May 28, 1995)

                    Cain said in 1989 that God was raising a new standard and the understanding of Christianity that would radically change us and our generation God has him to have a role in establishing this New Order of Christianity.

                    That God is offering them a “greater privilege than was ever offered to any people of any generation at any time from Adam clear down through the end of the millennium”; and that they are “gonna have more than just a little omnipotent surge -- you're gonna behold that glory and become that glory.” (Bob Jones and Paul Cain, “Selections from the Kansas City Prophets,” audio, from Hank Hanegraaff, Counterfeit Revival, 1997)

                    Cain is a promoter of the aberrant Latter Rain teaching that certain believers become immortals on earth before Jesus comes “There will be a manifestation of the sons of God. And it won't be this baloney that we've heard of in the past;. . .I'm talking about a true manifested son of God;. . .and God wants us to realize once again in closing that there's going to be a great company of overcomers prepared for this mighty ministry which I call the prize of all the ages. (From Paul Cain's tape Joel's Army)' This is what is called the manchild company (overcomers).

                    He teaches that the whole body of Christ will manifest Christ at the end and take over the world as Joels army which was the revelation personally delivered to him by the Lord.

                    Cain has suggested for his audience to wait until they get to heaven to examine his teaching of the ‘Manchild Company,’ This conveniently postpones the test of Scripture that should be applied to his teachings: “…I know some of you are going to disagree with this. Don't you even stop to disagree. Revelation 12:5. If you disagree, just file it in ‘miscellaneous’ and check it out. And do not bother with it; when we get to heaven we'll check it out and you'll find out I'm right…” (Paul Cain, Prophetic Power and Passion Conference, Christ Chapel, Florence, Alabama, August, 1995.)

                    Waiting to find out one is right (or wrong) is not the way we are told to handle new teachings like this. But this is what the vineyard did and it continues with others adopting the same attitude today.

                    The Manifest Sons of God interpretation of Rom.8 is that a certain group of overcomers will attain immortalization after coming to perfection under the authority of the latter-day apostles and prophets teachings (of which he is one). They will be able to move in and out of the supernatural and natural realms, even have the ability to walk through walls.

                    This is Paul Cain's explanation: “So my point is, that there will be a manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. And it won't be this baloney that we've heard of in the past; I mean, there's been a few people tried to walk through a wall like this over here and knocked their brain loose, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a true manifested son of God: if anyone walks through this wall over here, they're not going to tell you about it- I mean, they're just going to do it. And sons of God don't tell you they're sons of God, they'll just show You! Amen!”' (Paul Cain, The New breed.)

                    Were still waiting for this to be proven by showing, not by talking.

                    Paul Cain's view of what the Church has upheld of the bible changes as well. Instead of a 2nd coming of the physical Christ to earth it is a 2nd coming of power manifested inside the church.

                    “I want you to know he's coming to the church before he comes FOR the church. … it's not a trip to heaven, but it's really him coming to make his abode IN US, so I guess, look out planet earth, the Lord is coming back again, he's coming to his people! (Paul Cain nov.88 tape “My Fathers house” quoted in Mainstream, spring 1995)

                    “I don't know what the Second Coming means to you, there's so many different returns of the Lord, or comings of the Lord, I don't know, we have a cardinal doctrine like that, but let me tell you he's coming to YOU. he's coming to his Church, he is coming to abide in you, to take up his abode in you.” (Paul Cain: Nov 88, Tape: “My Father's House”)

                    Isn't this what He has done all already? The bible teaches that we are the Church because he lives in us 1 Cor.12:13, We have become the temple of God as soon as we are born again. Jn.17 tells us he is to live inside the believer (Eph.1) so what in the world is Cain referring to? The manifestation of the Sons of God, which means the Lord is coming to his church but this time in power and glory to indwell his people, and be seen by all. It is likened to the return of the Ark to the Temple, or the return of the Shekinah Glory. That this “glory “ will be seen visibly as in the days of old.” I had thought that this is what happened with the tongues of fire over the apostles heads in the upper room on the day of Pentecost. …”and I tell you God is going to suddenly appear in his House and the whole world is going to say 'don't try to lead me to your God, don't try to tell me where he is, I SEE him, he's living in you…”(Cain: November 1988. Tape: “Given As A Token”)

                    “Something's going to come so strong to you that you won't even know that there be any baptism of the Holy Ghost compared to the enormous baptism you're about to receive.” (Paul Cain, “Prophecy for the Vineyard,” Anaheim Vineyard, 1989) The bible teaches there is only one baptism, does this mean the Church for almost 1950 years have been missing the power that is available from the Holy Spirit. What kind of power is he talking about? Lets see…

