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IMPORTANT - Read before posting in Apostasy

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  • IMPORTANT - Read before posting in Apostasy

    This apostasy forum is for bringing attention to others concerning authors, preachers, and teachers who are beginning to shows signs of apostasy, the One World church movement defections from conservative doctrine, presenting heresies of the new age, gnosticism, mysticism, emergent, ecumenism, cults, the occult, etc....

    These threads are not meant to judge anyone's salvation, as only the Lord should do that, but
    we are watchmen and should alert folks when teachers start roaming along dangerous paths.

    It should not matter who is being singled out, but that if they are promoting these
    dangerous teachings, the Word of God is upheld first over any favorite pastor, preacher, teacher, or denomination.

    Post direct quotes from any preacher, teacher in question, not just from websites exposing them but the actual words they are saying.

    And post with scripture how the teaching is wrong in light of Biblical standards.

    Don't fall for satan's tactics in preventing others from discerning the truth and testing all things.
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    I love you guys!


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      Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right. - Charles H. Spurgeon