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  • Newspring "Church" in South Carolina

    I am starting this thread because me and my mom disagree about Newspring "Church." I think it is an Emergent/Seeker-sensitive "Church" based on what I've read elsewhere on this site and other sites. The whole things feels like a cross between a rock concert and an infommercial/corporate retreat.

    I am a fundamentalist pre-trib. dispensationalist (etc., etc.) follower of Jesus. I want a traditional service with hymns and "meaty" sermons that are more than just milk.

    I wear my Sunday-best to church because that is reverent and how my dad taught me. No flip-flops, jeans, or HATS (on men)! Emergent people just don't get this, but as a lawyer, I also do not go before a judge with my shirt untucked so HOW MUCH MORESO JEHOVAH!!!

    I do not make fart jokes in church or reference bathroom humor and certainly don't think a pastor should!

    I think a pastor ought to be a serious-as-a-heart-attack kinda guy and be somewhat akin to a theologian. He should not be a stand-up comic or crowd-pleaser. Rather, he should be filled with the holy spirit and speak the Gospel message despite the fact that this scares the fire outta people. He ought to burn bright with the holy Word of the Living God and burn others in the process! Remember Moses and the followers of Korah? How bout Elijah and Ahab's two companies of fifty soldiers?

    A pastor ought to preach openly about sin to convict sinners, ask them to repent, have faith in Jesus, and come to salvation. He should also preach the "meat" that is prophecy and the wiles/tricks of Satan. This is opposed to "feel good" messages about super basic truths, like you would learn in 4 year old Sunday School.

    ANYWAYS! This Perry Noble guy just isn't my type of pastor and their music is like going to a night club for a show. He is irreverent and childish, and while he does preach the Gospel message, that's pretty much all he does. Really basic stuff like its a giant youth group service for teenagers.

    Well, my mom likes the music and is entertained, but I just can't stand it. Especially the way they sell things like books and t-shirts in the lobby, and then one of the associate pastors bragged about getting rich off it during the sermon.

    I have only been about 8 or 9 times with my mom, but I have had enough of this dog and pony show! This is kiddie church. And, I've never heard them talk about the rapture or any other eschatological issues. Are they amillennial/preterist? I do not know.

    All that said, however, I know I've felt the holy spirit move in that place before (At least I hope that's what it was!!!) during an eyes-closed, hand-raising type of altar call where no one goes before the altar because there isn't one. What happened to confessing Him before others? Anyways, I know that they preach Jesus, but they sure do have a different way of doing it! It's just like a "Christian kindergarten." REALLY BASIC!


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    that is perry noble 's church. he is a frequently talked about seeker pastor on the MB here

    few posts on Noble

    few videos on Noble

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)


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      Perry is also close friends with seeker Pastors Steven Furtick and Mark Batterson and Rick Warren (enough said)
      For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)


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        Originally posted by billiefan2000 View Post
        Perry is also close friends with seeker Pastors Steven Furtick and Mark Batterson and Rick Warren (enough said)
        YUCK! Church, Inc. people, huh? Good to know!


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          While I don't have any problem with people wearing jeans and flip flops to church and the pastor making jokes (nothing too vulgar), everything else you said about that church doesn't sound like the kinda church I'd like to go to
          I was going to be a Calvinist, but it just wasn't meant to be!


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            Well, the good news is I've gotten my mom to read the truth about this Rick Warren guy and his disciples such as Perry Nobles. So, I think she may change her mind, but we'll see.


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              So, the main point I'm getting is that the Emergent/Seeker-sensitive/"Church",Inc. cares more about what the congregation wants than what God wants. I told this to my mom, and she agrees. Thank you God!


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                All the above and the "praise band" does AC/DC's Highway to Hell in the service.

                Still trying to figure out how that is considered church appropriate.


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                  Do Hindus really believe that we are reincarnated several times until we become a cow?

                  We had a Christian evangelist from India speak at our church a few months ago. He told us that in India there are over 3000 (he gave the exact number but I forget...getting old, you know ) gods that people worship. Everything from animals to trees.
                  Hard to imagine, but not impossible to imagine. This man was a holy spirit filled Christian and he spoke of conversions to Christ hundreds at a time. He asked for our prayers for him and for other evangelists like him.

