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Assemblies of God Seminary going Emergent?

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    We went to an Assemblies of God church for two years when we were first married. I was young and very intrigued by the things that went on there like lots of people speaking in tongues, laying hands on people and watching them fall over and twitch, receiving 'words of knowledge' from people who stood up in the middle of worship, and countless other things. The only church I'd attended as a child was my grandparents Baptist Church, and of course none of that went on there.
    There was also a lot of special guests that came who had an 'anointing'...much like Benny Hinn.

    I'm sure the people there genuinely loved God but were more enamored with the feelings they had and the experiences rather than digging in to the Word. I will say though that I remember the prayer meetings went on for hours and hours...and I haven't seen any other church take the time to pray like that.

    Of course each church is different and unique. I'll pray for God to give you wisdom and discernment so you'll know whether or not you should go there. Maybe He'll have you go there for a season? Let us know what you decide and how it goes!