                    Power surges from the new anointing

                    During a Spiritual warfare conference in Anaheim Feb.1988 “On his (Paul Cain) first visit to Anaheim (to visit John Wimber) in February 1988 Paul saw powerful lights across the room and a strong sense of the presence of God was accompanied by revelations in the word of knowledge. On that occasion an expensive video camera was short-circuited. This was battery operated and no plugged into any outlet. The next night the telephone system was blown out though no one was on the phone at the time.” (Some Said It Thundered, David Pytches, p.52)

                    Paul Cain claims that the power and the anointing he has is so strong, when he speaks they experience tremendous power surge. Actually all the Kansas city prophets have such power that it affects the environment around them. This is hardly to be equated with the holy Spirit but more like a magnetic force that interrupts other power sources.

                    Ptyches writes in his book some say it thundered, Mike Bickle told me of a particular night that week when Paul had been prophesying and the power of God came down mightily. Everyone began to sense the “manifest presence of God” powerfully in the room. ... A solemn awe fell over the whole place. Some simply remained sitting still in their seats. Others tiptoed the aisles in trembling silence. Suddenly there was the sound of sirens as two fire engines screeched to a standstill right outside the center. The doors burst open and a number of uniformed firemen with hoses and axes demanded to know where the fire was. Mike shook his head, hardly able to cope with such an abrupt and earthly “landing.” “There is no fire,” he said. “Oh, yes, there's a big one somewhere! Down at the station all the signals possible are going for this place. The circuits have blown and set off the alarm system. There are signs of a tremendous power surge,” said the leading fireman. Hardly waiting in his frenzied rush to find the fire. ... After the meeting Paul turned quietly to Mike and apologized. “I am so sorry about the fire scare. I should have warned you that that does sometimes happen when there is a lot of divine power about!” (Some Said It Thundered, p.52)

                    “The new 'prophets' promote a NEW THING that would soon happen. This NEW THING would be based on signs, wonders and miracles. A very clear warning went out to 'beware the Old Order Brethren'. The ones considered to be Old Order were obviously not part of the flow. Signs and wonders are to be seen as “God's endorsement of the right message and the right Messenger “. This is exactly what Branham used to validate himself as being the messenger.

                    “God's raising up a new standard, a new banner, if you will, that's going to radically change the expression, the understanding of Christianity in our generation...God has invited us to have a role in establishing a new order of Christianity...God is offering to this generation something He has never offered to any other generation...beware lest old order brethren rob you and steal this hope from you.” (Paul Cain, “You Can Become the Word!” 1989, Vineyard Prophetic Conference) (Discernment Newsletter)

                    It really should be beware of “New Order” brethren. What is the hope that is going to be stolen? Having miracle working powers to conquer the earth for Christ.

                    Cains Joel's army is starting to take shape as he explains “Many years ago,.. I have came to the crossroads of life and I saw a vision of an illuminated billboard on which was written: Joel’s army in training. “It was on these crossroads with an arrow pointing to the spot-though there was no building on it then! I believe God has shown me that here he is going to raise up an army. This army is not a destructive army but a deliverance army…”( David Ptyche’s, Some Said It Thundered, p.132)

                    While this is what he may like it to be, but the biblical view is an army of destruction which God himself destroys in the end.

                    There seems to be much double speak coming from the prophets of the Latter Rain camp.

                    DESTRUCTIVE or deliverance?

                    Jack Deere describes Joel 2 it is hardly to deliver “When this army comes, He says it’s large and it’s mighty. It’s so mighty that there’s never been anything like it before…‘begin the slaughter and begin it in the temple and begin it with the elders, the leaders of my people.’ And they walk through the land and they start and they begin to slaughter and you know it’s already started with the biggest names in His household? He has already started the slaughter…and it is coming now among the Church.” ( It Sounds Like the Mother of All Battles, Jack Deere, VMI, Joel’s Army, 1990, “Joel’s Army”)

                    The only thing that I seem to notice getting slaughtered in the church today is correct doctrine and the fact is they don't seem to care.

