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UPDATE: SBC Messengers Sever Ties With Texas Church Over Gay Members

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  • UPDATE: SBC Messengers Sever Ties With Texas Church Over Gay Members

    UPDATE: SBC Messengers Sever Ties With Texas Church Over Gay Members
    Published June 25th, 2009 by Ken Silva in General News, Homosexuality

    Those leaders within the SBC who are already in bed with the “queer inclusive” Emerging Church won’t like this story from Associated Baptist Press:

    It took messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting June 23 only 30 seconds to sever a 125-year relationship

    with a prominent Texas congregation because of the church’s perceived toleration of gay members.

    Voting in the opening session of their annual meeting in Louisville, the messengers chose overwhelmingly to dismiss

    Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

    They did so on a recommendation the convention’s Executive Committee approved, without dissent, the day before.

    The recommendation did not specifically mention homosexuality.

    But that issue has been the backdrop of controversy at the church since late 2007, when a dispute arose regarding whether to include pictures of same-sex couples alongside other families in the church’s membership directory…

    Difficult days are ahead though in the SBC, for those who bow before their Idol of Autonomy,

    as mainstream evangelicalism further embraces Emergent rebels and drifts deeper into its rejection of Sola Scriptura.

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)

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    related story from Dallas Texas,524692.story

    Churches Divided Over Gay Issues

    Members of St. Vincent's Cathedral have split from the episcopal church to form the Anglican Church of North America which will ban gay bishops and women as clergy.

    Faith Mcdonald says, "We did not leave the Episcopal Church they walked out on the Anglican Communion so I'm happy this is the birth of a new church."

    Pastor Rick Warren of California spoke at their first official meeting this morning, "God has put his children under your care nothing is more important than that."

    This week 300 delegates such as Paula Wagnon and some 50 bishops are meeting in bedford to work out last-minute details. She says, "I'm learning a lot especially about our church and just he way it's going and I think it's great and I'm in full support of it."

    Rev. Jay Atwood says, "You've got lots of people around the church that are straight and some that are gay but that doesn't mean that they're all called to be ordained."Because he says it counters scripture and sets a new norm.

    Walter Virden, a delegate, says he never thought this would happen in his lifetime, "I did not, I figured I was born an episcopalian I would die an episcopalian."

    Delegates at a Southern Baptist Convention in Kentucky also ended a 127 year relationship with a Fort Worth Baptist Church saying quote they endorse and approve homosexual behavior

    Chris Liebrum with the Baptist General Convention of Texas says, "They were condoning homosexual behavior by whatever actions the church was taking."

    It all started about a year ago when members of Fort Worth's Broadway Baptist Church wanted photos of same sex couples in the church directory.

    He adds, "It really is unfortunate and we're saddened and disappointed that southern baptist convention and broadway could come together, reconcile."
    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)