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Christians dying, going to hell and returning...??

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  • Christians dying, going to hell and returning...??

    I have a friend who believes all these videos she's watching on YouTube about Christians who believe they've died, gone to hell and returned. Can someone comment on that? I'm trying to find good resources and Scripture to give her. She truly is saved but believes that her abiding sin can cause her to lose her salvation. Thanks! She also proof texts and rips verses out of context. She is NAR charismatic leaning but I believe she truly is saved, just deceived.
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    Is that Biblical? No. That makes it deception. It's possible that some may actually believe it has happened to them, but they are deceived if they do, and others are likely just lying. The Bible tells us that in this age of the church Believers go to heaven. Unbelievers go to an unpleasant holding cell known by different names.
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      Thank you, I believe that also. I'm trying to dialogue with her in a loving manner, but I get frustrated because she throws up verses out of context.
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        I've gone thru the same thing with my mom, who believes hook line and sinker the story of Colton Burpo. I've tried to show her the errors but she doesn't get it.
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