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  • Lysa Terkeurst... Proverbs 31 Ministries

    I know this is the chat section but I'm uncertain as to where I should post my question so if it should be elsewhere forgive me. We've heard a lot about Lysa Terkeurst and the ministry of Proverbs 31 Ministries from fellow Christians, yes, mostly women and we are both wondering if she is a sound teacher of God's word.

    We've done some searching around and came across some info. with concerns... I will post some of them. But, we are wondering what others here have to say about her.

    My wife met up with a Christian woman in town several weeks ago from one of our local churches who is willing to visit/fellowship with her and spend time in God's word and prayer, but, she has mentioned Lysa Terkeurst and using some of her stuff and suggested her.

    These are just some concerns we have with Lysa Terkeurst and would like to hear from others hear what they may know of her and her teaching?

    To the admin's of the board, if this thread is in the wrong place or if posting these links is inappropriate I apologize and feel free to move or remove.

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    Michelle Lesley seems to cover the ministry of Lysa Terkeurst quite well, I would leave her teaching.