                    Jack Deere supports Paul Cain and Bob Jones, and is convinced they are the two prophets of Revelation. He alleges that Cain is virtually right all the time. “You see why we're excited about someone like Paul Cain or Bob Jones coming on the scene? Or others that we've met…you know those two powerful witnesses in Revelation 11:3? You know what - they are first and foremost? They are prophets. He said they will prophesy for 1,260 days. He's going to end the last days just before His Son returns with a prophetic movement that will sweep the entire face of the earth and will eclipse anything we have ever seen before…the significance of these signs and wonders…But they don't just happen on the earth. They come because they are prayed for and they are predicted by God's people.” (Jack Deere, “Joel’s Army”)

                    Revelation 11 “… And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth. ... And if anyone wants to harm them, fire proceeds from their mouth and devours their enemies. … These have power to shut heaven, so that no rain falls in the days of their prophecy; and they have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to strike the earth with all plagues, as often as they desire.” (Jack Deere, “Joel’s Army”)

                    Rick Joyner speaks of a civil war inside the Church. The blues battling the grays in his end-time scenario that is likened to the American Civil war. It is clear from his writings that he is speaking of the new thing that is to be the standard. Those who fight against it are holding on to the old. It's been said birds of the same feather flock together. Cain is a joint partner in writing Joyner’s morning star Journal.

                    Frangipane agrees with an army that, as “it follows Christ, initiates spiritual warfare against the various gates of Hell.” … “There are growing number of churches around the world who are being gathered together by the Lord for War”(The Three Battlegrounds, Francis Frangipane p124,128)

                    He considers those who do not follow the prophets as Jezebel because they do not want to repent. Theses are not the prophets of old but the new ones. “Though this spirit will infiltrate the church, masking its desire for control with true Christian doctrines, it will hide from true repentance… Jezebel hates the prophets, for the prophets speak out against her. The prophets are her worst enemies. When she wars, it is to stir people against the message of the prophetic church. More than she hates the prophets, she hates the word they speak.”( F.Frangipane, The Jezebel spirit, p.6)

                    Here he says they will use true Christian doctrine but will hate the word the PROPHETS speak. This is the civil war that Joyner speaks of, this is where the war is to take place. Those who want to follow the new prophets and apostles ( that will change the course of Christianity) and those who follow the “old” doctrines of Scripture. They make no bones about where they stand on this.

                    The Bible speaks clearly about the only war to come in the last days and it is in Joel 2:5-7 “With a noise like chariots over mountaintops they leap, like the noise of a flaming fire that devours the stubble, like a strong people set in battle array… They run like mighty men, they climb the wall like men of war; every one marches in formation, and they do not break ranks.” This army is the one they reference as the miracle army exercising God's authority on the earth. But the Bible tells us this army will be destructive upon Israel and God will destroy them in the end. Want to be destroyed, join Joel's army!.

                    God also states Zech.14:2 “For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem.”

                    Rev 16:14 “For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” This the battle the Bible mentions for last days, and it is destructive. Notice they perform signs, these signs deceive the people.

                    We are told these new prophets will exhibit great powers unlike anyone before in history. “No prophet or apostle who ever lived equaled the power of these individuals in this great army of the Lord in these last days. No one ever had it, not even Elijah or Peter or Paul, or anyone else enjoyed the power that is gong to rest on this great army.” (Bob Jones and Paul Cain. “Selections from the Kansas City Prophets,” audiotape)

                    There are often times harsh words for those who do not accept the “new thing” and find themselves holding onto the old things of the word. “We are the ones who will choose if the next move of God will be a day of salvation or a day of judgment - for those who reject it...will have a more severe judgment - This next wave (of the Spirit) will not be stopped, and the opposition will soon be forgotten...the past no longer exists and those who try to live in it cease to be a part of what God is doing today.” (Paul Cain, the Word and the Spirit conference, London October 1992)

                    “ Don't speak a word against signs and wonders and the prophetic ministry in these last days or God's zeal will chasten you! (Paul Cain, “The Prophet Christ For the Nations (Dallas: Christ For The Nations, September 1989), p. 5) In other words don't test a thing accept the power displays as from God or you will be punished by them.

                    The new breed which God said Cain would stand before is thousands of believers manifesting signs and wonders greater than those of Jesus or the apostles. It is his revelation of Joel's army with the Church (part of it) becoming Christ.

