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Signs Your Church is Going Seeker- Sensitive

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  • Originally posted by OnceWasLost View Post
    Exactly, mclaren is seen as a "evangelical" and makes "Disciples for Christ" but as we see this is not the Gospel, he is making disciples of a different Jesus.

    In his own words, not all "Christians" are truly "Christian"

    Brian McLaren completely misrepresents the cross and its purpose in this short clip. He totally ignores God's Holiness which requires propitiation. If you try to follow his thinking, the cross was an unnecessary event imposed on His Son for no apparent reason if He needed only to "forgive". In this scenario, there is no atonement for sin at all. This is utter heresy. He ignores so much of the Bible's clear reference to the work done by Christ on the cross and continued, necessarily, with the empty tomb. Isaiah 53 describes the purpose, penalty and results of the Jesus' death and resurrection. 2 Corinthians 5:21 clearly defines the whole of the Gospel in a single verse. McLaren is proposing a bloodless mockery of the work of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, while sad and a bit angering, this clip also reinforces the prophecies of Paul to Timothy, concerning those who would heap up for themselves false teachers who would tickle their ears. The radio hosts who were fawning all over the lies dripping from McLaren's mouth are a perfect example of it. Even from the mouths of fools, we see the undeniable Truth of Scripture.


    • At Drucker Institute they have a mission statement:
      "Strengthen organization to strengthen society"
      Bill Hybels was a student of Peter Drucker.
      Bill Hybels, Rick Warren & Bob Buford were planted by Robert Schuller.
      Peter Drucker was a self described "Social Ecologist"
      I am confused as to why Christianity Today would endorse Harry Potter books. The author Rowlings is an atheist and promotes the occult
      Harry Potter series was endorsed by the High Priest of First church of satan in Salem, MA. Harry Potter books have made Wicca a fast growing church in the UK.
      So much going on in the world to take our focus off of The Message of the Cross and His shed Blood. Rapture Ready. Lois
      I am a Rapture Ready Born again believer. My faith is the infinite Word of God. My relationship is personal with Jesus Christ. Look up, perhaps today.


      • One surefire sign is when everything becomes a "project" and this "project" is part of the "vision casting" and, therefore, give, give, give like you've never given before. One building may be called "Project Moving Forward" or "Project Elevate" or "Project Lifted High" or "Project We're Not Finished Yet" or "Project Yes, We're Doin' it Again!" I swear, these seeker-sensitive circus churches give everything they want to spend money on a project title and wrap it up in enthusiastic paper and put a bow on top that's really just a well produced video with smiling hipsters excited about "the new vision".


        • Figured I would add to this since it hasn't been updated in a couple years. I know I will re point out a couple of points but I tend to ramble when I'm in thought. But this is where it stands still in 2016

          1) Refusal to preach "offensive" teachings

          One of the pastors that they play on the TV at my old church ruled out preaching about Creation, End times theology or anything that would create division amongst the "church". Well that's clearly a seeker sensitive statement but is made worse by.......

          2) Politics runs the sermon.

          And I mean in a not positive way. I listened to my old pastor explain why Black lives matter is a real movement. Well he didn't cause he's white so he made sure to have a black pastor do it for him. And they brought up the Ferguson incident. Now you won't talk about "offensive" teachings but you want me to somehow justify a movement that is based on a lie, has attachments to supporting transgender/homosexual agenda and somehow because I don't feel that's a good cause I'm a horrible Christian? Now I'm all for helping out people but not when it's based on a lie or when I should privelage one group of people over another.

          3) Supports open borders

          I kid you not. The world needs to unite and live so everyone can get along and we shouldn't keep people out of any country and we should all get along. Again this is problematic when you preach open borders but not end times considering a one world government is a key factor to a antichrist rule.

          4) Does your "church" want you to give and give......

          As they brag about their new 50,000 square foot building and it's their 7th one? How about how it's great that the church can openly talk about finances even though other churches have to close down? My pastor said that the fact that the church is growing it's a clear sign of Gods blessing to the church. He then would call for a prayer to keep the church growing. The "baptism" number also shows they are Gods church.

          5) Your works demonstrate you are saved.

          This ties in with salvation+works but I was given many vision and tasks that proved to the world I was saved. Well I am saved. But it's nothing I ever did and it's nothing I ever will do. I desire to continue to grow in Christ but I will never be perfect.

          6) loud and boisterous works

          We would be givin big huge organized church "missions" and constantly make sure whom ever we were assisting knew we came in the name of Christianity and we are here to do good things in His name. Upon completion of this "mission" we were shown a 5 minute video showing how wonderful we were and how great our works were at pleasing God. One of the said "missions" we had was fixing up schools. It was however never brought up to the congregation that the schools are allowing an "after school Satan"
          program to come in even though prayer in school is forbidden and didn't even use this opportunity to address that.

          Further in regards to self bragging rights, when Jesus was born He knew who He was and what great works He would accomplish. He presented Himself to the world in dirty rags and in a feeding trough. And even though the greatest work to salvation is the blood atonement of Jesus on the cross not one cross can be found in the church.

          *pulls away soapbox.
          Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


          • Went and dug up an old pamphlet from my old "church"

            Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


            • Originally posted by NewWorldOrder View Post

              ohhhh, I like that idea. How do we go about doing that?
              We have one. It's called the bible. If more folks were reading their bible everyday, this couldn't creep into a bible believing church. We have too many itching ears and not enough bible readers sitting in the pews. I must confess, for a long time I set under a preacher that I know more about his life than the bible. I have left and continue to pray for that church.