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Elwin Roach?

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  • Elwin Roach?

    Has anyone ever heard of him? What is your opinion? My sister is recommending I read his writings.

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    I read as much as I could bear from his wacky site. Painful not only because he desperately needs an editor, but because his teachings are so unBiblical. I won't post it for that reason.

    Here's what we have so far -

    -- the KJV (much less all the others) is terribly unreliable for understanding truth, had 70,000 errors, now has 20,000 errors. so Roach will tell us the truth

    -- the Church and Christian doctrine is all wrong - a constant theme

    -- universal salvation - we are all part of God, came from Him, and everyone will *go through Christ and the cross* and return to God

    -- no eternal hell (see above)

    -- Lucifer is not satan, but Adam/man, and Adam/man is the resident of Eden, called the "Beautiful One", "Prince of God", "shining cherub".

    That was enough for me. I hope you can get this book away from your sister.
    "...earnestly contend for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints." Jude 1:3b

    Jesus + something = nothing

    Jesus + nothing = Everything


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      Thank you for doing the research.

      I figured it wouldn't be good.


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        iSong6:3 is an old post; but anyone interested in seeing for yourselves, check it out:

        From what I have read, Elwin backs everything he teaches by the scriptures, at least, that's what I have found so far. Moreover, to me, he is a very good writer that makes for easy reading and enables me to see what he is saying.


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          iSong6:3 is an old post; but anyone interested in seeing for yourselves Google his name for his website.


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              iSong's post may be old, but her advice and discernment remain valid.


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                  Please, let us all seek the truth in and through our Lord Jesus Christ ...