                  On another note, our former pastor was in Israel a couple of weeks ago and got thrown out of a muslim church where he had gone in and started preaching the gospel. He said they called for their police and they came in and physically led him out. I guess he's lucky they didn't throw him in prison.


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                    Mr. Duffee as a child growing up I was taught to wear your best to the house of worship because you are going to the meeting place of God, and I was not raised in church just attended few times, but still knew the importance of showing respect. I see there are many emergent-friendly-seeker churches out there. It is hard to find few and far in between churches rightly dividing the Word of truth. I live just right outside the Charlotte NC area and the two places of worship I enjoy visiting is 45 minutes away both of them Central Church in Charlotte(Lorane Livingston)and Messianic Church in Pineville NC (Sam Nadler's Congregation) I can tell you both place's people dress as if they are going to meet someone special Most High.

                    However I will say this alot of churches blame causal dress on affordability but that is a poor excuse it's really not a financial issue churches today they build huge luxury building are these churches built by the poor? I do not think so. I think the complacency is about pleasure of man and not having a FEAR OF THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD OUT OF RESPECT. Besides if it is true someone in the church cannot afford dress clothes than it it the churches responsibility to clothed them in modest apparel not enable them to wear beach clothes or knock arounds to the house of worship.They need to stop worrying about offense and stand up and teach the truth, and confront the issues in a loving way of course.
                    We go before the KING OF KINGS and be dressed in a royal robe"In Isaiah 61:10 there is a reference to the rob "I will rejoice greatly in the Lord; My soul will
                    exalt in my God, for He has clothed me with garments of salvation; He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels." This is a tremendous picture of the sanctity of the redeemed, arrayed in the splendor of God's holiness. Would the same people if they were invited to meet the Royal family show up casual I don't think so! How much more Great and Mighty is God and how we should seek to show respect. Yes I am afraid it all boils down to trying to please people and not having a healthy FEAR FOR GOD they view him as a good old buddy, a pal, instead of Psalms 89:7 says, “God is GREATLY TO BE FEARED IN THE ASSEMBLY OF THE SAINTS, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” God was not created for our pleasure — we were created for His. Revelation 4:11 says, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and FOR THY PLEASURE THEY ARE AND WERE CREATED. I know some people wear suits and have to dress up all week long for work part of the job and would like to kick back on the sabbath but why not dress up for the Creator and show a little respect? they do it for there boss.

                    On the other hand some people dress up fancy to impress and look good to other people that's just as wrong. Because I can tell you when I was the dirt poor child visiting the church I had 1 worn dress and it was faded that was my best. My mom was a single mom of four trying to get through nursing school on pell grant, working as a nursing aide full time in 78 without any government aide or child support. The fancy dressers did not impress me as a child I was going home to a cold ,small house and hungry to boot. The peers my own age that was the children of these over achiever dressers acted just as snobby and disgusted with this poor little girl with faded clothes , holes in her tights and hand me down dirty shoes. Sure they felt superior , but I felt like I should not even have came to the house of the Lord I was too poor. Instead of offering to help us get appropriate clothes no one payed attention to us Unless it was to peer at us out of their own little perfect world, we felt so unworthy to go to church much less have a perfect God love Us He must be disgusted with us like the other great people in church . This was a poor child's way of thinking. I was not impressed with the $500 dress or suit much less the designer shoes. I was impressed with the love and compassion of the Sunday Teacher who taught me Jesus Loved Me and thought I was special and wanted me just like I was, and that God cared about me more than the bird she took me to look outside and see and that he covered the little bird in feathers and would cover me in nice things. She taught me that there is all different kind of people in church. That I must have compassion because like me God was still working on them.
                    I learned there are those that dress-up( clean,neat,MODEST) because they are truly going to the house of God to worship and make God the Center of Attention and not themselves. They came to show respect and honor. This is how I was taught. I know it's hard to sit back and see more and more loss of respect for G-d. The Parable of the solid foundations is absolutely applicable to the way people are trusting and respecting G-d. Yet the difficult thing to do is have that Christ centered love and Compassion on those around us for such a time as this. I will pray for your mom and that she will listen to G-d's direction and guidance. Wish You well May the Lord Bless You.


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                      Thanks for that queengina66, and I agree that some people do simply dress to impress others at church, mostly at affluent churches where they go to the country club afterwards for dinner. Anyways, I think I've been successful so far with my mom. Thanks for your prayers!