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The story behind the "No More Christians" signs

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  • The story behind the "No More Christians" signs

    Can't believe if they claim to be a Christian church and do not want to use the "C" word. My gosh, this is so ridiculous.

    UPCOMING: The story behind the "No More Christians" signs
    2009-04-08 13:12:00
    Kyle Wright | Crestview News Bulletin
    Mosaic Church of Crestview, you have the area’s attention.

    Signs and commercials in the area with a “No More Christians” slogan raised a few eyebrows — and some ire — around the community over the past week.

    Those who visited the “” Web site found out the signs actually promote a series of discussions planned at Mosaic Church of Crestview.

    The discussions have potentially eyebrow-raising and ire-raising titles such as “Why You Should Be an Atheist Instead of a Christian” but actually are intended to “creatively and aggressively try to show (people) that God loves them so much that even though they are still sinners, Christ died for them!” in the words of a letter from Mosaic Church Pastor James Ross.

    Ross said the church used the potentially controversial awareness campaign to catch the attention of those leaning away from Christianity. Mosaic Church hopes to reverse the trend of declining church attendance in the area.

    “We were really trying to catch the attention of people who are searching,” Ross told the News Bulletin. “Newsweek published a special about the decline and fall of Christianity in America, and a lot of people are searching and leaning away from Christianity. We were specifically trying to target them with the commercial and the signs.

    “Unfortunately, we also attracted some negative attention.”

    The discussions are part of the Mosaic Church of Crestview’s 10 a.m. Sunday morning worship services. The discussions will be part of the next five Sunday services.

    Read the full story in the April 11 edition of the Crestview News Bulletin


    April 12 — Why you should be an atheist instead of a Christian

    April 19 — Why you should be a Muslim instead of a Christian

    April 26 — Why you should be Jewish instead of a Christian

    May 3 — Why you should be a Mormon instead of a Christian

    May 10 — Why you should be a Hindu instead of a Christian

    Learn more about the series at or,2933,513955,00.html

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    I posted this too, sorry!!


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      Originally posted by Cherished View Post
      I posted this too, sorry!!
      LOL, I still love ya!


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        and this was preached by a "Christian" Church?


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          I am curious how serious this will be. A look around the website makes it look like a garden variety emerging type church.
          There is One King, and He is not this guy. sigpic


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            The Mosaic churches if I am correct were started by Erwin McManus who is emergent- Maybe this church is not I don't know, but it is interesting that they use anti-christian slogans to get people in the door. Even if they were going to tell these people the "truth", I think it is dishonest to try to pull this stunt to get people in. Obviously, they do not trust the Holy Spirit enough to woo people to Him.