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  • Originally posted by WanttoKnow View Post
    Try Chuck Missler. He has a series of videos on Revelation.

    Thank you! I bookmarked the page...wish I didn't have to get up for work in 5 hours, lol.


    • Originally posted by ontheRock View Post
      It sure seems like Jack Van Impe is busy date setting this new year. I do watch his show to make sure I haven't missed any news realted to end times. (However, I feel like I'm more up-to-date with Rapture Ready! )

      Jack sure claims to know the Bible but I wonder how much faith he has in it. He has been referring to Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar and the History Channel's program (The End of Days) a lot in January 2008.

      Now I know that God uses all kinds of things to bring people to Him. And shows like The End of Days might scare people enough that they will start searching for answers and assurance of salvation. And Jack Van Impe explains how to make sure you're saved at the end of every show he has.

      But I sure wish he didn't give credit to those other psychics! It gives me an uneasy feeling and I probably will not watch his show as much as I have in the past. I may not watch it at all. I could be spending that 20 minutes reading my Bible or praying instead.

      I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this?

      Yes. I've noticed this.
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      • I have noticed the same...he said he has been reading the fingerprints of the gods...wish he would stick to the Word of God


        • Originally posted by Notindarkness View Post
          I have the DVD of this December 21, 2012 and in it JVI isn't saying that the Lord is coming that day or any day. Jack Van Impe is just using that date because all the others like Myans, Nostradamus and all the others who make reference to Decembe 21, 2012 as the date for the world to end. Jack Van Impe through out the video stresses that the Bible says the world will never end as the above say. He mentions the above but refutes them with the Bible which says the world will not end but when Christ comes he will change it from the way we know the world now.
          I agree Notindarkness, just as we will have new glorified bodies, so will the earth be changed into a glorified earth.
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          • Originally posted by Bernardd View Post
            He still has a following?
            I have no problem with him...just like every other preacher, I filter his words and discard what I find untrue. He has made it quite clear to me that he is not setting dates, buttaking dates that the Myans (and others) have set, like 2012 and putting scripture with that to prove that the world will not end.

            Again, like I read yesterday, chew the meat and spit out the bones.


            • I still watch Jack and Rexella. I sense such sincerity in his ending salvation call. I believe that he is effective in delivering the sinner's prayer. It's got to be working in many hearts.

              Back to you....Rexella. You gotta love Chuck Oman! That's priceless.


              • The danger with date setting is when 12/21/12 passes without incident, it will not only discredit van impe, it will also harm peoples ability to effectively witness about christ's imminent return. It creates more scoffers.


                • Jack has not set the date of 12/21/2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as the the end of the world, just watch his last couple of programs. Stop posting false statements about jack. We as christians should know better to bear false witness against a brother in christ!!!!


                  • Originally posted by jgreen0227 View Post
                    Very good article explaining biblcally what is about to happen to us after we're ratured. Will you win any crowns or will you be ashamed?


                    Guys, can I check how you all find the article as set out in the link?

                    Is it credible?

                    After reading all about JVI and his date setting, I have a bit of a doubt of him although I find the above article rather insightful and very good.

                    Actually it stirs in my heart to "reclaim" back the reward that God is awaiting to give me and not to "waste away" my life and "forfeiting" my reward in the process. The last thing I want is to reach heaven during the rapture ashamed while facing the Almighty God.
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                    • I watched his last 2 shows last thursday and he isn't really date setting. He said it himself, he just explains that many people in the past have set this date, regarding some event to happen but he uses mostly scripture to compare and contrast. He always says that something could happen but doesn't claim it to be the date he always quotes the verse "no man knows the hour or date, but only the father." I really don't think he is leading people away from God, especially since he invites people to Christ at the end of each show. Well, that's just my thought.

                      God Bless


                      • Originally posted by SoThankful View Post
                        I saw this as well, really shocked me and gave me an uneasy feeling as well. I generally like his show. You would think he would know better than to give any credibility to the likes of Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar. Very upsetting.
                        The Mayan calendar thing supposedly points to an alignment within the Milky Way galaxy, where stars or something are supposed to line up. In terms of astrology, alignment are supposedly very portentous. But, I don't believe in the stars -- rather, I believe in the One Who made the stars.

                        So, for the sake of discussion, let's suppose there will, in fact, be an alignment in 2012. So what? Back in the 1980s, there was a sensational book in print called The Jupiter Effect. It purported that a rare planetary alignment would be happening in our solar system where all 9 planets in our solar system would line up with the Sun. This implied all sorts of dire things to allegedly happen to our planet Earth. Funny thing is, the alignment happened on schedule, but nothing weird or dire happened (ie earthquakes, floods, nasty weather, sunspots, etc).

                        Sure, I'd LIKE to think that Dec 21, 2012 signals the date of the AC (Antichrist) committing the AOD (Abomination of Desolation) 3-1/2 years into the Tribulation, and therefore backing up 3-1/2 years means the Rapture would happen this year in Summer, early to mid-July. Sure, I'd like to believe that, but there's no Biblical basis for ANY of this. All the Mayan calendar proves is that they built a good calendar, and that it runs out of calculating power on Dec 21, 2012. So what? My paper calendar runs out every year on Dec 31.

                        Let's not give credence to false pagan idolatrous worshipers.


                        • Jack Van Impe

                          Ok, so I went back several (12) pages and did not see a thread on him, so I am starting one.

                          I have watched him on TV and listened to podcasts for years and I like the man. However, recently he has started to bother me.

                          What do y'all think of him? Good? Bad? Ugly?


                          • I know I have seen a thread on JVI, and others on this board. Try a search on his name.


                            • How do I do that?


                              • Oh yes...the illusive SEARCH button at the top of the page...I found it AND the thread I was looking for. Sorry y'all! DUH!