                    “...Every time God ever planned to do anything, the devil would get wind of it and he'd go out there are try to head it off...When he knew Moses was coming, what did he do to stop him...He killed all the babies. What did he do when he figured that Jesus was going to be born at a certain time? He released a decree through the wicked ruler to kill all the babies. Don't you see? And what's he doing now?...Abortions on every hand. So, you must know something's coming up greater than Moses, greater than,...Even in Jesus' day, because the devil is trying to kill off the New Breed. He's trying to kill off the bride of Christ and trying to kill the whole thing off, but the Lord has well planted this seed and the New Bride and the New Breed...He's about to open the womb and He's about to give birth to this New Thing...When the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us we beheld the glories of the only begotten of the Father and when you begin to become that Word I want you to know. The world will behold the glory of the Father and that's what we're waiting to see...I want you to know that we're going to have some channeling one of these days, but it's going to be channeled right out of the throne room of Heaven.” (Paul Cain, “You Can Become the Word!”, 1989, Vineyard Prophetic Conference)

                    “ Paul Cain has seen, by the Holy Spirit, an earth-shaking outpouring of REVIVAL such as the world has NEVER seen! ... Prophet Paul Cain has seen in the Spirit, a last days revival so powerful that hospitals will literally be emptied and people kneeling in public places to receive Christ will become commonplace! This was Cain's prophesy of a great revival for 1994. 1994 came and went and despite the many who saw the same thing (John Hinkle's evil will be ripped from the earth and Kim Clement) they continue to preach the same things. It seems that along with the “new thing” there comes amnesia for false prophecies from those who speak to those who listen. Much like the Jehovah's Witnesses God gives new light and the followers continue to chase the illusive butterfly. (Paul Crouch, “Blessed Are the Eyes Which See,” PTL Newsletter, March 1994)

                    Benny Hinn agrees “The day is coming, I tell you this, I knew it like I know my name, the day is coming there will not be one sick saint in the body of Christ. Nobody will be, nobody's gonna be, no one will be raptured out of a hospital bed. You're all gonna be healed before the rapture.” (Benny Hinn, “Praise the Lord,” 7/8/96)

                    It will be days of miracles as Paul Cain describes, “all the sick are gonna be healed, the dead are gonna be raised and nations are gonna turn to God in a day.” (Bob Jones and Paul Cain, “Selections from the Kansas City Prophets,” audiotape from discernment newsletter) this is the very same thing Benny Hinn had said in his Honolulu crusade in 1999, Repeating what Miss Khulmann said,” the day will come when the anointing of God will so increase upon his church that ever sick believer will be healed by the power of almighty God. There will not be one sick Christian!” this is pure Latter Rain heresy. The Bible does not speak of any healing of this magnitude (ALL people) this side of heaven, without our new transformed bodies in the resurrection. Nor does it teach of a great revival that will sweep all the unbelievers into the Church at one time. The Christian gospel will never be accepted by the many, never has, never will. Cain is referring to this generation of restored apostles and prophets that will lead people to join Joel's army.

                    Benny Hinn says about a last days revival the same thing” you better be ready, church. They’re going to walk up to you at K-Mart and Albertson’s. They’re going to walk up in the mall and say, “Hey, I know you’re a Christian. There’s something funny about you. I’m not sure I understand it.” And they’re going to say to you, … I’ve seen something in you and I got to have it right now. I don’t know whether it’s called God or Jesus, but I’ve got to have it right now.” (Honolulu Blaisdell Arena Jan.21, 1999)

                    Cain has said of himself “If you don't think I am anointed that just shows you how the devil has fooled you.” (MCF, 12/31/1998) This certainly sounds like something an apostle would say, right! no prophet ever called himself anointed above anyone else who was a Christian.

                    The presidential vision

                    Both Paul Cain and Rick Joyner together produce The Morning Star Prophetic Bulletin. In the 1993 issue he shares the dream he had of President Clinton: Paul Cain saw the lord put his spirit on Bill Clinton and change him into another man just as he did Saul. “This would be wonderful and remains yet to be seen.

                    “The Lord said that He was giving us a new president who is better than we deserve. He represents a reprieve from a New World Order that the Church is not prepared to face at this time...” A reprieve from what? Bill Clinton and Al Gore's policies are for the New Order of the World! The Lord said? This is bunk, and anyone linked with Paul Cain should question him on this supposed word from God. Is Clinton better than we deserve, think of what this means.

                    “The Lord showed Paul Cain that He wanted to use Bill Clinton to bring blessing to America, not judgment, but this word is conditional on how His people respond.” Again, the prophecy is conditional. This easily exonerates the “prophet”. We see the people have responded overwhelmingly for Clinton. So this should in fact come true! Well America has had monetary blessing under Clinton but we also are falling apart at the seams morally and spiritually.

