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Splankna Therapy -- Has anyone heard of this??

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  • Splankna Therapy -- Has anyone heard of this??


    Has anyone heard of this? This seems to fit into the mystical realm of things...I have had a couple of friends recommend this to me--I don't like it and definitely seems to fit in with the emergent discussion.

    What It Is...

    Mind-body work (see "More on Christian Mind-Body Work" from the home page) is, in one sense, a mechanical approach to emotional problems. It acknowledges the vast precision of the human body and the extent to which the many dimensions of a person are present in every moment. That is, it recognizes that the physical body overlaps with the emotional dimension which overlaps with the spiritual dimension of a person. As stated in the Mind-Body section of this site, it is precisely these intersecting areas which can, with understanding and experience, be accessed.

    It is a very direct approach to emotional and other issues. In traditional forms of talk therapy problems could be considered analogous to a house with plumbing problems. It might be deduced over a period of time that certain modifications in how the house functions would be wise. For example, not running laundry, the dishwasher and the shower all at the same time. With mind-body work a much more direct and expedient tack is adopted which endeavors to clear out the obstructions in the actual pipes in the house thereby allowing the proper flow of water. This is not, in any way, meant to disrespet the worth and profound benefit of traditional talk therapy which is very useful in behavioral modification and conscious exploration. On the contrary, it is often critical to one's process of healing to reside for a time in the arena of this form of therapy.

    What It Isn't...

    First of all, there is nothing mystical about it. Muscle testing, (see "More on Muscle-testing" from the home page) at first glance, looks like magic and certainly begs some clarification. It is not a crystal ball. The subconscious is an excellent bookkeeper but an extremely poor, fear-based judgment center. Muscle-testing is NOT a means to address judgment questions. There is no third party involved in this procedure. Only the client’s own body responding with congruence and incongruence.

    The most common misgiving we hear from prospective clients is that this procedure is “New Age.” This is understandable because the vast majority of people who have acknowledged and utilized this remarkable part of God’s creation have tended to be of that persuasion. However, that does not negate the fact that the body, even in all its complexity and mystery is still God’s creation. No natural body mechanism should be thought of as inherently bad or wrong no matter how misused it may be by some who don’t acknowledge God. In fact, Splankna Therapy™ is rooted in a passionate effort to redeem this part of creation from that misuse and toward glorifying God. Its practitioners are meticulous about staying within Godly boundaries and not straying into New Age thought or practice.

    The New Age movement has had undeniable success and many years of experience in this field. It is our conviction, however, that though their observations are not inaccurate, their conclusions many times are. For example, where some would posit the belief that the ultimate source of the information and healing properties available to the human being in this field are found in a universal higher consciousness, we would submit that the actual source is the personal, triune God revealed in Scripture. More, we are very excited that such a profoundly effective field of therapy is finding its accurate and honored position in His kingdom. As such, the believer's position in Christ brings to bear additional properties and realities typically overlooked if not altogether disregarded in this predominantly secular arena. Splankna Therapy™ considers this spiritual dimension very much a present and effecting reality.



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    Christian Energy Psychology ?

    Even as a former New Ager, I couldn't make head or tails of their spiel. How is this different than Reiki?
    Frankly, the energy and psychology buzzwords give me pause. Their denial to the contrary about being New Age wouldn't satisfy me unless I knew their understanding of the Gospel, who Jesus is, whether Christ came in the flesh in the unique only begotten son of God the Father or was a force/state of being that just rested on Jesus the man until His Crucifixion? In other words, do they have an orthodox or gnostic understanding of the deity of Jesus Christ? Even then, I'd be cautious. What have people used in the meantime until this Splankna stuff came around? If your problem is emotional or chemical, I find that God helps me with that. I've come much farther by staying in the Word of God than in decades of therapy before I was a Christian. Energy healings and mind-tricks did nothing for me. I'm still under doctor's care for medication but I take anything my therapist says with a grain of salt. She knows where I stand but still continues to push me with DBT therapy. I've made clear to her that I won't participate in anything derived from Eastern religious practices. But ultimately, it's your own decision. Best to you.


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      resurrecting an old thread

      Anyone have an opinion?
      I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
      For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor;
      no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless.

      Psalm 84:10-11


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        The point to consider is this, is this "power" though Jesus Christ, or through a human ways and means?

        Christians don't have in a sense a "spiritual energy" ourselves. We rely and should only rely on the Holy Spirit during this time of the Church age when it comes to our situations; prayer, healing, conviction as examples.

        Anything outside of this is questionable and should be questioned. I would be careful when people start mentioning God and creation even under this pretense. God is Father, Son, and Spirit. He is not a "universal higher consciousness."

        My goldfish could be a "universal higher consciousness" if I said so....