                    Paul was shown five headlines in the dream is because Bill Clinton represents grace from God, not judgment. (Paul has always believed that the number five represents “grace” in Scripture.) The Morning Star Prophetic Bulletin - January, 1993) “Bill Clinton represents grace from God, not judgment ... In the dream Paul was told that Bill Clinton was better than we deserved and that he may be viewed as the best president in America since Dwight Eisenhower ... The Lord wants to use Bill Clinton to move the country forward and not backward.” (referenced from Discernment newsletter Mar/Apr. 1993) He's right, Clinton is viewed as the best by the public, but I don't think that would be God’s perspective, do you?

                    Putting aside what Cain thinks of numbers, a man who is in such a high position has made America a laughing stock and has influenced the people in an immoral way. One can only wonder about the accuracy of such prophecy, since God does not speak so arbitrarily in one way and so obnoxious in another.

                    Considering the agenda as well as the operation of Cain and the Kansas City prophets, this has become no small issue. These men have gained prominence in the Church and have already changed the direction of Pentecostalism. First there had been only a few that has now grown to many, warning about what is actually taking place. These issues are not going away. Each of us must be fully convinced on what side we will stand. What is our part? Search the Scriptures to see if these things be so! Don't be ashamed to be a Berean and agree with truth and disagree with the false “new thing.” Be bold enough to confront error no matter how big the person is who dispenses it. There is a spirit of error and truth, and those who know the truth are their brother's keeper. “Brethren if anyone among you wanders from the truth and someone turns him back let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins.”(Jm.5:19-20) I feel for the people who have long been on this path and do not know how deep the deception runs. But it is never too late to get away from it and start anew.

                    Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" so come LORD Jesus !
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                    • People I knew

                      There was a church I used to attend right before I got saved and afterwards that slowly but surely I was getting discernment that they were into all this madness and more. Case in point, one day they had a 24 fast/prayer or 12-hour, cant remember, but it was according to the house of prayer model. Well, for some reason, I didnt make it to the prayer time and on the way walking to the church, I ran into one of the sisters who practically took my head off because I wanted her to help me with my feelings and my struggles and guilt for not making this prayer stuff and my early walk. I found that to be a very weird experience, instead of her coming from supposed prayer in good spirits, she was beastly. I was not that savvy but even then I knew something definitely was not right.

                      Fast forward to after leaving that church, I now attend a Calvary Chapel affiliate and one of the younger sisters who used to attend my church but has since moved to Texas to pursue a "worship" program and a seminary there (I believe its one of the bad ones), before leaving wanted me to join her in this IHOP business and I told her that it was bad news. She seems to have gotten offended and she said that since I was struggling in my walk, I needed to pray and she didnt see any problems with it, even after the information I gave her. Since her moving, I have forwarded other things to her and you know what, I DO NOT EVEN HEAR FROM THIS GIRL ANYMORE..... before she left, we were sisters and friends, now there is no relationship..... darkness and light, thats what I can conclude from this and its very sad indeed.


                      • I just read an excellent book by a person who left the Prophetic movement after having spent years in it. It is a wonderful expose of the weird practices that go on during some of these services. It sounds simialr to some of the posts in this thread. Gold dust, gold teeth, strange jerkings, uncontrollable laughter are all mentioned in this book.

                        The book is also highly critical of the "seeker friendly" type of churches, and tries to explain why revival tarries in America ( we are too into materialism and prosperity nonsense).

                        The book is by Andrew Strom . Here's the Amazon link:


                        • I need to do more research on contemplative prayer (on my own, please don't provide links) because I don't see anything wrong with what Sing post from IHOP's site in post #28.

                          Yes, I know we're to judge everything according to the Bible. I'll refrain from saying anything in this thread b/c I'm sure what I want to say will earn me an infraction.


                          • Gotcha, thanks.


                            • Heybales, go to lighthousetrails site. It is all about the dangers of comptemplative spirituality. Its a very extensive site with plent of information.



                              • Originally posted by Sing4Him
                                Heybales.. what was posted in #28 was God's word, Biblical Truth versus the Lies of a "different Spirituality"

                                What was shown and should be clear to the professing believer is that IHOP, summons a different spirit.
                                How is this done? By the emptying of the mind in order to be filled by ???????

                                This is a prayer practice that is NOT of the Lord Jesus nor in His word.

                                The scriptures were posted plainly for you to see.

                                Now, there are plenty of articles on this entire forum that spell out in simple terms the satanic deception of Spiritual Disciplines and Formation.

                                Have you read this posts and articles?

                                Everything here has been backed up by scripture.
                                If I were allowed only one sentence in which to warn other Christians about the terrible dangers of Contemplative Spirituality, it would be this:

                                You are placing yourself under the Doctrines of Demons, and if you stay there, you will end up being deceived and under demonic influence:wha !!!